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  1. huh..just kicked me out of the game.now after restart showing me only black screen.
  2. second report. 10k hp - gone in a sec and i am dead.(bug or cheater) nothing to see in "chat combat log"
  3. apostol


    Hey all I dont know if there was some tread about this, but. Opening the map takes to long and laggy. Can we add some mini map that always is open? And would be great if we could set some markers on the map itself, so everyone from your group could see that. Sorry again if there was something similar to this , and give you right to delete this one as wel
  4. Hey Its my first one. Was standing invise at this place.when turned my invise off - just died. coordinates are :
  5. First of all sorry for my bad English. and the question is : I would love to know, if you guys , gonna fix this issue with the hit detection? What i mean is, when you fight someone (PVE, dont know about pvp yet) you can't hide or run away from any kind of damage, you get hits even if you are hiding behind the walls, rocks, buildings, you cant dodge anything. so you just standing right in front and deal damage , stongest win . Give us posibility to play smart en use our brains:).
  6. the biggest problem for me, not only this, but size of it. would be amazing if we could resize , adjust windows : inventory and bars like in life is feudal mmo (f10)
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