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  1. A week in and i'm on the verge of leaving the game. Faction vs Faction may change that decision if its implemented ASAP. But if New World comes out earlier, RIP Crowfall.
  2. @Blackdove Only if you are in one of said big player guilds. If not you'll get no or low rewards cause low ranking. You'll get killed and run over cause no network. The strongest will get stronger and the weak will stay weak with none to little progression. They should had in mind that the vast majority doesn't have the time to invest organization and networking like in RL jobs and careers. Administrating casuals even in upcoming bigger guilds, with schedules and responsibilities and a few "no lifers" that play 24/7 is another full time job. The vast majority still doesn't know what they are doing, they go like "yo lets go make some PvP! yaay lets have fun!" but can't tell you even why they are doing something. While others with experience have formed the biggest existing guilds knowing exactly what to do and taking over. This gap will never be filled.
  3. @Deadulus Yeah that's the sad truth: "Join a big guild where you can play with other ppl with tons of time on their hand, for whatever reasons, cause time = progress, and build up the strongest imperium EU". What does that mean for Crowfall players/guilds? For the big guilds: They probably will bring experience from alphas and betas, knowing what they are doing, and achieve a lot in way less time. Cause they don't have to find out how things work and they have a working network to achieve their goals. Now, in the first month of launch, especially in the first week, this may not be as noticeable cause they are busy building up and farming/crafting everything. But in a few weeks they will be done. The first season/month will end and the few big player guilds in this niche game will take over. Best gear, best organization and the most know how from alphas/betas will obviously lead to that. They will be selling the cheap "poorly made stuff" that they don't need in their eternal kingdoms to other players making even more profit. For small/medium guilds: Well, they will have maybe 2-3 dedicated "no lifers" like me, that are putting in tons of effort cause they think, they can compensate the schedules of other members that actually have schedules, families or other responsibilities and somehow get the guild going. This is not gonna work. In this game, in case anyone didn't already notice that from the text above, you need to have a working organization as a guild, almost like in a RL company, where members have their tasks and each one of them is willing to put in the effort and walk the extra mile. Only then you will be able to produce weapons, equip, vessels, potions, buff food, etc. If not, you will simply get run over by the big guilds mentioned above. For solo players: Short version: This game isn't for solo players. If anyone reads this and still has hopes that he will have a good time as a solo, trust me: if you are not into watching Netflix all day and harvesting, playing as a Rogue/Assassin, then forget about that dream quickly. Why rogue/assassin? Cause you have the best chances to get away besides if there are classes with "detect stealth disc/skills", then you also will have a bad time cause there is no escape in 95-98%% of the situations. Besides you will have to farm an unimaginable amount of gold to compensate being a solo, cause you will have to trade and buy everything that your non existing guild isn't providing. What will this lead to? Well, it will lead to big guilds having everything in the next or even already in the ongoing season at some point. While it will also lead to small guilds and solo players having very little or nothing besides the crap that drops in NPC villages and having them doing the same thing over and over and over again. While now, as an underdog, you may still stand a chance against other players or groups from big guilds, cause they haven't already achieved the really good stuff, you wont have that in the near future. If at some point the few big player guilds are established, chances for new big guilds coming up will be very low. Cause its a niche game and already now, for smaller guilds its hard to get bigger and progressing. This will lead to the inevitable: The few big guilds will roll over any other guilds and player in this game. The only challenge they will have is to compete with one of the other big guilds out there. That will slowly kill the population of the game, cause understandable, the given experience for solos and small guilds isn't rewarding at all, rather frustrating. And then Crowfall will slowly die out. Cause i would right now bet a couple 1000 bucks, whenever New World comes out, solo players and smaller guilds will be frustrated enough to simply leave and try out "the new game". This will leave the big guilds pretty much alone. Little meme instead of a potato:
  4. @Blowfeld But that would be a poverty certificate. Only cause they didn't managed to attract a larger player base they allow ppl to violate the regulations? That's absolute non serious behaviour from a company. And if i understood well, with these time heavy goals to achieve, they want to keep the players busy. Having players sharing accounts and "working in shifts" works against that goal. And is unfair to other players who stick to the rules. That's ludicrous.
  5. @Calidor Jesus Christ... that is literally 24/7 since the game was out farming. I'm already sick of ores after only having 1 purple miners. I don't know how you can still go on and farm more. You must even see nodes, trees, leather, stones or graves in your dreams as much as you harvested them. I guess respect for that commitment... but i still doubt that most normal mortals can put in such commitment.
