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  1. I don't often drop by here (basically I saw the video and wondered what the reactions to it would be), but one thing about the video that actually resonated the most with me isn't really given much mention here. And I want to point that out: I backed this game in early 2015. I think at that time, I was counting on / getting the info of a "somewhat" / early access release by the end of 2016 (this was when they were patting themselves on their backs for making an entertaining mass PvP MMO with a manageable scope - ha!) . It's 2020 now. I was starting to study when I backed this, now I finished that and I have been working a full time job for quite a while. For about one to two years I was quite enthusiastic about that game (or at least regularly checked on news / forums, got exited and watched videos regarding design, game modes, classes, races...) but that interest faded over time, leading to me check it out less and less and eventually not at all. Every time I allowed myself to get exited again for some kind of beta (when the game was already years late / behind the initial schedule) it still felt not ready to play yet at all. It was just... disappointing. And that's the mood the youtuber showed and mentioned as well. He might have had more insights into different developments within the game had he spent more time and effort but if you try something again year after year, giving it a benefit of a doubt, and still do not see it getting close to a finished product, you're just not willing to do that. You expect it to have made notable progress, take a look at it again, hoping that now it's the time... and the first impression you get is "Crowfall is really still THIS unfinished?". After that you don't notice the good points anymore. You're just dragging yourself through an experience that was already coined by that bad first impression. So yes, it probably wasn't ready to be reviewed / having a look at it from a beginner perspective again yet. But it's not the youtuber's fault that the game is in that state and giving off that impression. I can only speak for myself but I had been keeping up with news, betas, etc. for years, but I just got tired of it. My life literally changed completely while anticipating this game. I'm still a big fan of games and MMOs, but I feel like this game is taking so very long; people that were the target audience and backed it stopped being part the target audience. Some friends I have gotten interested in the game in the past shifted their focus away from games / the genre completely. Crowfall is LATE. I still have hope and wish that it turns out to be an amazing MMO at some point but I know even if it does, in the past I might have played it for thousands of hours, now when it ever releases, I probably will not do so for more than a few hundred, even when it turns out exactly what I had hoped it will be. And I wish the game, when it finally gets released, is a finished product and enjoyable experience. tl;dr: Crowfall is late. Many would have expected it to be much more by now. ACE should finish it but for me too much time has passed already to still be really exited about it.
  2. I guess one way of learning how physics in games work is looking up how they're built. If you have some understanding of code (or just maths & physics) you can browse through this and see how physics are simulated in games. Generally speaking many games implement an already existing physics framework (e.g. bullet physics or Box2D for 2D games), engines like Unity or Unreal also have a built in system that handles physics. If devs are doing a custom physics solution it will probably be something as accurate as required and as fast as possible (= probably not really realistic) even if you know how it could be done better, because sophisticated realistic physics require a lot of processing power.
  3. One concept / mechanic that makes healing in Battlerite interesting is Recovery HP. Basically, after loosing a certain amount of health, you can't get healed up more than X hp. For example that threshold is 100 hp, so after taking 130 damage you can't recover more than 100 hp and permanently received 30 "true" / "real" damage. So what you want to do vs healers is coordinate damage to get through recovery HP and deal real damage they can't recover from. Recovery HP can be displayed as a differently colored bar withing the health bar. example ascii HP bar (H = heath, R = recovery health, T = true damage): | H H H H H R R T T T | In a MMO this system wouldn't quite work as an one-to-one copy, but it would be interesting to see recovery HP dynamically adjust to your current HP instead of setting your recovery HP maximum to a fixed amount it would adjust over time. Example: You have 1000 max HP Recovery HP threshold is 25% of max HP Recovery HP is current HP + Recovery HP threshold Actual Recover HP converges to recovery HP over time (let's say it's linear and takes 5 sec). Heals only heal up to your actual recovery HP. Taking 500 damage: your HP are 500, your recovery HP are 750, your actual recovery HP are 1000. 2.5 seconds pass, now your actual recovery HP has adjusted to recovery HP half way and is now at 875. another 2.5 seconds pass, your actual recovery HP are now equal to your recovery HP: 750. Healing up again (500 heal) after your actual recovery HP has adjusted: your HP are 750 (since that's your current actual recovery HP it caps there). Now your recovery HP are 1000 again, your actual recovery HP is still 750. 2.5 seconds pass, your actual recovery HP again have adjusted half way and are 875. after another 2.5 passed your actual recovery HP are 1000 again and you could be healed fully. What this mechanic would do for gameplay: fast healing would be rewarding, since it prevents damage from becoming true damage (that is recoverable in with this mechanic, but takes time to do so) damage coordination in conjunction with CC and heal-preventing debuffs would be rewarding since these create a situation in which damage becomes true damage avoiding further damage after receiving damage beyond the recovery threshold would be important because the higher the difference between actual recover HP and recover HP are, the faster the damage you received becomes true damage. getting & keeping a target on low HP becomes more rewarding since they will need time to heal up fully playing healer would become more interesting imo, since you not only have to pay attention to the HP of your teammates, but also the amount they can currently recover. group heal effectiveness would be more situational and thus harder to use well. Other pros / cons: (-) this mechanic isn't common and needs to be understood (-) numbers / curves would need a lot of tweaking to work in Crowfall's combat (+) You don't need any additonal debuff icons that show duration, everything can be seen in the health bar (+/-) ??? Maybe something else comes to mind tl/dr: Suggesting a mechanic that would put a damper on healing on someone based on how low their HP are and how long they have been low.
