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  1. Ah ok gotcha. And yea I can see how that would be, unoptimized.
  2. Can someone else verify this? Doesn't seem to be getting much attention, so maybe it's just me.
  3. Since I can't post a Bug Report, I'll post it here. Client: TEST Problem: Spellbound Longbow 2nd [Arcane Power Shot] and 3rd [Arcane Multi-Purpose Shot] is bugged as does not cause any damage the majority of the time. Tested: Target; Training Dummy in Temple, Urgu R6's and Boars R5. Quiver(s)/Arrow(s); Test with Standard Piercing Arrows, Frost Arrows, Frost Quiver, Crushing Quiver [enabled via Sharpshooter temporarily for testing]. Frequency: 2nd and 3rd LMB shots work approximately 10% of the time. Rest of the time, no damage is caused, no procs occur, no sound effects fire [as far as impact sounds], no damage numbers occur, and combat log shows nothing. Additional Testing: Runic Spellbound Longbow also produces the same result. Verified on TEST with Archer sub-class using Arcane Archer and crafted Runic Spellbound Longbow on Target Dummy's in GR Snap Test 8/22 Temple. 10/05/2019; 1:16 AM PST
  4. They asked us about a full wipe, because people are crying about wanting a passive wipe. Both the initial and follow up requests are a waste of Development time, when they explicitly stated there will be a wipe 5.11. I was in the stream when it was being discussed.
  5. Really? Can we stop wasting the Development time with requests to get a 'fair' playing environment? It's in ALPHA, no balance passes have been made, and they're already planning a wipe in Jan-Feb for 5.11.... Let the team focus on what needs to be done to get mechanics in, a solid test environment, bug fixing and balance passes. These types of requests I'd expect from playing the game, not play-testing the alpha.... I want to make an addendum. I've been playing Crowfall for about 2 months. I don't care if players who have been around longer have an advantage. The last stream Todd said they're working on a catch up system for the live service to prevent the need for wipes post launch. Players who have invested more time, have more experience, farmed more items, have earned that advantage. As a new player, I don't see that as "unfair". I see it as an aspiration, and I see it as a challenge. They worked for it, so should I. And frankly I have been busting my ass to get an Epic vessel, recently acquired. I've spent loads of hours on TEST, finding out what works and what doesn't. And never once have I thought "I'm never going to catch up to the older players, this sucks, they should wipe everyones progress so I can win petty duels". You know what actually bothers me? Incomplete tracks I can't test yet. Bugs like Spellbound Longbows w/ Frost Quivers not firing properly. An upoptimized client, while I'm sure they'll get to polishing it, massive frame drops and stuttering when spinning the camera sucks. Not being able to test things like Caravans, Frostweaver, or Salvaging. I want to see what the game is going to be, and couldn't give a damn if veteran players beat me in a fight. They'll eventually hardcap tracks, and I'll catch up. Balancing will eventually happen. So as an actual new player, if I'm allowed to still call myself that, I see these older players trying to speak for the new people condescending and patronizing. I am a new player, and I don't give a flying rats ass about your ego's. I wonna see where my money and time is going.
  6. Well I suppose the power creep is true, and I must confess that is the draw to it. If cooking isn't important enough to be considered a need, or at minimum pushing towards that definition even if just barely behind it, then I'm personally not going to do it on mass anymore. I'll do it for myself and not bother doing it for a guild or group or for the economy. If the demand doesn't exist in a reasonable capacity, then it's already in a waste of time category. Thanks for entertaining the idea at least. I think I'll take a step back, and see where the game goes over the next few updates. I have my hopes for Plant Reaping giving me an approach to being involved in the game as a solo player, as outside of Runemaking, there isn't many solo compatible tracks, and with the economy being nonexistent due to the heavy focus on factions and guilds [and their tendency to hoard resources and info] there really just isn't anything to do. It is fun being a Chef, and keeping up a good stall jam packed full of food and drink, but it will over-saturate the market if there's no dedicated market, and all value in food will diminish. So it won't be a sustainable approach for myself. We'll see where it all goes, Cheers, and again thanks for entertaining the idea.
