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  1. But again for a new game with pretty cool combat system and classes to choose from I would hope Crowfall does indeed consider controller support options. Games like Final Fantasy 14 and Elder scrolls online, not to mention Black desert Online offer controller support. Not everyone enjoys playing with a mouse and keyboard, and not everyone enjoys playing with a controller. Make it universal and everyone is happy!!!
  2. Hey guys if you want to use a controller for CrowFall with steam you can. What you need to do is Enter Big picture mode, then go to settings and in settings you will set up a controller for desktop config. all the configurations you need just like a regular game. Once comfortable with your settings exit big picture and run Crowfall and you controller will work. Im using it right now. understand if you want to make additional changes you will have to start steam again in big picture mode apply configurations to desktop mode for controller and exit out big pic mode again and again until you are comfortable with setup. your configuration for desktop mode allows you to use your controller as a mouse for your everyday use without having to be in big pic mode or playing a game in big pic mode. try it!!
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