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  1. Hi Crowfall Team, here is the Feedback of my first 2 days of playing. I hope, that this is the Right thread to post this. Before i come to my criticism, I would like to say, that my Impression is good and I am surprised how good the game is. I like the artworks, the gameart, movements and animations. Especially the item farming feels really rewarding to me. The first caracter, that I made yesterday was an assasin fae. I had a few problems with the caracter creation: I could not tell the difference between all the races and classes. I could not find a sheet somewhere briefly telling me the strength HP etc in the caracter screen. --> Thats why i went for the look and the fae won. In generell the classes sometimes really look alike in the caracter creation preview. --> Negative impression After the creation I was good integrated with the short tutorial and had no Problems finding my way to the big temple. (good impression) In the temple I wandered around and saw, that there is a ton of sellers Standing in the one hall. Why are there so many? Why is there not one Person who I can sell everything to? It confused me, because it tells me, that it makes a difference depending on to who i sell my stuff to. Is the amout of Money different? I can`t tell for sure. The abilitys of the assasin fae were sadly not rewarding at all. I read the description of the abilitys but animationwise I could not tell a big difference between the first 3-4 that i had. I felt especially let down from the "Q" I think. It somehow tells me that I can go invisible, but I can`t figure out how. Today I decided to make a new caracter, because I feel like the fea is not fun to Play untill I fully understand the game. I had to make a lot of Research to get a slight overview between the races and the classes. I decided to go for a Stoneborn Cleric. At that Point the game changed for me. The abilities feel rewaring, I understand what they are doing and see a difference in the Animation. I went out farming - that was super nice, and with the help of a different Player I could slay through the R5 enemies. That was really fun! I feel like there is a ton of different items in the world (I am playing gods reach). I had no time yet to make my first good crafting stuff and feel like I really Need time for that to understand everything. But I am optimistic :) The last Thing: Is there only one skilltree for every vessel? So with the assasis I wanted to go for Exploration and attack. With the stoneborn I had to remove all the Points from attack and start new with 0 Points in crafting. I hoped for 1 skilltree for every caracter. (to have a assasin vessel and a Crafter vessel). But that seems not to be a Thing? I hope, that my Feedback is helpfull for you. If you have further Questions please dont hesitate to ask :) Demino
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