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  1. I did not know that. That sounds great!
  2. I think if leveling is part of the game, than it needs to become a little more polished with more diverse activities than killing random mobs. Otherwise, remove leveling at all. Just my opinion.
  3. I have only been playing a few days and see huge potential! A thing I find hard as a new player that is relatively casual (I know this game is targeting more hardcore player than me) is to find groups to attack enemy factions players or buildings. I wish there was a quick way to group up with other players that are looking for the same thing. Some sort of group finder tool, without the poorly made socksty teleportation stuff. How about some Inn or another location where you go and sign up on a board, meaning you are open to be invited in groups for PvP? Something like that! In addition, I would LOVE some dynamic world PvP event. I was told about some caravan event, which will be great!!! We need more ideas like this.
  4. That sounds amazing! I agree, we need more dynamic events like this.
  5. I agree with you! Let me rephrase what I meant, you are right, it wasn't clear! I think there should be an incentive for players to go out and explore, more than just PvP or gathering resources. Some objective completion system that would make people go out, reach for an objective, PvP along the way and get some sort of simple reward, may it be xp or resources or something else. Right now, exploring feels a little pointless... Maybe if there was some sort of objective to achieve through exploring? I did the world looks gorgeous, but nothing makes me want to get out there and explore it.
  6. Anyway this is just a suggestion. Maybe other players won't agree! That's fine.
  7. It does, but I can't PvP until level 20. 1-20 is pretty boring as it stands today...
  8. Hello! I'm a new player so I will suggest something that has most likely already been suggested, but it will reemphasis the idea! I think this game looks amazing, but lacks diversity in the questing / leveling. I would highly recommend adding some sort of dynamic leveling system a little bit like guild wars 2 or WoW World Quest system. I know both have flaws and are not perfect, but they add diversity in the way you play and advanced your character. I personally believe this would make leveling a lot more interesting! I don't know if other players share my thoughts... Listen to you community I guess! Thanks
  9. Hello! I'm new to Crowfall and looking forward to trying it. Seems like a great game that asks for involvement. Since the game is in Alpha, how often should I expect to loose all my progress? Thanks for the information!
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