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  1. Poor Fernando is being covered up by the cart in the air hard to click on him to do the pig turn in for the NPE
  2. By the way my viewpoint is not like others right now, I have done these on live servers and a majority of it coming from a 2 person harvest The only exception is the Woodworker which I just have not had enough time to create. So the Woodworker data is still from Test servers. I'm actually going to 2nd Neven on this one as well, if the stat gain would come from a green disc to equip the resource reduction belt instead of the blue I would think it would make this less of an initial resource waste/dump. Armorsmithing - To me it feels very balanced, still requires a lot of resources but not
  3. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I love the interdependency of the crafting system in Crowfall, it makes the game extremely unique and very reliant on coordination between crafters. I love how at first the crafting system and harvesting system is so complex. I love the fact that you have to actually use your brain in Crowfall. I love the fact that Crowfall does not cater to the idiots and the whiney people asking for handouts. I love the fact that Crowfall makes it to where you have to earn things instead of giving them out as daily or
  4. So yea I normally stay away from the forums due to trolls and negativity regardless, I've been summoned from my crafting corner of solitude. I am probably going to be the only person to disagree with you. That is probably due to me being a diehard Crowfall fanatic, that is extremely loyal to his game. I have had an absolute blast in Crowfall, for the around 2 years of playing (I wish I would of known of Crowfall 5 years+ ago like some people and I would still share the same viewpoint as I do now) Crowfall has been an absolute fun theme park for my Wife and I. We have had to most fun in this ga
  5. That's under the assumption that the catch up mechanic will boost a new player to equality. Which in my opinion will not. But it will give that new player a boost to become at least effective (hopefully). It really factors in on how much of a boost, the limits of the boost, and how much period of time it takes in order to give such a boost. All of which is just speculation until we see the system in the game.
  6. I do not wish for there to be daily/weekly grinds in order to progress. The system is the way it is for longevity and fairness. (With a catch-up mechanism in place of course) I can understand a certain amount, like what J Todd was speaking of in sense to get a small bit ahead but I personally do not wish to craft 1000 plate helms in order to reach the next level. My best advise would be wait until further development that is already in the works becomes available then cast your stone. Way to early to judge until the Tomes and everything else they have been talking about adding in come into pla
  7. So my wife and I keep hearing about smaller guilds not being able to compete in the current campaigns due to their size and in game politics. A lot of players continue to share feedback with myself over this major issue and its the same thing over and over again. "Small Guilds have no content until alliances are in or they are just unable play" which a lot are leaving until this issue is fixed. So I'm not sure if anyone else has thought about things like this, but my wife and I brainstormed this morning. Both of us agreed there is just very little content PvP wise for small guilds that want to
  8. I would love to say it was to show how easy we could of taken if we wanted, lol but that would be a lie. I believe someone chased a pvper up to one of the wards and it was destroyed in the process. Don't quote me though 🙃
  9. Damn you Wilbur! *shakes fist in air with mock anger* It's funnier when they do not realize our intent was to smash and chop heads, not claim a worthless keep. We leave the PvE to others, we play Crowfall to PvP.
  10. 😂 Thank you for shedding some light on all this Todd. We as testers understand what is going on better now, letting us know like you have just done helps everyone's moral quite a bit. I know a lot of people would love a heads up, but my wife and I have no complaints lol. It is very much appreciated! Some of us are "playing to win" while more so others are (hopefully) testing every possible mechanic and not just PvP related and performance issues. There are even some of us that do the more tedious tasks of hitting rocks/trees/ore/skinning then crafting it, to make sure everything is a smooth tr
  11. Aye. I don’t mind the odds lol, it’s all fun win or get Zerged
  12. I’m in favor of a no for a passive wipe. Even if it was a complete wipe I’d still say no. Reason being is because of the new patch coming out in February a wipe/full wipe would be pointless in the limited amount of time between now and then. For anyone not understanding why, by the time the passives build up to max craft items/vessels it would already be February if not close to. So you are looking at a month or two month window of testing out end game content, instead of now.
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