  7. But, that isn't entirely true is it. Every profession outside of Alchemy, Necromancy and Jewelcrafting, can not only get their own materials (solo), but some components required from other crafts are also not mandatory to come from a trained player in that craft. You don't "need" another player to make you stitched leather to craft a weapon. Will it be the best potential for the weapon? No, course not. But you can, make that component yourself, and the weapon yourself. You also don't "need" to train skinning to get the higher quality leathers, you can use better crafted knives, skinning potions and harvesting food. The difference is, better tools, will not unlock harvested ingredients. You HAVE to train to get them. Could you buy them from other players? Course. But a Blacksmith who trained Mining, isn't forced into training a track specifically for Silver, just to turn around and start an entirely different track for Copper. Not unless you're talking MASTER tier harvesting, but by that point, you've long had the capability of gathering efficiently every Ore and material from Ore nodes. The part I'm mostly missing though, is why there shouldn't be end goals for Chefs. I understand the front end of a profession be accessible, that's great. But why that front end accessibility mandates a lack of meaningful end goal or progression is where you lose me. Even if the end goal was simply crafting food that lasts a little longer in terms of the buff, like a full trained chef adding 5 minutes to a buff. Or, being more efficient with the materials; requiring less to craft the recipe. Or as another option, being more precise with the same ingredients and producing extra portions of food when crafting. It doesn't necessarily have to be a power / combat affecting end goal. But something to work towards, that would be nice. [Didn't intend for this to be a cooking thread. But I do enjoy the back and forth, fun to bounce ideas and opinions off other people]
  8. Oh wow, didn't expect this to suddenly get as much traffic as it's been. Also I wasn't aware Cooking was expected to not be a true profession. I was made aware a long time ago that as it is in-game now, it's not seen as a profession, as is mostly treated as 'fluff' with the minimal goal of staving off the hunger bar. I do see a few points being made as to why it shouldn't become one, but I feel compelled to play a little bit of devil's advocate if no one minds? My initial Cooking concerns stem from the fact that Cooking as a, sub-routine? requires resources from all forms of harvesting. Mining is needed for Ore for the Cooking Pots, Cooking Foil and Hunger Shards. Hunger Shards being the big one as it requires a large investment in training. Quarrying being the least impacting, as you can simply buy the stones to make empty Flasks. Logging being the biggest contributor, needed for wood to craft roasting sticks for kebabs, Apples for many recipes, Wax for Cheese, and Pine Nuts for various recipes. Skinning for Meat, Bone for bone broth, and Blood [if I recall for Bloodworm Stew] and soon ™ Plant Reaping for Herbs like Mandrake, Garlic and Ginseng, along with both types of Mushrooms. Seeing as I already, in order to be self sufficient as a Chef, have to completely break normal training expectations to acquire the materials for recipes, by not going down a focused path until completed; it feels awkward to see all that work is not rewarded by having a specialization in cooking those materials into valuable food items. That being said, Cooking has always been treated as a non-profession in every MMO I can recall, so I don't have hopes for it to be made a strongly supported main profession. But Crowfall does feel different enough with such an in depth crafting system, that I had hoped seeing the various NYI tracks hinting at further implementations was a sign that Cooking was to be a primary profession. Providing Harvesting Buffs, Crafting Buffs, Combat buffs and even some Novelty items like Cake, Cookies and Mead. The other thing I found quite confusing which made me believe Cooking was not yet fully implemented, was the seemingly random item grades of food. Some food will be uncommon, while another with the same buffs, will be rare. To top it off, others seem even more random, not doing anything significant, but being marked as Legendary, like the Roast Pig. It's not a particularly powerful food buff or hunger restoration item, but I guess it's Legendary? So, being done playing the half-hearted opposition, I can see where other points are coming from. Seems like there are concerns that food buffs could become too powerful and develop a 'meta' of which food buffs you need to craft high end crafts like Vessels, or a particular food that is seen as a must have or BiS for Harvesting. Even the utmost concern is no doubt there being foods that impact the outcome of sieges. Things like a resistance buff that works against Trebs could be seen as too much of a 'must have'. But no really, buff stacking can get out of control, and buffs should have an upper ceiling absolutely. However it does seem the present community is whole-heartedly committed to cooking not being a supported, primary profession; and as a new player, I don't have any delusions of changing anyone's minds. If cooking is to be a fluff profession, are for a lack of better phrasing 'baby's first profession' experience, then so be it. As for the rest of the answers about tracks, I appreciate the information where it was given, and will stay tuned to see how the tracks develop. Cheers, Baron.
