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  1. EU Campaign was offline a few minutes, now we have an empty temple bug for EU Chaos. like in the trial of gaea it was for order : no npcs no non-basic resources no runegates no resapawn statue Edit: fixed by restart
  2. hey fellow crows, as i have seen some communication issues between crafters and the persons requesting products from them, namely the clients not giving enough information on the options they want the crafter to pick or not knowing the effects of those choices, i decided to start building calculators for crafting. so i have made first a Vessel Calculator as i am a Necromancer in my guild, that one is very accurate as most of the numbers are big enough so that it is not affected by rounding in the UI. after that, i started making a calculator for weapons but some of the base numbers are so small that trying to get the accurate, non rounded number is very difficult wich then also means that the entire calculation is not 100% accurate and i will need more test crafts to get closer to the numbers or the devs telling us all unrounded base numbers and modifiers. however despite not being able to give a fully accurate calculation, it is still fairly accurate and does fullfill its purpose as a communication tool. i would like to share these as other crows may need them too. you need to make a copy to use them. Vessels: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RWYKD4DOTFLAcWkbLZqXQW-Nu1O8bMMlQJB1xxo7OU8/edit?usp=sharing Weapons: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17DHXrBM1Bb1_KmEkSqJesiRy2WuqQjlsScbqDly6AxE/edit?usp=sharing Used, Caldera Necromancer
  3. some random feedback from a rather new player: ill leave out passive tree as that has been given feedback from pretty much all views already. so lets start with the resources: currently i can farm up to r8 resourses in jorveth were the worst thing that can happen is someone else trying to compete for the same resourses with his harvesting tools, annoying but that can happen in all other instances aswell. in the infected i cannot get higher resources yet if i want the same r8 nodes i am attackable by enemies, this costs time and durability for no real gain. at least i can kill enemies if i want the spot they are harvesting at. yet overall less efficient than jorveth. the campaign has the best resources tho again with combat +option to be looted. yet with the limit on export and especially in the the trial of yaga with only 20 exports we had to throw away alot of what we harvested despite having multiple mule accounts in the guild. -> the overall most efficient way to harvest is the safest way wich avoids all combat. yet i thought this game is about PvP. but maybe it has to be this way because of the item decay rate in combat. the other part to harvesting are mother lodes: this feels more like a forced group activity to get needed minerals/gems. you only seem to need one skilled person to make the decisive hits and some more people to 'be there'. this doesnt really make forming up groups for it easy, even in a guild it will be only done if it is really needed. instead of forcing people to group up for this, i would prefer the game to give them an incentive for that by making it more efficient also in terms of ore/stone/dust per person present than solo harvesting and requireing all to harvest decently and not just be present to reduce the mitigation. for example let the weakspots rotate between all participants and provide a stacking buff with each weakspot hit for the spawning loot. its much better if people naturally will seek group harvesting whenever possible as the spots for that are more limited and therefor it leads much better to PvP encounters. now lets get to combat: in group combat the biggest issue IMO is the targeting. there are only a few skills that require you to target an ally and those could be made ground targeted with a small radius and 1 target, then you wouldnt need to be able to target allies in any combat tray. the target hitboxes also seem to be very huge, if you for example kill a group of wartribe NPC and have them close to each other on the floor it can be a challange looting them all with one NPCs hitbox blocking several others. not sure how much that affects group combat as i have yet to play a melee in groupfights. hard to say much about group combat with this targeting and being a new player, to me it seems you can make most things work given the right situation and composition. for running around solo a bit i did obviously look into gank/stealth classes first: the brigant seemed very interesting but is extremely slow in stealth with no mobility skill or ability to boost stealth movement speed. the fact that his traps are clearly visible from afar and therefor dont act as actual traps for players doesnt really help either. having them completly invisible i can see to be an issue too, but one could reduce their visibility to lets say 5m considering they seem to trigger only at ~1m radius. the assassin IMO mostly suffers from some inbalances in its promotion class choices. the blackguard being the clear favourite. i am not quite sure what the vandal is supposed to excell at, that one lack a bit of identity for me. the cutthroat could use some minor tweaks to make it worth giving up the defenses over a blackguard. right now blackguard will have more sustained DPS as he has lower CD on kidney / backstab aswell as the ability to stay in the fight longer. the cutthroat has a little higher initial burst (the 'from behind' bonus is quickly lost and hard to regain without a disengage against a half decent enemy), but the biggest hitter being diffusion on poison toxin is the same as the blackguards. if one would change with the talents affecting kidney/in the zone in the cutthroat tree to remove its pip scaling (always being the 1 pip version) then one could prepare a diffusion with kidney/in the zone to burst harder with a much higher cooldown than on blackguard. this would be a significantly different playstyle but on a similar powerlevel as a blackguard. a bonus would be being able to cast the cutthroats 'in the zone' in