  6. @Kundrya I actually got killed very few times. And i didn't start a conversation about class balancing on purpose. I play as a rogue and if there isn't a hunter around using his skill to see every invis target in a feel like 1km area, there is no way that they would find me. I dueled other rogues so often, its a pure joke, whoever is losing just vanishes and resets. This goes on for several times until both rogues notice... there is no win, there is no lose. But that is another subject that i'm not even interested at this point. For me it was really only relevant to know if there is purpose for solo players or smaller guilds. If they can manage to achieve something in a considered amount of time and have some fun in Skypoint with lets say the "smaller goals" in games. And that's just not given.
  7. @BlackfeatherCo I literally farmed, as mentioned, for 30-40 hours resources in the past week. I doubt that you could call that "quick thrill". But you gave me another valuable information and for that i'm thankful. Cause if the game is about "defending your own piece of dirt", Sieges, Kingdoms and Empires, then this game is only for big and organized guilds. There is no room for solo players or small guilds besides if they are looking for an eternal farm simulator.
  8. Well thanks for your time and answers then. I guess i'll take a step back from the game and check it out in the near future. I actually was really hoping someone would tell me: "Keep going, with the purple backpack tool combined with the purple disc will increase drops drastically and you'll be able to put out some decent weapons as a weaponsmith for your guild". Or that anyone would have corrected me in the whole PvP experience, that there are things actually worth fighting for. Or even telling me for what we are even conquering these forts and keeps. But i guess a lot of ppl are as lost as i am. And besides not being able to get somewhere for ones own experience, helping out other members seems a almost unreachable goal. The best i could do is making better gathering tools as a Runemaker for some guild members. And even there i had to ask for materials cause stuff is not farming itself. Feels bad. Maybe i'll come back in the future... but New World is on the edge of release. So Crowfall should have a hard life and could easily turn into a sinking ship very fast if they don't change stuff asap.
  9. Note that i have the purple disc and am about to get the blue crafting backpack accessory (or however its called). Drops are still very bad imo. I only saw ppl selling the blue gear in EK that drops anyways when farming gold in the NPC villages. But these blue items are not really good. They only have 500 durability and the stats on them are very poor. So imo not even worth it. I farmed that much, that i gave blue items drops to half of my guild. I hardly doubt that guilds will sell crafted weapons since as mentioned, it takes an eternity to farm enough materials to even craft one for yourself. Guilds will have to give all the craftes weapons to their members and i also doubt that bigger guilds will keep on farming and picking nodes for 2-4 hours a day, cause that is what would be needed to at some point being able to sell crafted high value gear to other players. I mean, the game should be about PvP and not sinking your pickaxe again and again into nodes right?
  10. I do enjoy farming and harvesting. I doubt that much ppl achieved purple runes neither that they farmed as much as i did. But it almost feels like real life job commitment to only craft a green set for yourself. And i had a lot of freetime these days, ppl that work, come home and are able to invest 2-4 hours per evening, lets say 3-4 days a week, they wont get anywhere. Concerning "farming the farmers", ppl at this point bank gold whenever they have 1-2k gold in their inventories. Mostly as written, i get like 200-400g per player, often nothing. Then you have to share the gold with your zerg grp minimizing the outcome for each player. In the end it was more efficient to farm a NPC village with steady 6-8k gold per hour than farming players with unsure profit and risk. Besides the fact, that farming the farmes is not the PvP i would be looking for. I never felt like it was fulfilling to slaughter the weak. Especially not over time again and again.
  11. Hey guys! Back again with another thread. I'm reaching my limits in this game. I really wanted to love it, but the game is making it really hard for me. So i'll try to give you an inside of my experience so far and maybe you can let me know if i'm missing something. I'm coming from a small guild with a few players willing to put in work but most are casuals. PvP: Besides having the "fun" to kill ppl, in 95% of the cases you get nothing to 200g out of a player kill. Downside, each time you die, your equip loses durability and you are forced to go farm these NPC villages in the PvP zone to get new equip/gold. If you're having really bad luck, you'll get killed while doing so and lose durability and progress while trying to achieve the exact opposite. PvE/Professions: So the obvious next step is to improve your own gear and achieve it through professions. I'm Miner and Weaponsmith. I farmed my ass of for a purple Rune in mining, farming nodes and gold. The outcome of farming almost 2 hours maybe gives you the ore to craft 1 (if lucky 2) advanced white weapon(s) of your choice. I currently have the green Weaponsmith rune and the Weapons i'm crafting are still worse than the ones dropping in Skypoint, only thing that is better from a handcrafted white weapon is the durability. So after having farmed ores for around 30-40 hours i maybe have enough green ores to make only one green weapon. Also tried farming the big nodes with a friend, but the outcome is also ridiculous. Obviously, since the coloured ores are so hard to get, i would not "waste" them crafting a weapon for myself having only the green Weaponsmithing rune. Conclusion: So here i am. Sick of