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  1. Been trying to log in for over 30 mins now. Launcher kept saying Crowfall (Not responding)! Then suddenly it works and I add my details and get the message server undergoing maintenance! Is there a schedule somewhere, is it possible for the team to simply Tweet ( Maintenance in progress) as so many other games do? 2015 Kickstarter campaign -2019 Alpha, enough time to get these small details firmly squared away!
  2. I am sure ppl have requested this! I know this game is very crafting focused and is designed to bring back the "old" crafting styles. Sadly however if I need to make 50 metal bars (example) and have to constantly manually add each mat then hit a button to make it then hit another button to take it, means i will have wasted my entire gaming time making metal bars and not actually enjoying the game. I would ask that for mundane items like metal bars or bandages or any recipe that requires say 1 or 2 items of the same kind or even of different kinds (mushroom and herbs as an example) Please allow me to simply add several of both and click craft once and have it simply make them in succession and simply deposit them in my inventory. For those of us who work and have limited time to game or enjoy online time it seems a shame to make us spend what may end up being several hours making mats for mats required to make mats for an item! If I decide I want to sell a full set of leather or any other armour as an example i would be doing nothing but making mats all day long! I just tried to make myself a set of leather armour and chest, helm and boots took over 2 hours to make, with the constant having to right click to add an item then make the item then take the item! Thank you if you actually managed to read all of this and hope it made sense.
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