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  1. Yeah, been playing apex since launch, most entertaining battle royale I ever played too. Invited 2 friends to play with me and got more active in there, had so much fun I even bought the season pass.
  2. I personally love the lots of options, makes me feel more unique, real.
  3. Bom momento Ud. Vou movimentar seu tópico, baixei e joguei faz tempo, não consigo ficar muito tempo jogando pela falta de BRs, espero que tenha espaço nessa guilda ai quando eu voltar. Adorei o trocadilho com a árvore nórdica, nunca tinha pensado nisso.
  4. Always saw the title in many plataforms, never bothered. Until few months ago when it became free game of the month in PS Plus, i gave it a chance and gods above, what a great multiplayer experience! Made me remember of my teenager years playing COD on ps3. The titans make it better when i thought would make it worse, if you have a console, you should give it a try! SCORCH RULES!
  5. Hitsaus


    AND I AM DIGGING A HOLE! What starts playing when your Stoneborn start to hit the ores.
  6. Thanks for the info, so you guys ARE thinking about it! Since the game hasn't even started yet, I understand that it ain't finalized and definitive yet, but it is good to know that you guys take it into consideration, I noticed that you didn't mentioned TES in your examples as I did, it is... kinda of my game, I have all the books and etc. They have the imperial library, where they keep all the lore, and i know a lot of it, I love to talk about it. I really wish that someday we will have the crowfall version of it, with all the speculations of players who have played in many campaigns an
  7. Thanks for the answers @ACE_JackalBark and @VaMei. Oh, nice! So the worlds are like many pieces of planets, it is like the concept of a globe isn't very common if it is not a Sun or a Moon, for what I could see, that, I would think, is because of the way things are generated through the ´´Parcels``, right? I must also say that i absolutely love the concepts of this game, the style is so cute and pleasant, even if it is a minotaur slashing through someone i find it amusing and nice. This, for example: I remember seeing this in a video ACE did some time ago, I think it
  8. I have some questions, it would be cool if someone from the staff could answer as well. Unfortunately the only StaffMember I know the name of is @Pann, may the Gods watch over her. We currently have a few hints from the lore on what is the name people use to refer to the world, you see: In The Elder Scrolls the Mortal Plane is called Mundus, the planet is called Nirn, The Planets surrounding Nirn also have names, Nirn has continents, provinces, cities, regions, history. In Crowfall all I saw was that the serpents are now the moon and sun with their respective names and that the ´´Islands`
  9. Well, my champion doesn't even have balls, so I want my armor!
  10. Olá amigo falante da língua portuguesa, você foi presenteado com um post extenso e bagunçado sobre os deuses e a galerinha mágica do mundo mágico sem nome de crowfall, se não entender alguma coisa, ou quiser adicionar algo, é só responder. Na minha opinião é importante localizar os precedentes do assunto para que ele faça mais sentido no contexto em que está inserido... Sendo assim não começarei no conteúdo da lore, e sim em como eu entrei em contato com o game. Eu conheço o jogo faz uns 2 anos, mas só entrei no site e dei uma olhada uns 3 meses atrás, e só comprei bem recentemente.
  11. Well, I think you already got your answer, but the simples one is: There is not a point in winning, even in the real world, the true satisfaction lies within the experience.
  12. I really like to be a champion, got a lot of HP, heals, jump a lot... And of course: BEYBLAAAAADE
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