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  1. Yes Mandalore. Just like I've said several times on all of my posts we should be able to get epics from GR. Thank you for not misrepresenting what I've wrote
  2. I agree with GR being capped at white, but think you're way off about 9 and 10s being limited to Dregs. I don't see how monopolizing the strongest materials in the game to a single game mode makes sense.
  3. That's not necessarily true. There's a skill line called leadership which has several buffs to group gathering. Besides that it's almost always better to gather in groups because there's safety in numbers. If a duo gank squad has the choice between a lone target or a 3 man group, they're going for that lone target 99% of the time because they have much less risk. With that said, yes it's completely unrealistic to expect a combat focused non gatherer to sit around with their hands in someone else's pocket. That might sound like a plausible exchange on paper, but it will almost never happe
  4. I don't know why you keep answering questions that YOU asked, not me. I don't think that people should get blues and purples on GR either. I'm not sure what your point is. I stated that people should be able to farm on GR or the Temple to get 30 and green gear.
  5. I wasn't talking about the difference between green and blue. I was talking about the difference between white and blue, which is very big.
  6. Hey I play a druid But I use mail because gathering leather could be used as a punishment
  7. I'm pretty certain that only one tree of druid can even wear mail.
  8. Level 20 characters in white armor on the campaign would do nothing except boost the K/D of the opposing factions. A level 20 character in white armor doesn't have a chance against a level 30 in green, much less against a 30 in blue. I don't see anything wrong with letting people get green armor and starting a campaign at level 30. At least they'd have a chance to not just get rolled immediately. An argument could be made for vessels higher than white, but white vessel characters need a place to get started
  9. You can only bring 12 items from your character to the campaign. That includes equipped items and items in your inventory. You should bank any items that you aren't planning on bringing
  10. Ok, while that does make sense, it also leaves out the second half of that story which is: "Yet D’Orion, the greatest hunter, proved to be elusive prey. For a hundred years, hunters came and hunters perished in that wood. No man proved to be his better. Eventually, Gaea’s heart softened and where once was there was anger, pride blossomed. D’Orion was not a rival; he was her great creation. She named him Son and gave him the gift of divinity. She offered him a seat at the table of the gods and had Kane fashion for him a winged chariot so that he could hunt the beasts of the sky."
  11. I mean, ffs, it's like saying that no elves can be archers, or humans can't be knights. For some reason the bipedal elk humanoids that live in nature learned to be pyromancers, but not druids? What the elk guys
  12. The druid primary attack sometimes will do no damage even when the animation plays. Range does not seem to be a factor. Also the druid primary attack will do no damage, consume mana, and play the animation 100% of the time if the attack is clicked instead of held.
  13. Ah thanks for the tip man! I'll post this over there then.
  14. Hello, I was recently leveling up a druid and discovered that occasionally my primary attack would do no damage and be treated as a miss. Mana would be expended but no damage would be done. I had my crosshairs aligned on the target and held down the attack, but it was treated as though I was shooting at the air. Additionally if you tap the primary fire the druid character will perform the animation for attack, mana will be expended, and no damage will be inflicted.
  15. I think a formal group finder tool would be very bad for the game. The current system is best imo, and that's talking to other players to get help. Two days ago I was playing alone on the NA campaign when someone asked in chat if anyone wanted to farm camps. I was already level 30 but wanted to get some loot, so I offered to help. We ended up going on a two hour farm fest until we ran into a boss. We are both new, so we decided to test our luck. Within seconds we almost got killed. We luckily ran away with our lives and coincidentally found a group of 3 players nearby. We asked them to he
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