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  1. Hey there... My first feedback post here. I hope its right to post it here - I have tools on Survival List Button 1-4 (pickaxe, hammer etc.). but mouseover them dont work. so you dont know which kind of item you had put there if you have 2 different tools with same icon. - closing the overlay (best thing would be with moving) for example with "ESC" should close everything. if you open inventory again you have all windows on each other again and you need to close them by hand. - you can rebind "TAB" button. Thats nice. but you still change chat mode with it (faction - zone - etc.). After rebinding "TAB" it should not longer switch channels, cause you will ue tab for an other action and always change the chat mode -.-^^ - after looting a creature full (AUTO Loot would be nice) the Character-Overlay should close automatically. - German Translation: The Tooltip is not completely shown: https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-3196c6-1564068304.jpg.html
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