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  1. TBH i cant craft gear if it wasn't for my guild
  2. I put this in the wrong topic can you move it to suggestion please! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  3. For PvP there needs to be allowed more then 5 man party's or at least the heals shouldn't be party base. A faction member should be allowed to heal other faction members. Also there should be some kind of a different emblem for the party leader so the zerge can follow the leader easier and stacking to go into a fight makes it faster. (I understand you can still run a zerge without a emblem). Yes it maybe be like other MMO wit this but it allows for way better zerge fights. At the minimum faction should be able to heal faction and pick vessels up that are K.O. (Cleric has a AOE heal that is the only one that I've seen heal outside other groups)
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