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  1. I'll definitely be recording videos of the builds. I'm one who always enjoys highlighting my work, on my channel. It also helps lure my ESO crew to this title.
  2. Math... that's interesting 🤔, my background is financing and economics. I also have 20 years experience as a private tester for gaming companies. 😜
  3. Lol, I just posted my tank from ESO...I don't need luck 🤣
  4. Thanks... I'm looking forward to bringing surprised for them. They ain't ready for us https://youtu.be/KbFumg8bYf8
  5. Literally...some are getting bothered 👆😂
  6. Btw...haters have always fed my channel...and I was ranked #1 in BGs opening week 😂 https://youtu.be/zhvJRwu3UHs
  7. Lol, wow...you guys haven't played many customer build games have you? I'm feeling the toxicity 🤢. Keep it coming though... I'm enjoying the cold comments 🥶
  8. I'm really liking this layout. It's not for everyone's playstyle, but as a support build that deals damage....it's solid! High mitigation, Cleansing capabilities, and buffs, you can give some pesky players the cold shoulder.
  9. Once again...I said in OP that the class sucked, but what I did was work around the hinderance. I'm really enjoying all of your feedbacks 😁
  10. OMG...self importance? Nah....I try to figure out ways how to build around each class disadvantage. Had you not been so arrogant, you would have noticed what I aimed to do, but instead would rather trash players. It's all good...I understand
  11. Oh, I'm aware of the difference, but you forget how Feng builds his parties. The man is very specific how he forms groups, and how he kites. He is the PvP God, and has decimated other MMOs to earn the title
  12. Feng hasn't been able to find another title as engaging as ESO PvP, that's why I reached out to him about this. Let's be real here....if he comes, and promotes this title...a slew of players will follow. Of course that man will be my general, and I feel sorry for those who stand against him
  13. I did warn them about that problem, so they're aware. Hopefully this game improves the net coding before launch, but ESO performance was just as bad in beta as this....and for years after, so nothing they're not use to. The devs have to get the performance up to par though. Besides a few minor ignoring bugs, that's the biggest hurdle for this title
  14. Well...we're hoping to get the top dogs from ESO in on this. I already reached out to my boys Fengrush, Despotic, Purple, El Lobbo, Unreal, Abomb, and a few others. I think they're going to enjoy this
  15. A fellow ESO player...I'm happy to see there's a few here. Thanks btw. Each game of course is different, and I know what you mean. Don't worry though...I dropped a few tells to get some known ESO players over here. I think they're going to enjoy this considering the current state of ESO PvP, and of course we'll be forming up
  16. Oh...I get it, but I scanned youtube....and no other similar vids. I even said how a build like this could be used in PvP in my video. I don't mind the hate....I really don't
  17. lol, I'm sorry, I also soloed the level 20 in the build video too 😂
  18. Man, you guys are some haters 😂. Soloed a lvl 20 chief in the build video 🤣. As I mentioned...all trash gear. Nice to meet you
  19. Oh...I should have mentioned....I was known in ESO for making builds that caused the Devs to nerf them quick. Matt & Richard appreciated my capabilities.
  20. I thought we were cool? I mean same Alliance and all.
  21. I think you miss the point! This is all trash gear...with no vessel! Imagine me being fully geared, disked max, and vessel. Nice try though lol
  22. Here you go! Thank you for doubting me 🥱
  23. Well, I'll definitely have to record it for you. I love doubters... because they made me popular in ESO
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