  9. I have a few various questions. Some of these may have been asked, and answered in the past, however information is often hard to find. 1: I see there is a reaping track specific to Herbing and Plant Gathering. Does this mean plants can potentially yield higher tier / quality resources in the future? 2: There is currently no track specific to Cooking. If Herbing / Plant Reaping is going to get it's own dedicated track, is there any consideration towards making Cooking a dedicated track? 2a: If Yes to above, does that mean Food could come in a variety of tiers, and will those tiers increase the potency of the food buff / hunger restored? 3: Runemaking as far as Disciplines go, are currently locked to maximum effectiveness of Rare. With the Vessel lock down requirement of equal to or higher tier Disciplines to equip them to a vessel, is there considerations for adding in higher tier Runemaking materials to support Epic and Legendary Discipline crafting. 4: Alchemy is currently only important as far as Philosopher stones, a material that is useless on it's own without a Necromancer to convert it into a commodity that truly affects gameplay. Arguably Toxins and Gathering potions are 'helpful', with the ladder more-so. Does the Dev team plan to incorporate more recipes into Alchemy in the future? 4a: If Alchemy is getting future recipes, I'd like to propose a few more utility and conversion recipes. Material Tier Upgrade. 'x' quantity of poor - uncommon non-basic material + 'y' dust = 'z' next tier. Advanced Material Tier Upgrade: 'x' quantity of rare - epic non-basic material + 'y' chaos ember = 'z' next tier. Out of Combat Regen potion. [Not a Health Pot, an OOC Regen pot would naturally disable if attacked/knock down via dizzy into combat] Bulk Empty Flask: 20 Crushed Stone + 10 Ethereal Dust = 30 Empty Flasks 5: Command track is pretty good in it's over-all effectiveness. However the limitation of dropping a passive to gain those buffs, while very worthwhile in largescale PvP, is significantly less so when out farming materials in a smaller group; and even worse so particularly when crafting. Bulk group crafting is quite simply not a thing from my experience [which could be wrong granted] and the number of crafting passives that exist is already forcing hard decisions to be made. Removing another passive for the command buff if you yourself as the Leader want to craft feels incredibly inefficient. I fully understand many counter this by having the command character be on an alt account, or having someone who very nearly never crafts. But as a single account perspective it feels very awkward. Would it be possible & within the Dev team's willingness to incorporate the crafting specific passive effects without requiring the passive to be slotted? Similar to how the Master tier Talents [like Macemanship] were handled. 6: Combat Tracks. The requirement of 75% training in previous tier places the combat training at a statistical disadvantage from my experience. Crafting Tracks produce roughly the same and or in same cases more power gains per time invested compared to Combat Tracks. I have taken into consideration that Crafting Track perks / commodities are consumable and thus need to be replaced, while the effects from Combat don't deteriorate. Even with those facts in mind, Combat Tracks are still not pushing enough importance to over-ride the quicker gratification offered by Crafting Tracks. Is the Dev Team open to incrementally reducing the requirements to progress to the next Combat Track to find a better balance? That's all my immediate questions regarding Tracks, thanks for the time. Baron
  10. This is gonna be long, so buckle up. I've been playing Crowfall now for a little over 2 weeks. I've spent an inordinate amount of time soaking in the systems, information [what little there was available] and pretty much every facet of content I could get my hands on. I do want to preface this review/impression with a statement however. Yes I am new. No, I do not expect I got everything right and this may contain mistakes. No, I do not care if my opinions are seen as "wrong" because you're a "veteran" who "knows better". This is my perspective as a new player, who has had very little exposure to Crowfall or it's development history. I've not invested anything further than a base package into the game, along with my time; nor do I have any emotional investment. This is going to be my point blank, blunt force trauma opinion, deal with it. First, what a great game so far. Seriously, as someone who's not too big on PvP games, I was honestly impressed with Crowfall. There's a 'motherlode' of potential here. So, good job, so far. The thing I feel the game does well. Depth of Crafting: I've been ragging and harping on games and their frankly garbage professions systems for years now. I have a saying I keep returning to that goes a bit like this. "I'm tired of these Devs putting in basic BS crafting that does nothing for the game just to mark a tic box saying 'We have crafting'. If you're going to have crafting and professions, it better be actual content, that I can spend my entire day doing." And Crowfall does this. If I want, I can go farm and craft all day, to varied success given a downfall I'll highlight just a bit later. But it's there. The system is deep, integrated into character building. Offers many diverse paths and opportunities to specialize and hone your crafts. Disciplines: Yes for the love of christ I love this system. Being able to pick a class and race, level up and unlock the ability to learn spells temporarily or long term that completely change how I play my class? I love it. Because these aren't simple stat passive "talent" trees. They're functional, active things you can use to change not just your 'rotation' but potentially your role entirely. Is the selection great? Mmmm maybe not, but it's alpha and I'm