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  1. Kraahk, what's the point in buying parcels and expanding the EK if i can't have non-common resources ? I don't need tons of space for vendors and rank 1 resources are for the first 5 or 10 levels. If I'm right, at a certain point of the game we can craft the parcels, so why we have to spend real money to get only parcels with rank 1 resources ? It's the entire concept of expanding EK that is nonsense to me. I know there's "The Wonderful PVP" , but the description of the game say i can be a merchant or a crafter. But as i see and read here or in the game, if I don't do pvp, I can't be anything, because the resources I need are in the pvp territories . In this way only pvp-oriented players are encouraged to develop. In this way you can lose a large part of pve-oriented players, only because they will be constantly attacked by pvp players during the collection of resources. And not all players want to play in a guild to be protected. I see so many possibilities but just as many forcing in the individual playing method. This is still my humble opinion.
  2. I've already bought the bundle, now it's up to you to let me try it
  3. I'll wait to try the contents of my Premium Guild Bundle
  4. How to get access to my guild hall ? Does it require a certain level to be used ?
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