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  1. i dont understand you, im too shallow for so deep sences. ))))
  2. yes i complitly understand you, i have the same feeling mate, i also fight in battles but poetic battles and i also get adrenaling out of it, and probaly the same as u get from MMA. but there must be a god or idea behind every action, you also do it its war god, war god say - kill crash destroy!!! for sack of itself and its a GOD and this what im talking about, so this could be one thing that im suggesting - say fraction of CHAOSE its motto CRASH KILL DESTROY! without purpose, thay have a war god. yet ORDER faction can sort of do oposite, i dont know motto yet but it could be BUILD UP, HELP, DEVELOP and BALANCE fraction can be PEACE, MEDITATE TRADE. so these are ideas im talking about and there must be ingame mechanics which will realy help those fractions, for example ATM we sucrifice items for EXP but we could have had sort of EGREGORS fullfiled with energy coming from secrifice items, so whoever got more energy in egregor get more benifits for their GODS, say balance have 10k energy in egregor so they can have 100 vendors traiding for them or chaose have 100k egergy then world fullfill with more evil powerful creatures. if order has more enegry then more good creatures. something like this, please dont critisize this particular examples cos they are just an examples.
  3. what your woman is gonna tell you when you nuke north korean children?
  4. what you just said is true illusion, cos there is so much power in the world that if they wanted to we are all would suck their testiculs for brakfast lunch and dinner, they would not let you choose those options you ve mentioned. you think you can force inpower or buy Love? u r very wrong. love rule the world not power or money my friend
  5. you didnt understand, do i have to explain like in details or is it my crappy english? you dont realy have to hate person you war against, same as you dont really kill him do you? we are fooling around, pretend we hating pretend we are killing and i understand you guys complitly when you say we dont need an ultimate purpouse but im being philosopher and trying to figure out why we get tired of games eventialy. some may say - well, it just ran off, i love it today i dont love it tomorrow what can i do? just give me a new game. but i say that maybe we need something else in game to make it cicle like sansara wheel. ever on going story. so maybe we need something maybe we are missing something? who the hell know im at least trying
  6. everyone can say what they want, everyone can think what they think, you free im free. peace. i like alex johns crack tho ))) yes i am alex johns lol so you are
  7. yes i see most of you guys have sort of warrior set of mind - lets go kill enemies!!!!! yeeeaaahhh!!!!! you know, but for example islamic radicals they fight for allah and for garden of vergins, you know, that their ultimate dream what makes them brave. or america they also shout something like for god, for people for freedom, you know, everyone has some image some idol some idea, think about it, why you wont go out on a steets right now and start killing people shouting - die you bastards??? cos they are followers of the same idea as yours, but if aliens arrive and try to inslave you then president will say kill them all for freedom, so freedom is and idea, which give you rifle and permission to kill, same what kin chen un saying to his people - kill them for kommunism, so this is an idea, not just kill them cos i told you so, there must be an ultimate reason otherwise how do i know that i hate you??? dont you think its meaningless, it sounds like people have an agression they dont know where to put to so they play mmo to release their agression on random people, same related to toxic one, they are just full of crap in general that why they enjoy pvp or insalt people on forums. unmotivated agression. go to shaman, have some mushies, work on your ego you maybe you wont need to kill people for no reason. lol )))))))
  8. yes you are right. people need a small goall as well i didnt mention that cos i thought its obviouse with mmo, but i guess the golden middle is to have mixed them park and sandbox. cos im seek of wow type of games for reasons you ve mantioned and sandbox for having no goals at all, so mixter could be something like disign where you set your own goals but with wider possiblities, cos sandbox has also own goals its and illution that they dont have goals, for example ultimate goal can be richest player or best crafter or most dominant guild or best in arena, but those are goals without ultimate goal. in real world market money all are the same from first look but in fact all money have idea behind them, so when mmo give you goal to become rich for sake of being just rich and walk around a city like an idiot telling everyone - look at me im richest, its so childish, o nreal market all money have idea behind them. stongest army have idea behind them and they proyect idea not just people or houses or president. the image.
  9. thank you guys for your adecuate responce, even im being exsentric but after all people get bored of games, im old gamer and i got bored of many games but my dream is a game where you never tired, so i tried to think of the reason, so maybe its an ultimate goal what make player feel like game is empty and he or she exhausted the game. always good to mimic real life and real life have sort of high level of existance like yin and yang. i hope we ll see something cool and viable here. every new mmo have a new hope.
  10. this how male looks when they try to ware cosmetics, we r not females you know. dont give me gay look give me power of idea which can dominate over the world and my rules which everyone will obey, build a temple of all-god with a roof shape i want to pick. not triangle, i said, i said sphare. this is the reason of fight between all religions - symble shape dominance even tho there is one god.
  11. human do not live without superior idea or goal, you are do not understand basics of how to create on going systems, how to design worlds and craft a reality, look at olimpic games, sportsmen try to get as much medals to make their country win and if their country win then they economy raise cos people pride raise happyness raised people having more sex, more children more good sportsmen and more medals and so on and on. you dont see amazonian tribes win no olympic games or australian aboriginals cos they dont have superior idea of their nation. they give no damn. thats what you want crowfall people be like? savages? ))))))))
  12. i will make it shot since you skimmed - if you enjoy murder is sake of murder - congratulations, you are maniac! )))))) normal people need a goal otherwise they loose interest easy.
  13. thats what im saying there gotta be some superior goal to kill people, if you enjoy killing for sake of killing then you r a maniac, grats. even on war in real life people do not enjoy killing other unless then had to, but always there is an idea behind every war (mass murdering), so we have to create same sort of idea like in real life, say like nazizm or comunism or democracy, or something, you know, something what make people going, maybe after war only winner fraction can have citys or res control but looser fraction can have some other benifits to equal the difference. so there must be some idea behind murder otherwise we just animals. different social or government stucture maybe religion. when i was designing my own game i was thinking to mimic real life religions and belive systems. like so called jews they allowed to open banks and borrow money to other religion for %, but interest free for their own kind, so called muslims if they rule city or country they forbid any morgage only interest free for everyone, but they all must be muslims in this case, so called muslims hate so called jews and they have right to exectute each other after fight ends or inslave them. Actions/religions name Buddist Christ Jews Muslims execute buddist no no no no inslave buddist no yes yes yes execute christian no no yes yes inslave christian no yes yes yes execute jew no yes no yes inslave jew no yes no yes execute muslim no yes yes no islave muslim no yes yes no in my game is permadeath so execute is important but here we can do sort of exectute and experience loose or something. i have huge system that i developed but i dont wanna overload you with info, but this could be a useful hint for you. so buddists are vegeterian they are alchemists, jew muslims do not eat certain foods, they have rites and magic of their own and many other things.
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