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  1. Seems like a great friendly community. Pretty new here myself
  2. Congratulations Team. I just saw this news as I crawled out of bed at midday. I got the kickstarter email saying you'd reached ONE MILLION DOLLARS!! ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!! This is really only just the beginning. - Manaia
  3. Wonderful responses in this thread. I've never been part of a community where the developers are this transparent and honest. It's a refreshing change. I'm thrilled to be part of it !
  4. Lovely looking desktops folks !
  5. One thing I wasn't quite able to feel from the limited gameplay video we were teased with. Was the size of the area's we will get to play in. I hope it doesn't feel too boxed in. Mind you they did mention this "The Eternal Kingdom can be massive -- with mountains and rivers, castles and villages, dungeons and ruins." I wanna feel like I'm in a HUGE world with lots to explore and see. Not something I can run from one end to the other in a few minutes. We're all hungering for more information though. Looking forward to seeing the document regarding the Eternal Kingdoms. It does real
  6. I personally loved the writing and the backstory behind the Fae Assassin. I felt it was dark and gritty and leaves me wanting to know more ! My fave part was this. "Men do not belong in the Riverlands…. not even the breeders. They are captured, they serve their purpose, and they are killed. Many treat their enemies less kindly, I think" I love a good dark backstory ! Aesthetically speaking the Fae Assassin looks fine.There's gonna be lots of armor types most likely. I just can't see how this is sexiest? Perhaps I am missing something .. oh well it's late I should get some sleep.
  7. A lot of this is down to the lack of information. I myself really haven't much of a clue about truly what the EK's will actually be ..yet. OP you have some very valid concerns and points though.. I'm looking forward to some more information though. Also Mat'Hir. I do like your idea of gambling in the Eternal Kingdoms *Chuckles* ... I do hope there is a lot to do there -Manaia
  8. Yeah I will give the dregs a go . Only way to learn to PvP is to throw myself into the fire so to speak . It will be my first real foray into decent PvP since Lineage 2 ( Pre Goddess). Looking forward to it. I expect to lose many sweet rolls and some tears. But it shall be fun! Long live the .... Dregs
  9. Congratulations ! Well folks it ain't stopping at 800.000 ! Gonna fly past ! \o/ And still 27 days to go !
  10. Sounds like a nice guild you guys have going here
  11. I agree. I love the idea of having a first and last name personally. But it shouldn't be an option that is forced upon people. After all this is going to be a sandbox right? Give both options in my honest opinion !
  12. It all makes sense to me. Thanks for clearing it up Things are looking really positive .. heh I ended up backing after all. So glad i did!
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