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  1. I think the fundamentals are already in place, but the alliance system is trash. You need competitive PvP, and that system won't encourage new players to try to challenge dominating guilds. I feel that infected needs to have Keeps siege rotated every two hours to keep an active pace. Keep the current timer on Campaign, but squash the timer on forts in both to keep high pvp volume constant.
  2. Who's complaining? I think this game has much potential. I think the alliance element is a little babyish. I'd rather see hardcore PvP than bending at a knee, but this game has many features other PvPers are looking for. These clowns above me have been trolling me, but funny when my stream last night had 70 viewers, and I was winning, they didn't say anything lol. My point is this. There's a lot of games with siege, and if this game hopes to compete, or pull players from other games, it better step up. I don't want to see this game fail. I want it to succeed. This community however can't look past it's past experience to see where this game can be something amazing.
  3. So I'm wondering if you guys want more players playing, or do you want a stale game? Y'all some toxic haters. Maybe we should poll you guys how many PvP MMOs you've experienced 🤔
  4. We also clowned on you guys a little. Hmm, how many guilds are in your alliance? 🤣
  5. How nice of you. I only had 70 viewers on my live stream...after I haven't played in two years 😂. Didn't do too bad either. I'm sorry you haven't experienced PvP on that level...but you will...oh you will
  6. Actually Eve was awesome. You deserve props for that. Unfortunately you still don't have any solo experience 🥱
  7. What PvP MMOs have you've played? We're waiting 😂
  8. All good...we were laughing at you guys too. Remind me again what PvP MMOs you've played?
  9. My favorite trolls 😁. Tell me about the political element to Crowfall. I love the stories how people have to grovel to get ahead 😂
  10. I'm sorry...how many viewers are you getting? 🤣
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