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  1. The only campaigns that will do that are extremely low import campaigns. Other wise durability is high enough most wont have to worry. The chest I crafted last night had 1900 dura.
  2. A. Alt guilds as crafting guilds. Your assuming EK’s, which we aren’t 100% sure their role won’t invalidate what you just claimed was ok. b. Militia guild. Yes totally logical that I can damage a sub guild but not heal them. Also if the sub guild isn’t getting anything then they should already be asking that, even if alliance mechanics are implemented.
  3. So you think I was accusing you guys of gaming the system? hmm interesting when what I was doing was giving HoA and Winterblades credit where credit is due. Which is adjusting their play style to the game to gain optimal benefit instead of trying to apply brute force to everything.
  4. Andius I’m not sure you’re understanding how game mechanics are effecting the game. 1. you say that if alliances are implemented that guilds will create sub guilds for their crafters or people who are casual players and not let them into the main guild. Well there aren’t alliances right now and both those ideas have already been floated in our guild because of the per person count for the campaign cards. While I can’t speak for HoA and Winterblades it wouldn’t surprise me if they were also looking to run their guilds as lean as possible for that purpose. 2. again pushed that way by a mechanic to stop zerging, not by implementing alliances. 3. the Death Alliance will more than likely be a big player at some point and if you followed the political game then you know they aren’t buddy buddy with HoA and Winterblades. Clams was very active and while not as big as WHoA they were bigger than a 5 man guild. They recently disbanded. Up until this point Corvus Citadel has not allied with Winterblades or HoA and we can muster 15+ when needed. Things aren’t nearly as cut and dry as people think they are at the moment.
  5. Part of what people aren’t grasping is that 20+ seems big now but when beta opens, or even launch for that matter the political landscape is going to change as other possibly larger guilds enter. UDL, and LoD only have a small presence at the moment. A fact I’m willing to bet will change as the game gets closer to launch. There really isn’t anyone who has been frustrated more by the inability of the smaller guilds to come together better than CC, but not having alliance mechanics only makes that more difficult.
  6. It’s really strange to me that people think that guild v guild means I must be forced to attack anyone not in my guild. Whether foe, or friend. Through the Faction campaigns we established some good relationships with some other guilds and I for one look forward to seeing if at some point we can over come the WHoA alliance with an alliance of our own. The whole winning the campaigns thing is an odd argument too as multiple winners were chosen depending on Faction. Our name was never plastered across the screen, but I do have gold edged badges.
  7. Hmm interesting topic. So here is an idea. HoA and Winterblades aren’t terrible people, and if you talk to them about it I’m sure would set up a “fair” scrimmage with you and your guys Haggstrom.
  8. The problem is you’re assuming max level crafters. Right now on test dropped gear is the best, and will be until crafting trees start to get fleshed out. The problem is after a wipe there won’t be max level crafters meaning even with the economy loop dropped gear will be the best up to the time passive training allows some one to surpass it. So knowing that the only incentive to be a crafter is knowing that after X amount of time your gear will be better. Dropped gear was put in the game so that people that wanted to pvp immediately could do so and not need the services of a crafter. It unfortunately worked so well that upon a complete reset, no one needs the services of armorers and weaponsmiths for quite some time. It’s good for the strictly pvp crowd but people that came here specifically for the crafting are going to be disappointed.
  9. Also noticed that holy aura in 9th slot would be removed when using portal to go to new zone.
  10. Half elf warden was not revenging energy after using ability. Either in or out of combat, checked to make sure hunger meter wasn’t low and it wasn’t.
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