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  1. The divine aura skill from transcendent warrior major now shows and gives 10% personal heal modifier increase but the buff detail still states it as 20%.
  2. Yayyyy!!!! Thank you so much ACE for allowing us to help and of course for the collectors edition. 😊 Love yall and love this game. HYPE !!!!
  4. The confessor ultimate causes the character to DSYNC periodically. Sorry if this is repeat.
  5. the inquisitor subclass is supposed to grant a reduced cooldown on Fervor skill but when i proc the skill it still shows a 30 second cooldown which is the original cooldown. there does not seem to be a reduction.
  6. From @jtoddcoleman at Everyone.... "CHECK PLEASE" 🤣 honestly this is TEST and you are right Todd I think we seem to forget its not meant for the "play to win mentality". Its play to test more so test then play. We knew what we signed up for and I'm grateful to still be able to help you all test. "God"(jtodd)has spoken. This is the way....
  7. I'm sure its been brought up before but can you please fix the guinecean dirt mound from flying at my screen constantly after removing stealth. That mound of dirt keeps flying at my screen and its taking up half of it. Help. I can't see. 🙈 I'm just a short little rat I need all the visibility I can get. 😬
  8. Omg the struggle is real. Lol. Im glad I wasn't only one who felt this way when I was on my cleric. My husband who plays with me looked at my video footage and said you need to stop looking up so much. Lol. I was like ummm I can't help it. Haha.
  9. So while testing the vanish and dynamite ultimates for slayer there is a BIG DELAY before impact on player from when detonation hits. With approximated timing Dynamite animation blows up after 5 sec and then an additional 6sec before hitting the player. The Vanish ultimate animation blows up after 5 sec and an additional 10 sec before hitting the player. So Dynamite takes total of about 11 sec from animation to impact on player and the Vanish ultimate takes about 15 sec from animation to impact.
  10. On my slayer while harvesting I noticed the FEELING LUCKY buff would proc everytime I hit a weak spot.
  11. The cool down timer does not show on the blast of leaves skill. It only shows the circle animation but not the timer. Also, the BIG hands of the gods skill from the talent tree has NO animation at all but the hand of the gods skill does. Not sure if that's a bug or meant to be.
  12. Discovered while harvesting from different sources the difference between a chaos ember and dust is that the smaller less fuzzy looking ball is the chaos ember however I am getting credit for every other one that seems to pop up. Not sure if it's a visual bug or just not receiving credit with an actual ember. If you could please look into that. Thank you. Probably could have had 10 embers instead of 5 by now lol 😩
  13. Please populate more mob camps around the maps. Seems not enough to go around. Survival of the fittest. Lol.
  14. Water spirits from naiad still seems to be broken. No visual and heal over time procs only one heal maybe 2 at random.
  15. Happy birthday @Pann🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳hope you have a great one.
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