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  1. The ideal situation is that recall gets removed or altered in a way to stop you from abusing the system.
  2. You would still need to run that 'loot only' toon from the resource gathering spot to a keep/to the temple. No summoning (and at some point different recall mechanics) As for more local bank space I 100% agree we need way more space.
  3. Now that the current iteration of guards has been on live for a while I'm curious what people think about it / what changes would make the most sense moving forward. I kind of like them the way they are in keeps - it makes sense to invest in powerful guards to keep that area safe - but 1k gold (which is about half an hour of farming) for an NPC that will likely die within hours is rather lame. Problem is, they are so expensive and easily lost you hardly see them outside of keeps. On outposts guards really don't seem to exist - too much money for too little return. Apparently it is the same in forts which has lead to some ridiculous gameplay. (one level one character shouldn't be able to cap forts) . I don't know if people would even be willing to buy them in preparation for defending a fort - because if you lose a fort you can simply take it right back a few minutes later. Is this just a placeholder system or have we heard of changes/improvements incoming? What was the problem with the guards we had before?
  4. I hope a future update to recalls will make moving items to and from the crafting areas more risky. I'm also curious if this means there will be a lot more stealthers - both hunting for valuable loot in transit and for moving valuable loot.
  5. I'm struggling to find a place for champs in group vs group fights
  6. The 150 AP from Pitfighter's passive isn't worth the passive slot required to use it
  7. Yeah that got me thinking: how long will bodies (or loot boxes) be lootable? If someone dies when a mine colapses or a wall falls, perhaps their body will be buried for quite some time.
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