farming, sick of having worked my ass off and not getting anything out of it. I'm not able to help out my guild, not even able to help out one single player with a green weapon. Not even able to craft one for myself without wasting the most valuable ores i farmed. Half of the guild comes online and says: "Hey, lets go make PvP, lets go do something!" and i would love to join in and go make PvP, but mostly doing PvP, after some time, ruins your parties gear (we are no big zerg) and sets you back to go farm for your gear. A lot of players of my guild are not willing to accept the fact, that you have to do PvE and Farm 90% of the time, so you can get there and have the gear and whatever else is needed to do 10% PvP. And what really is PvP if you are not in a really big and well organized guild? It's roaming, farming and from time to time encountering another single or multiple players to fight. That will, again, not give you anything in most cases if you win, but destroy durability of your gear and maybe lose gold, if you haven't banked recently, in the case you lose. While doing PvP we took over Outposts and a few Forts, besides very rarely finding some big loot chests at outposts (i personally only found one in my whole play time) we got absolutely nothing out of doing PvP. Besides fun when killing and even more frustration when being killed and having your whole equips durability being destroyed. I asked myself if joining some bigger guilds would bring much change (?), but i doubt it. From general chat i have read that big PvP fights mostly almost crash the servers performance and are horrible to play. Neither do i know if these bigger brawls or goals, that my guild was too small to achieve, bring you bigger progress that's worth to keep playing. Also, since the purple rune didn't significally increase the outcome of my farm, i'm pretty pessimistic about putting in more work to get an orange one. I'm also one green miners away for upgrading the harvesting tool to a blue one. But i also doubt that this tool would increase anything siginifically. I would very much appreciate if someone with more experience or insight on the whole progression process could put in a few words and relight my will to keep on going in Crowfall. Cause one thing is overlooking the missing functionalities, the bugs and the not really user friendly UI, but the other thing is putting in tons of hours and not getting anything out of it nor achieving real progress. Thanks for your time and for an objective and factual answer to my concerns about Crowfall in advance. And sorry if i made some grammar mistakes, english is not my mother tongue.
  12. Hey guys! As a MMORPG Veteran and a backer of the game, i wanted to share my experiences so far (around 50-60 Hours played). If i got something wrong, please feel free to correct me/let me know. First of all we're starting out with the positive: Pros: - Awesome faction concept forcing player to PvP - Combat is entertaining - Graphics/Artwork/Design (not including the UI) is ok Cons: - 5 player Grp limit having Raid Bosses in the game - No shared Grp Loot - Worst InGame Chat ever (for example the loot log is in the same window as whispers and /say, get ready to miss almost every whisper) - Grp invites work best (or only) with /invite playername command - When you're riding your mount and jump, the mount slows down. That's against all laws of physics. - When you hold your standard attack you can't activate other skills, you have to let go of "left click" to start using other skills - When you are harvesting you have to let go of "left click" to use Pips - When you are harvesting it mostly takes 2 attempts to hit the "critical zones", bad hit registration, /edit 14.07.21: some of the "critical zones" appear outside of the harvesting object so its impossible to hit them - When you conquer a Fort and spend an Hour defending it, as a reward you get almost "nothing", there where 5 sacrifice coins in the chest and stones for upgrading the keep - Sometimes NPC's are named as "Placeholders" - Server goes down to often, too much server maintenance after all this time (/edit 14.07.21: Almost every two days) - Translation into other languages is pretty bad - No Minimap - Opening the big Map stops you from walking or riding your mount and it loads quite long - Crafting is badly explained and even tho' i don't think its bad, its extremely grind heavy - Portal to Lunarium/Arborium/Solarium and then to Sky Point is unnecessary, make a Portal that goes directly to Sky Point (it's one loading screen less) - No Guildbank - No AH (NPC sellers for 15k gold.. i guess it is what it is) /edit 14.07.2021: - When you press the hotkey to hop on your mount and open the inventory after, the casting bar of the mounting sequence disappears - If you turn the camera angles fast you are able to see enemies from far distances beyond your actual visibility range - Guild list lacks of functionality, there isn't any besides ranks and having the members listed. With such a community heavy based crafting system it should be possible to add notes to members - When you harvest something and you are in a grp, other players can just gather YOUR outcome. Even at motherloads outcome should be instanced. Or at least give a shared party loot log so ppl at least could check who loots what, so loot can be shared manually. - Portals are so rarely placed, why does a player have to hit "F" for 5 seconds. It's not like you would run into them by error. Just let players run through or hit "F" once. - No/very poor Patchnotes released. I want to know whats going on and whats done if a server is taken down for maintenance. I mean the game did some things right and i sort of enjoy playing it, but on the other hand i keep encountering myself with this ingame situations where i ask myself: What where the devs even thinking? Sorry for bad english and greets from Switzerland. Hope you guys can fix some of the mentioned issues.
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