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  1. I agree - you don't change the competition rules, not only the last day, 3 HOURS before the 30 day long competition is over. My time is valuable as is everyone's.... and to have it wasted shows complete lack of care and respect towards your community of players.
  2. This is not how you make changes to a game. These campaigns are essentially contests. They launched the competition, laid out the rules and said GOOD LUCK. Then, 3 hours before it ends they realize the screwed up and change the rules for everyone? Sorry, you should have made an announcement that this was YOUR oversight and did not intend for the conquest scoring to work this way and would change it in the future. Why would we trust you to not do the same thing on the next campaign you screw up?
  3. I see a lot of people talking about Crowfall, bored already..etc. However, Crowfall is the only game consistently making changes, patches, and progressing the development of the game while giving you something to play as you wait. Shut up and be thankful they cared enough to let you play during development rather than do what Camelot Unchained, New World (other than the one week preview) and every other does is make you wait for years with nothing substantial to play. The MMO world is sooo dead right now and badly needs a game to come out to revitalize and very much dead genre.
  4. I should start by saying, I love the game so far and I'm very excited to see where this goes. I believe Crowfall has all the potential of being the next BIG MMO! With that said, here are some suggestions: 1. The death timer (when you die, you should be able to respawn somewhere immediately). Having to click and hold F, then hold G then Zone then wait one minute is excessive. - THEN run back to where you were. This process could take 10+ minutes to get back to where you were. 2. PVE deaths - should add a location you spawn in the same zone maybe? 3. NPC's interrupt players ability to rez during sieges. Very difficult to successfully rez someone during a siege. PVP I feel there needs to be plenty of motivation to encourage players to PVP, defend / attack keeps. We've seen this in many games. The ones that were VERY successful getting players to consistently PVP and engage are the ones that provide not only content but rewards, prestige, acknowledgement from peers, and advanced leader boards that showcased their accomplishments. 4. Campaigns - we are already seeing people "Not playing" or giving up on campaigns if their team is losing badly. This could be a serious issue if not addressed well. This is how I would rework them: - I would rework the zones and make the entire pvp map live. So there will be PVE zones for players that want to be left alone to PVE, then the PVP map which is for PVP. This map is essentially the world amp and will be fought over constantly - Teams or factions will gain benefits based on their success / how many keeps they control...etc. - Buff up stats - show advanced leader boards with kills, deaths, streaks...etc. and give players ranks. Players need an imperative to continue to PVP, they want bragging rights. - Create abilities players can earn by PVP'ing, PVP Ranks, items...etc. - make campaigns more like battlegrounds. Short term battles players can join for more instant fighting Crafting - I love the fact that it appears the best gear in the game is going to be player made! This will make for diversity in players. However, there is a balance here - players (like me) who only want to PVP, I don't want to have to craft, I'd rather just buy it. With that said, there needs to be a way for players to acquire gold through PVE or PVP so they are not "forced" to have to craft the best items. All for now :)
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