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  1. Personally I think the current system is not 100% working perfectly but it isn't the "woe is me" dire situation that some people make it as far as the dropped gear vs crafted. Some of my reasons: #1 Randomization elements - Dropped gear has the chance to have great stats, terrible stats, or a mixture. When i was first leveling my cleric i found tons of +spirit + attack power gear which is great until i realized that i need support power.... armor with high armor value but no anti-crit or or other stats i needed to make my character better. Dropped gear was a great intermediary but was terrible vs geared people. My stats were all over the place with what i could find. I think it is silly to point at 1 piece of gear and say look this 1 piece is amazing and ignore the 100+ others that have been tossed, sold, or sacrificed. That one may line up great but lets be honest it will take a lot of work to get all of your armor and weapon slots that way. #2 Durability - For casual PVE players dropped gear is going to last a bit depending on how much they farm. For some pvp'ers the drop gear MAY last the entire trial. For players who play every night however even when you only play a few hours a night your dropped gear will lose durability fast and break. So even if you were able to farm and get your full set of great drops they are capped at 1000 durability and that goes faster than you think. The more you play with that gear the faster it will break. You can screen shot your amazing gear all day long or you can use it; and if you use it you will lose it. I have not seen crafted gear that has less than ~1200 durability and that was something my non-crafter made; average that i have seen is 1500-2000 (even the "omg look at this piece" had over 1500 and that is 50% more time that that piece is viable). #3 Not Normal power curve - If you look at games like WOW and other MMOs there is a huge power curve as the game scales over time. This power curve scales the player to drive towards end game content getting better and better gear before they move to the next content for end game success. Those games PVP was always a side aspect and had to be massively changed to make it fun (IE pvp gear vs raid gear in WoW). However, In Crowfall the end game is PVP not PVE so it does not scale the same. By providing mid tier ( but easily destructible) gear early it encourages players to get to PVP faster viably but it also encourages cooperation and social reliance by making it so that you NEED others to get the top end gear. They have on multiple occasions said that they want a guild/group player based game. Dregs is the important step to this as is the fact that you cannot easily be the master of all things (unless you have 7+ accounts). #4 Burn out - If you are able to get the best gear early and easily it de-values the gear and the crafting aspect of the game. By allowing the power creep to be slow not only does it place a high value on the crafters and gathers but also encourages evolving elements in the game over time. I have seen many many dominate guilds roll into a game blaze for a few months and then disappear because there was no way to progress or get better. Games like WOW prevent this by making more and more powerful or tricky bosses. This is not that type of game so the slow build for crafters stretches out the power gain and encourages players to keep at it and to keep progressing. You see this progression type in games like UO/starwars with the diminishing returns on the skill builds. My solutions - I think that getting to 1 max craft shouldn't take 4 months. Perhaps speed up passive gain while the account is active in game. (1x when offline 3x when online and active) Lower the durability for dropped items to 750 instead of 1000, this would naturally boost the preference from dropped to crafted earlier. Change the RNG on the drops (i have no idea the complexity of this) to limit the gear in tiers and make the top end for drops lower than the top end for basic crafting as well as making the floor for crafting higher than that of drops. This would make crafted gear more consistently better (once the craft was unlocked) and keep the enhanced durability which would make it last 2x longer than any dropped item. However, this would also allow for that great 1 off piece that you can use as a substitute when your crafted gear breaks but are not too afraid to take in your inventory with you in PVP for that JIC moment. again my 2 cents Dieec23
  2. 11 am CDT is noon eastern.... just saying🤪
  3. D Answer 1 - Skill > Gear > Passives > Vessel* >build That is the best answer to what i would say your question is your build DOES matter but at the end of the day you can overcome "bad" builds or just swap them out by reroll or new disciplines. Additionally, 1-30 on most vessels is very fast so testing out builds that feel good for your playstyle is much more important than what is "meta". Obviously if you don't like playing the char you won't play it as well as one you do like. The way the game is designed there is no must be this for any class there are some less than idea combos atm but that will shift or go away with 5.110 D Answer 2 - ATM the only thing you can do solo is level, gather most nodes (not motherloads), and craft. ACE says often "go out alone die alone" , While this is not absolute especially with some of the changes in 5.11 coming ideally you need to be with a guild/group for the heart of the game (PVP). Grouping is also a way to handle most of the top end pve and gathering. D Answer 3 - yes ....BUT the economy will mostly be player driven so you will have the good with the bad when it comes with that. But essentially you will have access to anything and everything you need given some coordination and what you are lacking can be traded or bought most often. D Answer 4- Vessel is a hard concept to understand and i think the answer above was good as well.. but a great example of a vessel is the show Altered Carbon. The account (you) are a spirit in the shape of a crow. The meat suit you wear has differant abilities ect. When you start the game you start with a common suit that looks like and has the abilities of your race/class. HOWEVER through in game crafting you can upgrade and make a new suit that you must level and will have better attributes. Without getting into the details of necromancy (the crafting skill for vessels) these vessels are tailored to you and what you want with a little RNG based on the crafter's skill. When you start thinking of your vessel as another peice of equipment D Answer 5 - every major build and yes.... next wipe is when 5.110 goes live I know your questions were answered already but i just wanted to kill some time at work and figured i would put me 2 cents in
  4. @Pann just added another pin to my doll thanks @mandalore
  5. or do the opposite and do everything on Thursday at noon
  6. So I think you are describing something like what you have in DAOC with weapon effects and castables; or even item castables?? At this time I do not think that exactly that is in or planned immediate for the game BUT. Like Hyriol said there is the discipline system that can massively change the spell effects and game play on every character and this system will expand i'm sure of that so while the functionality you describe is not just in "items" but it is there. Also I think with the wide and complex crafting system the cool unique loot thing is there, just not a drop off a "special boss" but crafted and with intention and the RNG comes with the crafter and the chance of crafting. One huge difference that you will see from most games out there is that you don't have a static this is a Formulaic Mace of Stats - it has these stats for every crafter and you have to have this skill for it to spec yellow to the crafter blah bah blah bah blah. Instead it has a wide variety of combinations and RNG elements that turn an ok Mace of stats to A holy crap WTF did he just hit me with that will be completely unique or very difficult to get exactly the same twice. Add the fact that there is no repair option and you find yourself with wild combinations sometimes brutal and surprising. Add the unique crafting + the variations in talent tree + specs + races + disciplines + vessel creation (which is a whole other bag of goodies) you will find that your unique and interesting features is not limited to "items" but exists in every thing you can do and the way you put it together.
