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  1. Hello, very new to the game, i like it a lot so far. But one thing has been bothering me especially. Please give access to All Key Binds in Settings. Best example is that I want to lay the Inventory to the Tab Key. Which is possible but it still changes the chat while opening the inventory at the same time. Also the effects of Stats are not quite clear to someone who is new. The detailed stats are incolpete: E.g. I started playing Assassin Blackguard. Which has a Lifesteal effect of 8% on poisen and I also think all other attacks, neither is listed in the detailed Sats. Additionally the effect of increased Healing on Life Steal is unclear. From what I tested it does increase the Lifesteal a bit. Besides that in which was the Attack Power influences the Final DMG is something I could not figue out so far. I'm sorry if some of my feedback is not valid since it is in the game and I couldnt find it or has been answered in the forum, but I could not figure it out InGame so far.
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