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  1. Thank you Miraluna, I have to agree that in that respect the Instance is a good decision. And I would add, that the instance is actually very well made and much better, in this case (as compared to others). It is true that UO suffered from not enough space for all to satisfy their Social hub dreams. SWG did not exactly had this problem, but maybe it never reached its critical point either. In either case, thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to this feature really because, game with warfare have been too many and numerous, but games with social interaction possibilities no,
  2. Thank you for the explanations, it answers the question for now perfectly. It is just to early in the dev cycle for this feature. I do hope however that it will not require down the line additional monetary investment and purchases and that we will be able to build our houses and social hubs with in the game. At least I hope that is part of your plans, given the realities of Business models today or Crowfalls business model. I played both Ultima Online, Shadowbane and Star Wars Galaxies (best crafting and housing system ever for me), and I consider these to be the Housing paradigm. Cr
  3. Hello all, I generated the Eternal kingdom and got in to it it has some Statue, some Trees and rocks and metal vains. But I do not understand how to build a house in it, or several houses for that matter. Any tips please? I read several threads here but it is about advanced buildings or specific issues which are just above my head at this time. How does housing work, if it work at all at this point of development...? Thank you
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