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  1. I honestly love it being a knob that can be adjusted. Crowfall is a very unique game like this and I believe that raising or lowering the knob keeps the PvP content from growing too stale. I like the fact that it will keep the Meta changing and keep people on their toes. Great Job @thomasblairI'm looking forward to how crazy the knob turns!
  2. Does this apply to the Kickstarter rewards that give over 2+ years of VIP? Example 2 years gives 36,000 crowns?
  3. This happens to me every now and then on live and now test only way is to destroy it...
  4. Looks like runemaking isnt scaling on rolls when applied to the harvesting stat, if this is just for this particular tool. I have no idea but will try and figure it out tomorrow. Critical Risk rolls Cata Rolls R U Insane rolls
  5. Ok so it seems the item you craft will have the glowing aura of your current vessel instead of the actual quality of the item itself, I think lol. thus the lego glowing stone, even though its a uncommon quality... If this is a new intended feature them omg I absolutely love it! This way anyone receiving a crafted item will instantly know the vessel quality of the crafter making the item. I think its a wonderful idea and it should stay!
  6. When crafting a blue item still looks green in the crafting tooltip when it should be blue aura surrounding it, might cause a bit of confusion for new players
  7. Not sure if this is my settings or not...but another thing lol this is what angel sees... this is what i see? maybe its some of my own settings? not sure if its a bug or not
  8. Kinda weird when capping these new outpost. Not sure why it did it this way but interesting lol
  9. Ai is off? or something lol, I don't know 😃 just bringing it to yall's attention https://clips.twitch.tv/HelpfulKitschyQueleaAllenHuhu-PgmmFabKW2knd41h Maybe it is just the mobs in this area? Parry issue? Mob AI in general?
  10. Something is wrong when doing parry. Not sure if it's Mob AI or elevation. This issue isn't on live servers when doing parry because it works as intended. https://clips.twitch.tv/RefinedSmilingElephantDeIlluminati-eK6iBiKRj8_HUegr
  11. Node Ranking up as seasons progress in Campaign is not working as intended. Not sure if its some code bug or not please see attached images first set is back a month ago same map same location, the last image is of current campaign Magnien NA same map same location and Fall. Which the Ranking nodes should of all increased to 8 (Winter would be 9) instead all the nodes are still rank 6. Please fix otherwise there wont be a point for harvesters to risk loot on death when you can find the same resources in infected minus the exotics . Current campaign below
  12. Poor Fernando is being covered up by the cart in the air hard to click on him to do the pig turn in for the NPE
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