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  1. Greetings to all! I was very impressed with the project that I decided to become part of this universe and its community. The variety of classes, mechanics and races is so great that, to be honest, incredibly confused. I would be glad to any advice! I really like the pvp aspect in mmo, usually playing for melees of dd dodger or stealth class. As I understand it, such classes in a Сrowfall are a "Ranger" and an "Assassin." I really liked the half-elf race, will it look normal in these roles? I managed to find out that the Sylph are good assassins because of a passive skill. Half-elf assassin and Sylph assassin in high lvl game, is there a big difference between them because of this passive skill? And another question! The question is perhaps a little dumb or inappropriate. Ranger, is he exactly an archer 100% or is it possible to develop him as a melee fighter and fight effectively only in melee pvp? Or i can forget about this venture and not even eat ;D A huge thaks, and greetings once again to you!
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