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  1. I have heard of CF several times but I've tasted it just for a couple of times in the last 2 days. So here is what I have found lacking: 1) Sometimes aiming at the loot of the dead NPC mob doesn't trigger the "F" option. 2) The jumping out when gathering/mining/cutting trees/skinning resources cannot be picked if they fel just next to you. One has to move away for a couple of meters and then run back into them. Not sure its a lack or feature, but I must confess its an annoying one. Also, when gathering/m/ct/s, some of the resources are "landing" inside a rock or cliff, so I kinda lose it. 3) It is not straightforward clear WHERE do you sacrifice the stuff for XP: I've spent quite some time on the Gods Reach realm trying to find an altar... realizing I gotta go to my Eternal Kingdom. 4) Same with the craft. I had to look around for quite some time to find a Bending Form for my 1st crafted bow. Mentioning or pointing WHERE one can find it might help. And its a little confusing since everything else one can craft or drop... buying a couple of components should be specified more clear. 5) Discipline and exploring glyphs. Again it was a little confusing what, where, how to get. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nevertheless, for a pre-alpha (IMHO) this game looks really nice (even though I didn't try the campaign yet). The whole talent/discipline glyphs/skills/stats thing together with an account-wide set of skills looks really refreshing. Especially the craft!
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