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  1. I don't see a reason why it won't be allowed. The only info I could find in Terms and Conditions point 11. Obligations of the user A user may not have several accounts for one game world simultaneously. However, the user is permitted to have one game account in several game worlds simultaneously. ArtCraft reserves the right to allow several game accounts per user for a game or individual game worlds. In this event, ArtCraft shall indicate this in an appropriate manner to the user. Accounts may not be sold, traded, gifted, or otherwise transferred at any time under any circumstances unles
  2. Just to clarify All the 4g_ players are going to be migrated to Innova servers when they launch them? And there wont be a way for EU NA players to access those servers/guild or interact in any way with 4g_ players? Or is it going to be like now I can choose weather to play on NA or EU?
  3. I was wondering if players from Russia or with 4g_ tag can create guilds and if no can they join other guild? Any info on how to make a guild would be highly appreciated.
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