sure as time goes by, more will be added, and I very much think it should. Races: Races actually feel dynamically different. A Fae Knight with it's bullet jump style dash, makes me want to play entirely different than a human Knight with there short snappy rolls. And then to layer on top of it Active Slots, Passive Slots, even extra Equipment slots along with Attributes? It makes the choice of which Race to make your vessel matter, and I like that. Artistic Style: What can I say, I like it so far. The perfect middle ground between something like Tera and what Ever Quest Next was going to be. [If you don't know just think Lord of the Rings meets Overwatch graphics]. In general, the game over-all is headed in what I feel is a good direction. So, let's get into the nitty gritty of things that I either disliked, or outright raged over. Tracks: This one is a mixed bag which is why I bring it up first. Passively training while you sleep is a good move. The part I really dislike about tracks however is there nothing you can do to increase the speed at which you gain experience in them. There is no difference in actively playing, verse going offline and playing a different game entirely; and I'm of the mindset you should NEVER give the player a legitimate excuse to stop playing while retaining the same rate of growth. How do I propose this be changed or improved? Not sure. It partially depends on how you address / if you address a separate issue with tracks that I'll get to later. Customization: Kinda run of the mill. Granted the races look great, and the models and textures are perfectly fine....except the faces. Why on Earth do half the faces have bloodshot, baggy dirty eyelids and brows. Some of them straight up look like they're high as a kite, and others look like they got bludgeoned with a sack of crap. This is predominantly something I noticed on the female faces. Most of the male faces looked rather clean and normal. [On a separate issue: The Minotaur and Elken "horns byebye with helmet" issue has entirely prevented me from playing either of these races. And the forced hair changes with helmet entirely defeats the purpose of having hair options. I'll assume both of these are temporary issues slated to be fixed eventually. But it is jarring] God's Reach & Ninja Looting: God's Reach from my understanding was designed to be the new player experience area. Initially designed to help new players get to grips with controls, mechanics and the world before being thrust into PvP. Now while I praise the ability to farm some materials in God's Reach, while still needing campaign for others.... I've had a run in with a few types of players I've not had to deal with in a very long time. Ninja Looters. Under normal circumstances in a PvP game, I wouldn't even bat an eye at these guys. I would just kill them and take my property back, or if they were on my faction, log into an alt, and go kill them on that, and of course rat them out for being a garbage person. However, there is no PvP in God's Reach. Not only that, but it's supposed to be the new player experience. Having new players band together to kill a King or Chief and split the loot is one thing, as you're making the assumption they've organized to kill it, why wouldn't they organize to split the loot. But when it comes to Trash mobs, Elites and Captains? That's another story. Most people can solo these mobs once they get a bit of muscle memory and a feel for the mechanics. And all seems good, until you get "that guy". You know the one. They stand there, don't bother hitting the mob at all, possibly staying a few meters away until just before it's dead. They swoop in, spam that loot key, and will ransack half your loot before running off, not saying a thing. One hell of a new player experience. Frankly? Loot should be instanced in GR, and free for all where PvP is enabled. If you're going to have a PvE system, please use the very standard of PvE loot rules. VIP, Atleast what I've heard about it: So, before I bothered to look at how the game plans to be monetized, I wanted to get a feel for the quality and scope of the game. It'd be pointless to argue how a game should or shouldn't be monetized without knowing at least the basics of the game, and getting a feel for it's replayability and potential longevity. Early in the day today [it's late as of the writing of this post] it was pointed out to me that VIP is currently why I have 2 tracks passively training, instead of 1 [default]. Now previously I had done some investigation on multiboxing, it's rules, as well as policy towards account sharing and or owning multiple accounts. Standard fare with most of those things. But what caught me off guard, was that simple little thing, VIP giving you a second track. That's effectively DOUBLE the point gains. Now, I'd half expected at worst, VIP would be a bit pay-to-win'ish by increasing the speed that you gain track experience, or even only increasing your gains while online, but I'd expected or would have imagined, something around 50% more gains while actively logged in AT MOST. But ... double? Both online, and offline? Now I've already dropped 50$'s which is fair by my standards for a buy to play title, but you assume a buy to play approach with an optional VIP service would be a bit, "ok" at best when looked at objectively. I will say this much though. If your VIP service is planned to give the secondary track training? I won't be paying for it. Ever. In fact, I'd almost certainly NEVER recommend it, and what I would recommend is buying a second account. Or a third one. or more even. Why? Long term investment and unlimited returns. Here's a hypothetical for you. Let's say your VIP service is a modest 10$ a month. Let's say standard package account is 50$'s. I spend 10$'s I get a second track for 1 month, effectively doubling my gains. repeat that for another 4 additional months, and