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  1. Antisocial programmers/artists?? Never..
  2. Devs, You're in Austin, I'm near Austin, my friends are near Austin. A certain awesome PVP game a few years back had a get together/meet-and-greet at a bar/club to drum up interest. Sooooo, any chance of having a Crowfall-type get together/party?
  3. Dear Crowfall, Please replace my keyboard. I was in the middle of taking a gulp of my Mt Dew when I started reading this post, followed by intense drooling. My keyboard too sticky now. Regards, Roguewiz the Drooler PS You also owe me a Mt Dew
  4. Raquelis d'Andraste Thief base Huntress. Spent most of the time either helping farm giants and powerlevel, or I was running with Brenl, Heretic, and a few others.
  5. Name is somewhat familiar. I survived the purge. Elf Huntress
  6. Raquelis from Mountain Giant Alliance reporting in.
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