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  1. is it really? I did not know... but I agree, the slow is not so good. Should be cut in half, if anything. The reason for that is because the devs realized bunny hopping became a thing that allowed a normal mount to be much faster than intended.
  2. I don’t get it. We went through the God’s campaigns with any where banking being told “don’t worry being able to bank anywhere any time is being removed.” Yet it never was it was just simply made a perk for owning a keep. The mobile banking buff needs to be removed as was promised.
  3. Lots of good suggestions Ruq. In my opinion though as far as negating the last ten minute rush and spreading it over the timer would best be accomplished as others have pointed out. Give the defenders a way to end the defense early like with sieges. The reason attackers don't show up till the last 10 mins is because they aren't compelled to show up any earlier. If say bane trees spawned 15 minutes into a fort defense and once destroyed the defenders end the defense that would force competing guilds to show up.
  4. You can’t be serious right now.
  5. I believe they mentioned some thing about it in a Q&A some time back.
  6. I know they promised, I’ll believe it when I see it though. After all guild banks were promised also.
  7. Unless recently changed that is an incorrect assumption. Last campaign when our keep was hit by Winterblades they had no siege equipment but still destroyed a wall.
  8. Hmm interesting topic. So here is an idea. HoA and Winterblades aren’t terrible people, and if you talk to them about it I’m sure would set up a “fair” scrimmage with you and your guys Haggstrom.
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