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  1. My guess is summer 2021, this is just a guess tho, not based on anything other than my own warped mind.
  2. People ABSOLUTELY do not need to be enticed to seek domination, for me, proof of this is plainly seen in how many cheats exist for so many games (particularly shooters). It's trivial to win a game of Counter Strike using aimbots and wall hacks, so why do they do it? To feed their little ego. Win or lose, they gain nothing, not even fake internet points unless you could K/D ratio, but who really cares about someone's K/D ratio. If we had a hack in Crowfall, that gave you the very best gear and no way for it to be detected, how many players would use it? I'm betting tons would use i
  3. I dunno what the status quo was when you were playing but you were ABSOLUTELY NOT gonna run Man Up out of the game when I was playing, you could TRY to attack them, probably get your face bashed in, but you could try. Their gear was on a different level.
  4. Do not underestimate the greed of folks. We had a situation in Black Desert Online where each guild could fight for regions, those regions paid out tons of gold income for the guild that held the region. The top two guilds would just swap the region back and forth, Both showing up to defend the region during siege for their ally, basically it was untouchable, as you had to fight both of the top guilds at the same time. I hope this is an issue that can be resolved and isn't left in the players hands, cause I find that gamers will typically go the route of most loot for least work.
  5. Competition is one motivation for players but Domination is another (probably why we still see people cheat in meaningless games of Counter Strike 15 years later) In the "testing" last night, I saw massive numbers of well geared players teamed up in order to easily dominate the opposition. Domination is self-feeding, you need little to motivate players to seek to be number 1 (whatever that means) but you will need motivation in order to get players to compete against other equally geared/skilled players imo. I wonder what mechanics can be put into the game that can enhance the c
  6. You are a new player, you go thru the NPE, you make level 30, time for war right? Well, yeah, but no. If you do not join a guild immediately when you get to level 30, there is practically nothing to do. So, maybe you find a guild, then what? Well sit around and do what they say and hope you learn some more along the way, right? I was lucky, I got a very good guild filled with helpful and knowledgeable people, but its a safe bet that everyone want have that experience. How do they know if they want to be a necromancer, skinner, runecrafter, mason? Those few quests in the seco
  7. Guild Found, thank you Guild Criteria: Region: NA (Eastern) Atmosphere: I'm looking for a mature, knowledgeable guild, none of the silly real world political rants please. Casual/Hardcore: Hardcore is my standard but I could chill a bit. Size: Mid to Large Play-Style: Normally ranged damage, Commitment: I am really hoping this works out so I can play every day. Miscellaneous: I would really like a guild that can practice microphone discipline during battles, they are a
  8. I cannot find a list like this anywhere, checked wiki, checked homepage, checked some fan sites.. Is there a webpage that shows exactly what classes can use what weapons? I am ignoring disciplines for now, just interested in base weapons for each class. I know Duelist is Pistol and Rapier I know Knight is 1-Hand Sword + Shield Can anyone help me out here? Maybe we can make this list here on the forums.
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