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  1. I soloed a herald last night on this build 🤷
  2. As I mentioned in the video, put two healers on this build, and it'll decimate people within it's radius. I did a tank build in ESO years ago that got a giant nerf bat. For some reason the Devs didn't like that I was tanking over 30 players in front of a keep as siege ran down 😂
  3. I'm utterly stunned by the Archdruid as an arch-type. It sucks in so many ways, but is still insanely OP! Here's my build
  4. Just recently started Crowfall, and I'm working on crafting. I'm also interested in some farming, and PvP. Need a very active guild, as I'm on random times.
  5. Well, I'm going to start off with my first admission, and say I haven't gotten into much PvP yet; and there within itself is a huge problem. Now I've done Alpha testing for companies, and have been apart of the MMO genre since the beginning, and if there's going to be anyone who's going to be brutally honest about a game's PvP potential... it's me. For those who would ask UO SWG DAOC Warhammer (Beta, we know what happened) GW GW2 WoW Rift ESO I personally am having a blast. I'm loving that you're keeping the game to the crafters. To be honest...if I felt the best gear was rewards, or drops, I'd probably leave crying. Crafting should be the focus in a game like this... especially with this type of PvP. Unique stats, and custom configurations is where this game will septate itself from the competition. My problem though...time. The average player (because of work or school) has two to four hours a night, and yet...keep vulnerability times take hours? I mean, I get it, "Keeps need to be rebuilt, and we don't want to be like every other game"; but time is relevant. I'm not asking you to change the structure of the game...just speed it up. Also you need to incentive players to get involved in Pvp. Daily missions to earn a few coins usually solves that problem. Especially since it's hard to find NPCs that drop coin. And why I'm here...I would recommend that you give a few beta keys to your streamers, to promote the game. Not a copy of the game like some of us have (though purchasing is a nice upgrade 😁) but access. You need to get people hyped. You need to also do stress tests on these servers, and the more bumps you have now, will get ironed out before launch. Thanks for reading, and btw...the community here is pretty awesome. Sincerely Mysticraven
  6. First off let me start off by saying I'm extremely excited for this title, and a friend of mine has already jumped on board. I also am a content creator, and look forward to promoting this title to my viewers who've been looking for a new PvP title. With that said, I'm going to offer some constructive criticism that I'm sure many have already addressed, but also praise for initial observation. Talent Tree/Skills While I typically prefer more of a sandbox approach to character development, I do enjoy the path system the Devs took in order to create a unique approach to diversify each player's play style. Two things that did bother me though was lack of description, and the inability to respect. Players want to be able to test skills and builds prior to making a commitment to a final product. In PvP this is especially important depending on the build functionality. While it easy to level toons, nobody wants time wasted because they didn't like an ability, passive, or specialization. I do think if this feature is implemented at launch, more players will dedicate themselves for the long run, and adding additional information per skill will prevent players from adding a point to an undesired place. For example, the last three selections in specialization doesn't indicate the perks from one another. I hope later this is resolved to give players a more confident approach in their choice. Social Features When my friend and I first started, we both noticed there was no friends list, no guild options, and no in game mail system. Now we did take into consideration that it's still in beta, and these features weren't game breaking. However we must keep in mind that MMOs are a Social gathering. The more access players have to these features, typically the better experience they have. An MMO these days without these features is like a phone unable to have social media apps. Landscape Regardless of how anyone prefers their visualization, I have an appreciation for games that aren't so demanding on the GPU. The more accessibility players have to play a game on a different systems, the more will play it. Crowfall deliveries this excellently! However...the lack of terrain is somewhat disappointing. Point...I haven't seen 1 river, a pond, a fountain, snow, or anything that separates one zone from another. While most would consider this not picking, I would remind people that visual recognition is another form of psychology that promotes excitement. A game doesn't need to have the best graphics to be successful, but it does need a touch of nuance to separate itself from monotonous landscape. Closing Statement Overall I'm very pleased with this title. It's been a considerable long time that I have been this hyped about an MMO. What separates this game from the slew of others is the dedication and direction of this studio to undertake a PvP based game, and bring it to fruition. I applaud you all, and look forward to seeing Crowfall success. Sincerely Mysticraven
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Mysticraven, and I'm an old school MMOer. I'm interested in checking Crowfall out, but have some questions before making a decision. First question: Is purchasing a pack required to try Crowfall in test? Second: What phase is Crowfall currently in? Third: Is the game currently under NDA, or are streamers allowed to stream the game? Fourth: What elements of PvP are there? (open world, siege, Battleground, Battle Royal, faction base,) And Fifth: Is the game linear or open ended? I'm looking for very specifics in an MMO game. As far as experience goes Private tester for Companies SOE Turbine Mythic Microsoft Wizards of the Cost NCsoft and other small studios I have over twenty-one years experience in the industry as a close tester & consultant in the MMO industry, and am looking for a game that will bring the next gen MMO experience to life. Looking forward to meeting you all. Sincerely; Mysticraven
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