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  1. Leatherworking Weapon Grips are still bugged and only have the ability to put 2 pips into it regardless of your current pips (11.99 no pot pie), also Armor-Leather Tunic still, Armor-Leather Cap are still bugged and unable to slot in Specialty Seals. Plz fix this...
  2. Not sure if its a bug or not but Paella, Roasted Pig, Carrot Juice are missing from the cooking crafting station.
  3. Is it just me or Red Wine no longer craftable? RIP Bon Tippers lol, yet they are still on the menu
  4. Aye I second this, the best thing to do is avoid all those "additional objects" and also to avoid attempting to jump in places that are not easily accessible.
  5. Currently Leatherworking is bugged when making a weapon grip no matter the combination on stitched leather. 10 pip leatherworker when making the stitched leather was fine, but when turning the stitched leather into a weapon grip it capped me at 3 pips available to spend.
  6. Anyone else think that maybe they should either increase the drop rate of green minors, or at least make white minors upgradable? Now with this campaign almost over we will see a lot of people with plenty of souls but not enough minors lol...
  7. Aye I second this, I've lost out on 2 Illusionist souls and some nice chief loot.
  8. Aye no matter what quality/type Ring Settings are not being able to be placed into the ring bang. Its not registering that the Ring Setting is a Ring Setting I guess...
  9. 😂 Thank you for shedding some light on all this Todd. We as testers understand what is going on better now, letting us know like you have just done helps everyone's moral quite a bit. I know a lot of people would love a heads up, but my wife and I have no complaints lol. It is very much appreciated! Some of us are "playing to win" while more so others are (hopefully) testing every possible mechanic and not just PvP related and performance issues. There are even some of us that do the more tedious tasks of hitting rocks/trees/ore/skinning then crafting it, to make sure everything is a smooth transition and is operating normally. The only downside to this which could of been said a little bit better, is that roadblocks like no campaigns for a couple weeks really hurts the progress is all 😃. By progress I mean non-PvP related progress lol. Regardless my wife and I continue to test all aspects of harvesting and crafting (with a little PvP fun thrown in) to the best of our ability, and we just want to say thank you. We are just happy to be testing and playing, if there is anything else we can do to make this push to live let us know (even if it is "task assignment"). We would be more then happy to do so!
  10. posted to wrong thread lol whoops, anyway... 9th skill slot on humans is still bugged. Every time you zone to a new map it empties the power and you must re-equip.
  11. 9th skill slot on human's still bugged and is empty after zoning.
  12. Not sure if anyone's posted this but the exploration discipline "Hoarder" is not working correctly. The passive ability "I need This" does not grant the 16 stamina when successfully hitting a weakspot.
  13. Negative on the hungershard motherlodes, My wife and I have already successfully harvested 1 Rank 6. My tip is you need better tools =P. Bug report on that note all the shards dropped from said motherlode fell inside the mound of "dirt/snow" and were very unreachable until the final destruction of the node. Made my wife and I very sad to not find out what the hungershard motherlode contained besides 1 final regular blue shard.
  14. Pot Pies still broken and giving .25 instead of 1.00 to exp points
  15. yea I feel the pain, I just unlocked excavation on my main harvester accounts last night. Now its a breeze to unlock so all this waiting for gravedigging could of been avoided. would of been pumping out new vessels weeks ago
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