  7. @mandalore What I might say may be chalked up as a fan boy talking and that is fine but - I have been a programmer and developer in my life for a long time, I have been a gamer longer. Creation of a system is not easy and when you look at a MMO like this it is the combination of multiple systems. Games now cannot be released like Wow and MANY others where a decade+ ago, as incomplete shells to be filled in later; releasing a game officially means life or death. If Crowfall or any other game were to "release" in this current gamer setting not ready the game would be dead despite the potential. Artcraft is doing all they can to make a complete ready to box game and yes there are issues and there have been delays but trust that they have only 1 intention making a game that they can enjoy both on the creative and business side. Part of the fall off of population can be contributed to yes the delays and issues that came from the development process, the others came from gamer's ADD and still more from natural attrition; but also until recently there has been not much more than a grass roots/word of mouth approach to marketing and that was on purpose. If your friends roll their eyes that's fine many people rolled their eyes at classic Wow, Tarkov, Star Valley and many many other games that have made huge impacts and still enjoy great success. And many many more people salivated at games like Apex that are dying despite the hype. Point being let the game speak for itself, let the haters sit on the sidelines as you play a game you enjoy. If you don't enjoy the game thats ok too. Don't log in! Again It may be a fan boy in me but i have played and will play MANY MMOs pvp based and pve based and Crowfall is the first one that has caught my attention in some time; so I have faith. This will be a good game and if i only ever see 200 people on it ever I'm ok with that because "I" am having fun. Artcraft may not like it but they are making a good game. So all that being said a new campaign is coming... and I will be on most nights late you are more than welcome to come out in game with me as we take forts and fight. If you have all the passion that requires you to make a post like this please bring it to the field with us and make new friends. Dieec
  8. To avoid confusion - When I and probably others (EDIT - NON DEVS) talk about thursday announcements or ect ect this spawns from the Jan 2020 ACE in which it was said that they CANNOT give a date and they said (paraphrasing) "if we said it would be next Thursday at noon people would try to hold us to it"... Hence the meme and the joke. The coincidence that the campaign ends today is just that a coincidence... Now there you guys are in on the jokes now let Artcraft and @Pann with real stuff and be excited we have another campaign coming and yes Beta *eventually* (but not thursday noon or otherwise) Dieec
  9. @Pann @yianni Thursday meme is something that was said during ACE about not wanting to give a date for Beta and the next thursday at noon times was thrown out as something that was not wanting to be said... it is a MEME
  10. NO no pain @Pann you are to good to us really not disappointed but would like to know what happens after tonight's campaign ends.....i did think the thursday meme was obvious
  11. @Pann and @Surelia My hype train has no exits hehehe
  12. HEHE i know was trying to be funny hence the thursday meme... and this announcement was basically made last ACE as well! But it is exciting to see the needle moving and the info flowing!
  13. woooooooooooooooooot look at what that says.... Holy crap tomorrow *IS* Thursday.....and Thursday has a noon..... could it be....could it be
  14. I am thinking that something will be announced soon tonight marks the end of the current campaign! I am so full of anticipation that I'm browsing forums instead of working just trying to see if anything, any hint, any crumb has been posted. Although i know that Pann, the dev team, and more are being held in check from bursting by marketing. If they had their way we would know it all. I hate it but we need to let the marketing team do their good work......that being said 1 itsy bitsy tiny weeny hint of what come next wouldn't hurt right @Pann❤️ LOL
  15. ****This is a Question ONLY***** So time frame will be: 1-3 weeks to finish 110 (ie around EOM Jan 2020) 5-6 weeks of polish/fixing in which this will drop to Test servers at some point (mid/beginning of March 2020) Mid march 2020 drop to Live to kick off Beta 1 and first round of public invites With the caveat that this is a 75%+ perfect world does this sound about what you guys would like to see happen?
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