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  1. If you are correct, then your number one recommendation of an alliance makes sense. However, to fit the model being pursued here, it would be an alliance of multiple, smaller "IRL friend" guilds who see the value and need the greater numbers to move further into the content. Honestly, I would be interested in being a founding member of an alliance simply called "UnMega" to drive home the point. Understand something. I have already hinted at the fact that ultimately ADHoC would be participating in forts, keeps & sieges. All that's happening is we're shifting our starting focal point from PvP to crafting and mercantile activities. Also, your number three recommendation of recruiting is why the thread was posted in the first place. I am all for free expression and honest debate but it there is obviously a vested interest in preserving the "mega-guild" approach which has clearly unbalanced the environment in my opinion. If the "megatrend" continues (with a borg-like, resistance is futile, zergfest ) ... it's wide-spread appeal will be reduced. I'm totally opposed to the "play this way or don't play at all" recommendation and I must admit, I like the idea of zerg-busting mechanics. 😍 That obviously makes sense to me but that's for the developers to handle. Appreciate the feedback. I will accept your recommendations 1 & 3 and agree to disagree agreeably on the rest. Allow us to move forward and see what can truly be accomplished. See you on the battlefield .... eventually! πŸ˜‰ Z
  2. @Toadwart No disrespect is intended by the following. They are simply observations based on information I have previously provided and others have commented on. Firstly, your recommendations make my original point very well regarding how the community at large addresses newcomers and new ideas on how the enviroment can be enjoyed. This is the "barking" I was making reference to. ADHoC doesn't exist to compete at this very early stage of its development. It exists to support itself first and then the community at large in a new and novel direction, that the company itself is taking - providing activities for smaller groups to contribute to the war effort. Secondly, If players don't feel welcome, feel under represented or pressured to consolidate into a larger guild where they may largely go unnoticed... they simply won't play. Then the community as a whole loses population unnecessarily. We have nothing to lose by providing an independently different platform of participation. Thirdly. My intent from the very beginning of discovering Crowfall was to have all professions maxed so I could assist anyone with whatever they needed. This is something I have enjoyed in other "lands of adventure." Crafting coverage is simply not an issue with multiple characters and/or accounts and is something I enjoy and I refuse to believe that I am the only one that has fun with the idea of building a mercantile empire in the environment we-ve been provided. @Telonos Appreciate the considerations .. however please feel free to speak openly @veeshan Thank you. You stated the case very well. You absolutely get it. Z
  3. @Telonos. Exactly!! In addition, what if you're a small guild and would like to run caravans and simply don't have the defense forces necessary to make it work? The Artisan Guard could be "outsourced" to assist such activities.
  4. @ToadwartThe difference is subtle I agree ... but it is there nonetheless. We offer a platform for those - who may not be ready to enter PvP - to land and participate. Harvesting, crafting and building a mercantile empire may be attractive to many who have been successful in that role in other lands of adventure. There will be no inherent, unspoken obligation to PvP if that's not desired. That can be off-putting to many ... and the community as a whole simply barks "It's a PvP game!" at these individuals in the hope to maximize participation in battle. The community is not wrong, but often has little patience for those "still in development." Some players want to take their time, operate a little slower and learn the environment. If I had a guild interface, the increasing level of participation would be Harvester > Crafter > Guardian (caravans) > Defender (forts & keeps) > Warrior (sieges). No one has to feel obligated to participate at a level they don't wish to. And yes, that is absolutely true right now ... however, that's not how our community presents itself many times. I believe the company has already seen this ... hence God's Reach ... and the incoming newer ways to participate. We're just focusing and formalizing on that theme. Zem
  5. @pantaro Invitation sent. Look for a notification on your account at crowfall.com to accept
  6. I wouldn't let that be the barometer of authenticity. Players are looking around and the community isn't fully established yet. Many are simply awaiting the wipe and War of the Gods. But good looking out. It's appreciated. πŸ˜‡
  7. @yianni Why would a brand new or developing community be fishy in an environment that is still hasn't been released and is attracting new players all the time? You know me Yianni. We have fought. This is where I see we are lacking as a total community. Harvesting and crafting are the backbone of the Crowfall and I want to participate more strongly developing that side of things. This is a new account to attract players who think the same way. Zempestuous (A.K.A ZemulusREX)
  8. Similar to something I posted today. Nice video.
  9. Invitations sent! Look for a notification on your account at crowfall.com to accept. Z
  10. Sending you a guild invite. Let me know you're buddies names and send them one too. Z
  11. Artisan Development House of Crafting ADHoC is focusing on maximizing gathering, crafting and merchant possibilities to influence, optimize, and ultimately, tip the scales of battle in the War of the Gods. We intend to be a resource that our clients can rely on – whether it’s tools & potions, food & drink or armor & weapons. We are looking for those who want to develop their wealth & well-being by helping to produce the best gear & goods available. It will take time to become a high-level Artisan in any field; however, there is work to do in the meantime. It will still be necessary for us to acquire & accumulate materials to produce the highest level of equipment our training will allow. We are looking for players who would like to gather for our House. Whether you’re fully seasoned in knowledge, or still need some salt πŸ˜ƒ you are welcome! This seemingly menial task has great importance. It is where all victories in battle are born. Should you choose to take on this responsibility, you will be the first to wear and bear its fruit. Of necessity, we will grow from the inside out, constantly upgrading our equipment as our artisanal skills improve. A major reason for this follows. As the War of the Gods strikes the land with full force, Caravans will be a major source of rich materials. As such we must be prepared to defend ourselves at all costs as we navigate our trails. We are inviting players to become members of The Artisan Guard – affectionately known as TAG. A different skill set is required here – one of sheer martial excellence in unadulterated combat. TAG teams will not only cover our own caravans but will assist other guilds who do not have dedicated protectors. If our clients are attacked, we will move from the shadows to counter-attack and execute. We are merchants, not mercenaries, but we do not shy away from a fight or a call for help. As we grow, these activities will obviously extend into assisting in the defense of keeps & forts. If the order & balance of activities (no pun intended) seems right for you, simply reply below and/or friend Zem#2554 (on Discord) to expedite an invite. We need to assemble our teams and practice our skills now so everyone is organized come War of the Gods. Look forward to hearing from you.
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