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  1. they are obviously alt accounts, so i would like to know who they are funding.
  2. ban all accounts associated with whichever card bought these accounts for real, ive killed Avocetii before when he was exploiting with a full inventory of goodies.
  3. Maybe im missing something but this info seems pointless if you dont know what the discs are or do
  4. Hey i new to the youtube scene. I made a video showcasing some of my gameplay in an older build of mine. Maybe i could inspire others to take a liking to the class.
  5. on the website guild finder, every time i try to apply to a guild it says that i have already tried. i just want to play with people and bash faces in is there anything that can be done, is there no other way into a guild?
  6. Yes, I would like to help you kill people. can you show me how to do this
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