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  1. I think a useful new item would be a "local" chat for people just talking among themselves. Other than whispers, any chat is always ZONE WIDE . Why is this? Just to say hello to someone is broadcast zone wide, it seems a bit much. Also WHY WHY WHY does the inventory window open on virtually EVERY keystroke when doing things other than fighting ? It's annoying to say the least ! Ninja looters have only to stand beside you and are able to loot your kills,and believe me they are doing it, I don't know if they are able to ninja loot items from mining etc etc ! And regarding looting, a "loot all" option would be useful.
  2. PLZ PLZ PLZ do something about that daqtrn inventory box opening for virtually everytime we open a window or anything else damn it's maddening. Also could you add a "take all " key to take ALL the contents of a loot box ?
  3. I have been playing all day and most of last night, now for some reason my password isn't working !!?? Have you any ideas why this is happening, I have changed nothing other than a letter to support for a character not getting a res. Now this is happening, I have played Crowfall since virtually the beginning and this is the first THIS has happened. I solved the res problem, now I cannot get pw to fit ???
  4. WHY WHY does that darn inventory window open virtually every time a key is pressed ?? People PLZ cut this annoying thing out, and btw I am NOT the only annoyed by this. Also I submitted a dead and trying to get body, I got it, so PLZ ignore the "suggestion" I sent to Support.
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