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    W1ngl355 got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/16/19   
    General feedback... The Skill points system is nice and robust, but takes WAY too long to progress in. It limits players to one thing, and it feels like a second job. Please allow for more ways to increase passive skill points. Not everyone wants to be apart of a giant guild. 
    Crafting is nice and robust, but the reward for it is basically poorly made socks compared to world drops to the average player, and it makes crafting seem obsolete. Its also way to investing to craft, you get very little reward for the TREMENDOUS requirements needed.
    Gathering system is wonky and needs some rethinking. You basically skip over all the lower ranks and go to rank 7-10. The rare drop items for each gathering profession needs to not be behind a passive skill wall.
    Combat is clunky and not very tuned. Certain mobs are unkillable like the cleric kings. Not being able to cc them is really dumb. Loot system in general is lacking.
    Embargo system is nice, but it means you an really only bring one character over with items. Not very fun to playtest with.
    If the game continues to be this tedious I wont play it for very long, I already have a job IRL. I like the art style, but thats about it for now. For now I log on once or twice to progess a passive tree, which is not very entertaining.
    Hope to see good progress.
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