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  1. As a newer player I'm am really trying to wrap my head around crafting. It seems very straight forward in some aspects and a bit confusing at others. For example what is a mineral vs stone and Where do I get/make timber. These are questions that in honesty come from very little crafting time and experience in game; but i think are basic enough to have a place to answer them. Is there a resource or plans for a resource to make a crafting guide? OR will this have to be a user generated thing? Dieec
  2. Guild criteria: Region: NA CST 10pm - 2am Atmosphere: Competitive Casual/Hardcore?: I have no real opinions on pron but I play pretty much every free minute i have Size: excuse me thats personal Play-Style: rough with biting Commitment: m -f 10pm to 2am some weekends see below Miscellaneous: Twitch streamer and I prolly will have a few people that will want to be with me Experience: Ultima online 3 separate times EQ AC AO AION Tabula Rasa (if you know this game you are awesome) DAOC both original and Pheonix Was in Fianna and DOG originally, Clannada Draconis now Tank/DPS/Healer WOW Beta -> last expansion CoA (MT), NerdRage (DPS) Black Desert ( extreme casual) Bless (it sucked) REND (untill it really really died) Conan the MMO untill everyone i knew quit Conan the survival until i realized everyone even those i didn't know quit Camelot Unchained - the forever beta Ashes of Creation - the forever alpha countless other games MMOs and otherwise Voice-Chat services: yes is this a question..... i have used them all through the years, i have my own discord
  3. So I and others have noticed that if you sacrifice items for XP that the total above the max listed amount that the excess does not go towards the next level. I have not tested this in PvE but was told that this was the same there. (ie you need 3 XP and you get 5 XP the 2XP extra drops off) Is this a known bug or is it an intended feature?
  4. Honestly I think questing is a crutch that MMOs use to create content since their focus is NOT PvP. The focus and end game of Crowfall is PvP all roads should lead there. Questing is an alternative that is absolutely useless to a point. Having said that...... I think quests that highlight game play functions are vital and can help new players catch up and not miss vital aspects of the game. Including getting them use to the UI and game play this make them viable for the endgame and should make it so that everyone coming out of the newbie areas is versed in the game enough to stand a chance.
  5. To be honest this is exactly what I was thinking the first time I played. The automated farming issue is irrelevant; the way resource farming is perfect which hinders the bot approach (for the most part). However, when you are farming mobs for gear/gold/xp the interface pops up hindering game play as well as forcing you to select the individual item to get into your inventory which is tedious. This is a needless interruption to game play and immersion. Loot all in the instance that it affects kill-able mobs would be a great addition to the game and play ability imho. To the point KDSProm made; he is correct in the assumption that a loot all would make it easier for a bot to farm but I would argue that making a game more difficult to play hurts its over all success. Industries spawn from figuring out how to make games easier to play. Seeing how that looting is a QOL issues and not a competitive issue I would say that it is irrelevant and ultimately hurts the game by making the interface harder for the sake of getting rid of bots. Additionally the point that the grid interface doesn't actually stop bots is more to the point of why this aspect is really just a hindrance to the player than to a bot. Making the UI more difficult encourages players to find ways to make it easier. Having established that the interface as it stands doesn't actually hinder bot kill farming but hinders the player; the way it stands promotes bot usage or atleast macro or automation use which is categorically the same. I would agree that when this comes to PVP though that loot all should not be an option. SO to reiterate please add the option to "Loot All" for quick looting as well as not hindering game play while looting. If this is still not an option change the loot strategy for non-PVP kill loot to the same as resource looting and spawn it similar to resource (aka diablo approach) but i would suspect that given the nature of the loot and the volume this would a rendering nightmare on the server side and not ideal for game/server health.
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