  4. As a fan of Smite (and that you get all and every new God for 20€) I'll give it a try. Cards might vary things up a bit but I hope it doesn't move towards game relevant micro transactions.
  5. Ugh, I can't really decide. What I'm listening to the most recently in no special order: Clutch Suidakra Brant Bjork My Sleeping Karma Tengger Cavalry If you're into stoner rock I can name you a few good bands.
  6. As long as a game is action based, requires dexterity/mechanical skill, good reaction time and split second decisions most if not all real life variables you listed (excluding wind) apply to games as well. Execution luck, along with technical influences (unstable FPS, latency, package loss etc.) usually ensure varying outcomes. /agree In my opinion there's little to no need to add further artificial RNG. I can stand a bit, as long as RNG "positives" don't differ too much from RNG "negatives" and they are given the time to balance out. So combat can have it's ups and downs, but one lucky series of crits shouldn't win you a fight.
  7. Brant Bjork - Automatic Fantastic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZMJBQWNQSA
  8. What you think of as a problem is almost exactly what I'd like to see in the game. Limited vertical progression, few ways to increase your character's power and being able to play a spec you decided on in a reasonable amount of time (which is no longer than 1-2 months for me). I enjoy trying multiple classes and builds and I'd much prefer that to be no life-task. A high power plateau is the least a PvP-focused game needs in my opinion.
  9. Reminds me of this: http://imgur.com/n8XLsO0 But I have to admit, having a pi day seems awesome. Can't wait for... umm... 3.1. 2041?
  10. Könnte interessant sein, nur weiß ich bisher wirklich gar nichts über das Spiel. Wenn du einen Key entbehren kannst, würd ich gern mal reinschaun. Ansonsten halte ich mich gerade mit einer Runde Smite, Bloodline Champions oder Lethal League für zwischendurch "fit".
  11. My recommendations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQrsxkW-Yro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cgb93KVOYIs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZc5le5QsF8 (and more of their songs) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pISixet0VWc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=232PlyudTRo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJoS_9_7KNs (they've got good stuff to get the blood boiling) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jLIYEsC-84 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG8zM5t9c3g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2boyBGwArX8 (for real!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEv_aEwVvak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbhDGHgzPfw Guess that's it for now.
  12. Servus Hab die Presseaussendung bei gamasutra gelesen, als es noch nicht mehr als play2crush gab. Mal schaun, was draus wird.
  13. Not really... they added a progression system for accounts (something comparable to LoL's runes & summoner spells) which takes a while or a bit of money to max out. I can't tell you how long though, since I was at max level by the time they added it. Also: no unrated queues anymore. No conquest / CTF map queues. No 2vs2 queues. They tried to push the remaining playerbase into 3vs3 (which is understandable, since the game is balanced around that, but I still miss 2vs2's and the other game modes). You can still start private servers with maps and settings of your choice, problem is you'll have to get people to play on them. On the bright sight: all (new) bloodlines are fun and feel unique to play. The game is well balanced as far as I can tell. Amazing skill-based combat, most thrilling fights I ever had in an online multiplayer. The "holy trinity" is really well done imo. Fast paced. No 30-60min games, first team to win 3 rounds (1-2min each) wins. Plus it has spectator mode and replay recording now. The new servers are... strange. While the ping times improved a lot for me, package loss spikes randomly (EU). My feelings about the current state of BLC are mixed... This game feels like a shadow of what it used to be and what it could have been, if only Funcom and/or Stunlock had put more long-time effort into it. Yet it is still amazing fun to play and leaves me unable to enjoy any MOBA's combat mechanics. Even if it is (/was) loosing ground it is still my most favorite non-MMO PvP game to date. €: Gladly answering questions if anyone's interested. It's still worth checking out.
  14. He should sit on a hovering drum, paddling through the air with his staff. *cough* Cooldown-affecting skills. Abilities to port himself / enemies / allies back in time (their position, status effects etc.). Time acceleration to port anyone x units in the direction he's moving right now. Support skills which allow him to speed up casts of allies or reset hostile casts. Refresh debuff/buff effects...
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