I've accrued 5 months of additional gains over having no VIP service. Go an additional 5 months, I've spent 100$ [on VIP] and gained 10 months of additional gains. or. I spend 50$'s [additionally], and in 10 months still get 10 months worth of gains, for half the price. I'm probably not the first to point this flaw out, but I'd like to impress upon you that even a novice, with only 2 weeks under their belt can easily see how to game your system, and get the same rewards for fractions of the price you're hoping to make off it, regardless of how high or low you try to market VIP. The sad part is, so long as you're trying to charge for any form of passively trained progression, people will circumvent it one way or another. And you can't exactly "encourage" people to pay it by locking down certain materials or items, because the entirety of your professions system relies on the ability to trade materials and goods to function. If you locked them down, you'd end up pigeon holing your customers into paying just to spend that extra track to train the proficiency needed to get the materials they used to simply trade for. Fundamentally destroying the entire designed economy and crafting system as a whole. So unless you want to completely redesign your entire professions system [which I honestly prefer you didn't cause it's great as is in most regards] then I'd implore you to find other routes to monetize a VIP service. Here's a few ideas to get you guys kicking the ball around. Any-where armor dyes: Assuming you implement dyes for armor, VIP could enable you to dye your armor from anywhere in the world. Extra Vault Space / Material Vault: Works for ESO. Have a special Material Vault that is accessed the same way a standard vault is, but it hold crafting materials with a large volume of storage space. Reduced Hunger Cost in Earth Temple / Capitol Temples. Honestly, the only cost to AFKing in those zones is your food bar. Half the time I'm waiting to do something, and I'm sitting at temple, I log out to conserve food. VIP could disable or greatly reduce food loss while in a non-contested capitol or free-city. Faster Crow Flight Speed: With the respawn timers in place, getting to the respawn faster doesn't provide any statistical advantage. Why not offer faster flight speed when waiting for respawn? Could enable players to zoom around and look at the scenery a bit while they wait. So long as it doesn't affect gameplay or progression, should be a niche little bonus perk. I'm sure I could think of more after spending more time in-game but that's sufficient to prove VIP doesn't need to offer tracks or "paid progression", or pay to win. It can be fair, and worth while. Rapid Fire Misc things: I don't like needing a second person to get minerals and gemstones, please implement less efficient solo method. Several Weapon types lack drop sources and or crafting capability, Intermediate 1 Hand Maces as example. EK's are boring at the current state, and should have low chance to spawn mid tier resources or something to do. Do not like there is no reward for capturing POI's in Campaign, especially when you know your faction will lose, this is really really frustrating I must stress. Where are the cloaks? Having player shops in Earth Temple removes incentive for players to check the free city. Very few ever go there to shop, I find myself doing this as well. Please remove Temple Shops. On to some more fun stuff because I hate ending these things on a bad note. Suggestions for the future! Obviously Armor Dyes. Having a high Elf Tank Confessor, and High Elf Knight both looking pretty much the exact samey same sucks. But more importantly, I don't want to be purple and gold all the time! I have a High Elf confessor [trying not to give off High Elf biases here] With jet black skin and hair. The eyes come off as orange'ish. This flows so good with a Confessor and all of it's innate fiery spells. Looks truly sinister.... until you spot the lavender clothes. It goes from Elf from Hell, to ....just why, very quickly. More Weapon Models: Can't get enough diversity in aesthetics. Would love a few additional models. More Race & Class Combos! Fae Ranger seems like a natural fit. Human Champions would be sweet. Half Elf Myrm would be neato. High Elf Duelist would be awesome. How are Guinecians not Assassins already? Half giant Knights should definitely be a thing. Crafting Material Vault Filter: Please..... please do this. Purchase Vault: I sincerely regret claiming the EK pieces.... they take up so much of my vault space and I just don't have the time to go slap down all those parts in the EK to open it up. But I also don't want to go deleting them because I might want to mess around with them late should EK's improve. Test Server Specifically: Faster Training speeds on the tracks. Please. I want to test out how crafts work, and what they yield at various levels of training, and since I started the Test server almost a week and a half after live, it's further behind in training than my main account is. So I find myself not spending points on tracks, or even spending them somewhere else, until I can test it on the Test Realm, which ultimately is such a waste. I think that's enough for now. Over-all..... I like it. It's got me hooked and I plan to keep playing it for long as it keeps my interest. It does a lot of things right, and while I may have skimmed over a couple chunks, I believe that by simply saying "tis good" it should highlight that by no means are the problems highlighted above catastrophic. Some are very serious, others are just a nuisance. I overlooked just about all bugs as alpha is going to have those, that's the nature of the beast. I may do a secondary update to this later, in maybe 2-4 weeks, but I felt this was necessary while my first few weeks were fresh in my mind. Cheers, Baron
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