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  1. You make some very valid points. I actually agree with you on everything you said. My suggestion wasn't meant to be taken as "this needs to be done now" or even "soon". If manufacturing needs to be implemented to somewhat normalize the results (allowing them to stack), then so be it. I'm also okay with food skills either being gated to the passive tree, or not (I understand why people oppose it, but I'm okay with it, personally). I was simply voicing my interest in (and support for) the emergent gameplay associated with RNG and/or tiered results being applied to food.
  2. It's been a secret goal of ours to be considered the 'dried wheat of Crowfall'. We just won the game, fellas.
  3. BaronRamsay! I think it would be a great move to put in a cooking track as well as tiers for food potency... Just think, if the food was tiered and the potency was RNG determined partially by the chef (skill, gear, buffs, etc) We could literally have Iron Chef cook-offs... would be a great way to spend an afternoon between campaigns, imo.
  4. Folio of Shadows is the book with a mask on the cover. It seems to be one of the tougher ones to find, from what I've seen.
  5. If any PvP gave you points toward the passive tree, you could fight on your main and earn the perks for all your characters, yeah? no need to subject your alts to the slaughterhouse as long as the passive trees remain account-wide.
  6. I am now all in for hamstaurs as well. It's the perfect amount of crazy.
  7. How have event rewards (such as the tankards) traditionally been given out? Do they put them in our spirit bank? Sorry if this thread comes off as noobish, but I'm experiencing my first campaign, and the embargo has me sweating, tbh. Both the decapathon and the campaign are ending very close to one another and I am already forced to leave things behind (which is fine), but I don't want to have to cut something else to make room to export the skull...
  8. Hello everyone! I just picked up the game 2 days ago, and have been checking out some classes. So far I'm really enjoying myself. I've heard that it is important to find a guild, and as I just got one vessel that I like playing, and who has lvl'ed up enough to get into the campaign, I'll begin the guild hunt soon. Good hunting to you all!
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