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  1. Just because the previous combat system was bad doesn't necessarily mean this one is good, even if it's better.
  2. Not only that, we even promoted them as one of our 5 coalition "council" clans in charge of strategic planning. Huge mistake. They were useless, they had the lowest recruitment standards of almost anyone else in the alliance, and their leader wasn't the brightest either. They just got lucky because they were one of the very first clans to join us.
  3. i cant wait to roll some goonies with my toonies : ^ )
  4. little does he know you don't put out until the second date
  5. the only fun i was able to scavenge out of eve was doing recruitment scamming and jihadswarm stuff with goons the politics are unlike any other, and reading the forums is a real treat, but the game itself is more boring than a marathon turtle. posting on the forum is more exhilarating than the combat. as many people have said before, a chivalry-style medieval MMO based very closely on EVE could be absolutely amazing
  6. Some of the early day sieges on Yssam were custard huge. There was at least one siege that had well over 300 people in one small place. Nothing can top EVE though. There have been battles with over 4000 players in one area.
  7. Camera shake and motion blur don't belong in an MMO.
  8. I played it briefly at launch but it was a total piece of poorly made socks and quit after a week. How's the world PvP like now? Is there territory control and sieges? Are there lots of guilds and guild politics?
  9. I'm pretty sure the final verdict is that he was the best/most effective NA player, or at the very least top 3. You had to be really damn good to play destroyer and not get kited and killed all the time.
  10. Darkfall had no animation locks or roots at all and had no issue with jumping. Few people jumped in combat because it costed stamina, and jumping also limited your overall agility and ability to dodge, except in rare specific cases. Example of Darkfall combat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNuBOn3L7es A few people jump in that video, but you'll notice they die quite quickly. Check out 4:14, 4:26, 4:31, and 5:19 to see the way he lines up the shot so he always lands it when they jump or when they're coming back down to the ground. Jumping was rarely ever done by highly skilled players, and was a great way of getting yourself killed much more quickly.
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