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  1. well done buds! I would say though that i did find Half-giants very tanky in 5.10 and 5.11 and that the shields were valuable if timed well but stopped your animation so could be a liability. Additionally, i would argue hard for blocking on all crusaders. 1st of all it is a decent top up heal and with support power/healing progression can be a powerful group heal in situations your timers are down. (the downside is that it hides your timers and reduces your R) 2nd it is an "oh sh!t" button still; many times i found that i get those 5 sin stack closed books or the blue glow before orb
  2. Also the more spirit you get the better your stam is so as you progress in later in the game the negative combat effects of stealth become slight. I have been playing a stealth cleric since wipe and i am a fan; the stealth is very useful. It is limited because of vessel and gear but i can stay stealthed for a decent amount of time. But because of the combat timer there is definitely some tactics that you need to use to use it effectively in a combat situation. Very very fun
  3. Personally I think the current system is not 100% working perfectly but it isn't the "woe is me" dire situation that some people make it as far as the dropped gear vs crafted. Some of my reasons: #1 Randomization elements - Dropped gear has the chance to have great stats, terrible stats, or a mixture. When i was first leveling my cleric i found tons of +spirit + attack power gear which is great until i realized that i need support power.... armor with high armor value but no anti-crit or or other stats i needed to make my character better. Dropped gear was a great intermediary but was ter
  4. D Answer 1 - Skill > Gear > Passives > Vessel* >build That is the best answer to what i would say your question is your build DOES matter but at the end of the day you can overcome "bad" builds or just swap them out by reroll or new disciplines. Additionally, 1-30 on most vessels is very fast so testing out builds that feel good for your playstyle is much more important than what is "meta". Obviously if you don't like playing the char you won't play it as well as one you do like. The way the game is designed there is no must be this for any class there are some less than idea
  5. @Pann just added another pin to my doll thanks @mandalore
  6. or do the opposite and do everything on Thursday at noon
  7. So I think you are describing something like what you have in DAOC with weapon effects and castables; or even item castables?? At this time I do not think that exactly that is in or planned immediate for the game BUT. Like Hyriol said there is the discipline system that can massively change the spell effects and game play on every character and this system will expand i'm sure of that so while the functionality you describe is not just in "items" but it is there. Also I think with the wide and complex crafting system the cool unique loot thing is there, just not a drop off a "speci
  8. @mandalore What I might say may be chalked up as a fan boy talking and that is fine but - I have been a programmer and developer in my life for a long time, I have been a gamer longer. Creation of a system is not easy and when you look at a MMO like this it is the combination of multiple systems. Games now cannot be released like Wow and MANY others where a decade+ ago, as incomplete shells to be filled in later; releasing a game officially means life or death. If Crowfall or any other game were to "release" in this current gamer setting not ready the game would be dead despite the
  9. To avoid confusion - When I and probably others (EDIT - NON DEVS) talk about thursday announcements or ect ect this spawns from the Jan 2020 ACE in which it was said that they CANNOT give a date and they said (paraphrasing) "if we said it would be next Thursday at noon people would try to hold us to it"... Hence the meme and the joke. The coincidence that the campaign ends today is just that a coincidence... Now there you guys are in on the jokes now let Artcraft and @Pann with real stuff and be excited we have another campaign coming and yes Beta *eventually* (but not thursday noon or oth
  10. @Pann @yianni Thursday meme is something that was said during ACE about not wanting to give a date for Beta and the next thursday at noon times was thrown out as something that was not wanting to be said... it is a MEME
  11. NO no pain @Pann you are to good to us really not disappointed but would like to know what happens after tonight's campaign ends.....i did think the thursday meme was obvious
  12. HEHE i know was trying to be funny hence the thursday meme... and this announcement was basically made last ACE as well! But it is exciting to see the needle moving and the info flowing!
  13. woooooooooooooooooot look at what that says.... Holy crap tomorrow *IS* Thursday.....and Thursday has a noon..... could it be....could it be
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