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  1. Technicly, CCP doesn't solve this problem. "New Order" did whole work, imo
  2. In two words, openworld is not about fair fights. You just do not get the idea. It is not arena/battleground, it is not "competition". Like in life you will be outnumbered, you will have better/worse equips. That's the risk and that's what show and improve your skills.
  3. You just smash the whole idea of open PvP maps on the floor.
  4. Nope. I’m harvester. And I didn’t say I disagree. The problem is not that different players like different gameplay. But lately, “peasants” take less support from developers in compare with “warriors”. This is what we worry about - that our (peasant) activity become less useful and impactful from patch to patch. Quick example. Months ago our guild participate in compaign with all type of players: both peasants and warriors. This campaign, our guild participate with only warriors.
  5. Not totally agree. Player1 can improve his gameplay without Player2. Player2 cant improve nor with Player1, neither without.
  6. "Well... you know... that's just your... opinion" Lebowski. I find harvesting fun, and I payed for the game year ago, when harvesting was in another state. And I do not see any logical reason why developers cutting down my activities and making my gameplay misserible, unrespectable and useless. Probably if harvesting gameplay was more rewardfull, respectable and fun, much more ppl will like it and we can start talking about audience
  7. Totally agree. I think the "fastest" solution for that is just make wartribes drop uncommon items (rares for kings) and left the Rare+ items for crafters. Probably incresing spawn time could also help. Bassicly, if crafters is kinda valuable, harvesters are just useless now. You can get any resources from fort/caravan (for necromancy just farming mobs), and use food to get for rare resources - you do not have to commit in harvest passive tree.
  8. Fair enough I wish, as a harvester player, that payback for my actions inside of guild or even in terms of trading with other players could be more rewardfull or at least variuos. Hope this change soon. I wish to feel that my actions are actually important not just for me, but for the whole community and in-game economy. Because all the time you spent to thrain passives in exploration and harvesting just getting less worthy day to day
  9. Good day, devs. Some minor issues, sorry if that was already posted. 1) Empowered Mining\Logging\Quarrying\Skining\Digging has missprint. 3 pip consume description and 5 pip consume description should be switched. 2) If champion Leap Slaming from highground he flays forward in the same plane of dimension and have "landing animation", after that he start falling down (if i describe it correctly). 3) Logging knotwood sometimes missing animation and HP loss of "deposit" Thank you for amazing job you've already done and hope to see more fixes later.
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