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  1. Before this patch my FPS in the temple was about 15 and really stiff and laggy. Now when I move at the temple it stays higher than 35, witch is very nice. However when I am in a different training world, it drops to 10 and cant get any higher than that.
  2. Yes, I know the name is weird, make up a nickname if you want to. A friend presented me the amazing possibility of Crowfall, and i got pretty impressed by it. I've been a RPG fan for a long time, with WoW, Allods, Perfect World, some tabletops... And now I can be a rodent, FINALLY SOME GOOD custard RACE OPTIONS. I will be a tank hamster, what else could I ask for?
  3. I've played for less than an hour and realized that almost nothing has been translated into Portuguese in the game itself, sometimes we have words alone in the middle of the descriptions, like ´´You can customize this with your talentos``, didn't notice any note looking for translators for the game, but I could translate most of the game without any major difficulties, and I could do it for free! - Since I loved the game so much. All I ask is... Do you guys need any help? Got that covered? Here is an example of what I could do: http://prntscr.com/oj77pg
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