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  1. xoxslimxox

    Druid Thorns

    I believe if you equip any of the Thorns Modifying Discs you get the effect of it. It just says that because the compound on one another. I believe.
  2. I have never seen one of my orbs drop. Its like i pick them up instantly before they drop.
  3. I received your message Damarus. When do you guys usually play? Is anyone on today that I could group with to see how it goes? I am not super picky. I don't like to join and then leave on people either though.
  4. Guild criteria: Region: NA, EST Balance Atmosphere: Looking for a guild Casual/Hardcore?: Want to be as active as possible Size: Small or Medium Play-Style: Currently Melee and Support. Working on more. Commitment: TIf there is action I will be there. Experience: Been playing MMO's since 1999 and other games forever. I usually tank or support. But this might be different being so PvPcentric. I love crafting. Voice-Chat services: Anything. Discord Preferred
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