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  1. Guild criteria: Region: NA (CST), will play any faction. Atmosphere: Looking for a guild that can teach me PVP so I can become part of a well-oiled, domination machine. I love groups that keep it chill but know how to lock it down and get serious when its time to compete. Casual/Hardcore?: Somewhere in between - can't dedicate all my time but am perfectly fine being serious, practicing, and taking orders. Size: Unimportant. Play-Style: Crusader Cleric -- prefer to play healer but am always interested in playing what the group needs. Commitment: I can make myself available most days, nights, and weekends, I just need to know ahead of time. Experience: Been gaming since Runescape. I was pretty hardcore into Star Wars: Galaxies and Player versus Monster Players in Lord of the Rings Online Co-founded a clan in Combat Arms that competed in the World Online Gaming League several years in a row, including a second place finish Unrelated to MMOs, but I'm Champ III in Rocket League and consistently in the top 1% of players Voice-Chat services: Anything works. Discord preferred.
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