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  1. Hey Phr00t, Did you put points in the Outrage talent?
  2. Appreciate the insight, thank you.
  3. So I've leveled a few Champs, also I'm a new player. Finally I've settled on an Alpha Champ. My question to all of you Veteran Champ players. What do y'all use Mighty or Ultimate? Also currently looking for a decent Guild to join.
  4. Hey I appreciate you considering me. I've got a couple of questions. 

    How often do y'all participate in group Pvp/Farming sessions?

    Are you a veteran guild?

    Do y'all have/use discord?

    1. Ominous_Howl


      Sorry, didn't realize this was posting on your profile wall. Meant to send via private message.

    2. Damarus


      NP, let's switch to private.

  5. Hello everyone New to Crowfall, and looking for a enjoyable guild in the [NA] server. I've got two lvl30's in Campaign at the moment. Would really like to delve deeper into the game via PvP, Crafting, Ext... Relatively decent at gaming in general and a fast to learn. Let me know if your guild is recruiting via Messages or Comment. Thank You, Ominous_Howl Y'all be sure to say hey if you see me in game. Always enjoy playing with new people. IGN: Ominous_Howl [NA] Server Faction: Balance Lvl 30 Titan Myrmidon Lvl 30 Alpha Champion
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