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  1. EU Campaign was offline a few minutes, now we have an empty temple bug for EU Chaos. like in the trial of gaea it was for order : no npcs no non-basic resources no runegates no resapawn statue Edit: fixed by restart
  2. hey fellow crows, as i have seen some communication issues between crafters and the persons requesting products from them, namely the clients not giving enough information on the options they want the crafter to pick or not knowing the effects of those choices, i decided to start building calculators for crafting. so i have made first a Vessel Calculator as i am a Necromancer in my guild, that one is very accurate as most of the numbers are big enough so that it is not affected by rounding in the UI. after that, i started making a calculator for weapons but some of the base n
  3. some random feedback from a rather new player: ill leave out passive tree as that has been given feedback from pretty much all views already. so lets start with the resources: currently i can farm up to r8 resourses in jorveth were the worst thing that can happen is someone else trying to compete for the same resourses with his harvesting tools, annoying but that can happen in all other instances aswell. in the infected i cannot get higher resources yet if i want the same r8 nodes i am attackable by enemies, this costs time and durability for no real gain. at least i ca
  4. feels like a bug but could be an intended mechanic: i wanted to kill a wartribe boss and there were 2 player enemies in that camp. i killed them first and then had to kill them two times more as they had a very close respawn outpost to return from, to have enough time for the boss. so i did 6 kills but only 2 of them counted for the scoreboard. i understand that there are mechanics to prevent spawn camping like multiple exits from temple and onehits around those exits. but it eludes me why i do not get the kills for people keep comming for me?
  5. sprinting backwards costs stamina and doesnt seem to make you faster.
  6. The Trial of Gaea gold badge has in its tooltip +500% harvesting efficiency, i do get 50% as it is the cap yet i am not sure either of those two numbers is intended.
  7. to add on this, my EK was not set to PvP and still crashed with theirs together.
  8. indeed the range of the deadzone is problematic, if you make it too wide then balance will have much easier winning conditions but as easily you can make it too narrow and make balance a bad choice. i just think its too difficult to set the right range for every campaign and it would be much easier to simply not let balance compete directly against order and chaos.
  9. the problem with that proposal is: balance then has the easiest winning conditions. they just have to overcome the difference between chaos and order, while chaos or order would need to dominate the campaign and would actually need a lopsided match to win, wich one should try to avoid. if balance' win condition is to have a balanced camapaign, then they should not compete against chaos and order. basically the faction campaign would then be chaos vs order for the prestige rewards like currently the sigil or arkon and balance has just the job to balance the campaign and will be reward
  10. Found a Guild, thanks. Guild criteria: Region: EU Atmosphere: i prefer a mature guild to keep the internal drama low. Casual/Hardcore?: not as important as a good atmosphere, preferably Hardcore (more theorycrafters than saltbags) Size: preferably small/medium. Play-Style: depends on the guild. in a hardcore guild i dont mind the role, in a casual one i do prefer less group depending roles like that of a rouge causing distraction for the team in larger fights or hunting the ones that newly return/arrive to the opposing group. Commitment: i do sleep mu
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