stealth tray. for the duellist while slayer and dirge seem overall usable classes the vanguard scout doesnt feel finished. one has just to use the ability 'cheap shots' to see that something is off with it. if one would swap the +HP talent with the dirges +range talent and replace the last personal healing modifier talent with stealth movement speed, then i could see this more as a scout/poke class and then it might still need the option to use cheap spots from melee tray as swap into stealth tray to compete with dirge/slayer and not just feeling as a lesser version of those. the inconceiveable skill is one i really like on the slayer when the feeling lucky stacks are up. but i would prefer the randomness in the skill being the time the buffs are applied and the pip scaling be the type of buffs you get. the plathora of things getting one out of stealth or preventing one from entering stealth makes stealth basically not part of group combat, one could improve on that. the NPCs tracking skills make them often a much stronger threat then an additional player opponent, not sure i like that. Campaigns: last campaign there were not many fights over keeps in EU as everyone did try to defend their keep first. maybe change the siege shedule to only ever contest one keep at a time, but with the 2 forts on the same map and if the siege at the keep is broken the fort siege ends too. this way one would set the sieges focus onto a single keep while also giving the option to play it safer and take the nearby forts while the other two factions are fighting over the main objective. i do not really like that in the campaign one does compete more against ones own faction than against the opposition. however i understand why it is needed to be that way as it is impossble to balance a 3 way faction based match. there are options for dregs but in factions it will be too difficult to balance the players. another option to think about for the faction mode could be to scrap the direct competition and make it an indirect one. example: when you are on chaos you have a scoreboard based on kills-deaths in wich your faction tries to be ahead,when on order you see a scoreboard based on holding points and on balance you see a score based on captures. at the end there are 0-3 winning factions winning conditions can be changed to a variety of other things. this way they would all fight in the same mode against each other but as they dont compete for the very same thing, their chances to win their own competition is still there even with very inbalanced population. this should be more fun than competing directly in an unwinnable match. for more 'serious' competition there would then still be the dregs. NPC guards are all single target based wich makes them scale terribly bad with numbers. they already do not get more HP for more people being around, i would prefer they would do some lower damage AoE wich hits many players with maybe a slight debuff (example archer barrage wich applies reduced damage) in the trial of yaga EU, order hat 4 wartribe camps in their temple yet chaos and balance had 5 each. not sure about the amount of bosses.would be nice if the safe zone harvesting would be balanced in the future, in case the resource ranks there remain as high. thats it for now probably more to come in the future.
  4. feels like a bug but could be an intended mechanic: i wanted to kill a wartribe boss and there were 2 player enemies in that camp. i killed them first and then had to kill them two times more as they had a very close respawn outpost to return from, to have enough time for the boss. so i did 6 kills but only 2 of them counted for the scoreboard. i understand that there are mechanics to prevent spawn camping like multiple exits from temple and onehits around those exits. but it eludes me why i do not get the kills for people keep comming for me?
  5. sprinting backwards costs stamina and doesnt seem to make you faster.
  6. The Trial of Gaea gold badge has in its tooltip +500% harvesting efficiency, i do get 50% as it is the cap yet i am not sure either of those two numbers is intended.
  7. to add on this, my EK was not set to PvP and still crashed with theirs together.
  8. indeed the range of the deadzone is problematic, if you make it too wide then balance will have much easier winning conditions but as easily you can make it too narrow and make balance a bad choice. i just think its too difficult to set the right range for every campaign and it would be much easier to simply not let balance compete directly against order and chaos.
  9. the problem with that proposal is: balance then has the easiest winning conditions. they just have to overcome the difference between chaos and order, while chaos or order would need to dominate the campaign and would actually need a lopsided match to win, wich one should try to avoid. if balance' win condition is to have a balanced camapaign, then they should not compete against chaos and order. basically the faction campaign would then be chaos vs order for the prestige rewards like currently the sigil or arkon and balance has just the job to balance the campaign and will be rewarded in resources that they can use in other campaigns or dregs, maybe even skill tomes if we do get them.
  10. Found a Guild, thanks. Guild criteria: Region: EU Atmosphere: i prefer a mature guild to keep the internal drama low. Casual/Hardcore?: not as important as a good atmosphere, preferably Hardcore (more theorycrafters than saltbags) Size: preferably small/medium. Play-Style: depends on the guild. in a hardcore guild i dont mind the role, in a casual one i do prefer less group depending roles like that of a rouge causing distraction for the team in larger fights or hunting the ones that newly return/arrive to the opposing group. Commitment: i do sleep multiple times a week. Language: English / German Experience: various MMOs. but i think the only one with a match based RvR i played is GW2, played it way too much, hope crowfall will do it better. in this game i have basically just started as of typing here, followed the game for a while.
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