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  1. Discovered while harvesting from different sources the difference between a chaos ember and dust is that the smaller less fuzzy looking ball is the chaos ember however I am getting credit for every other one that seems to pop up. Not sure if it's a visual bug or just not receiving credit with an actual ember. If you could please look into that. Thank you. Probably could have had 10 embers instead of 5 by now lol 😩
  2. Please populate more mob camps around the maps. Seems not enough to go around. Survival of the fittest. Lol.
  3. Water spirits from naiad still seems to be broken. No visual and heal over time procs only one heal maybe 2 at random.
  4. Happy birthday @Pann🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳hope you have a great one.
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