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  1. https://crowfall.com/en-US/warstories/angelmar-6-5-20 ACE don't leave your boy Vicid hanging - include my video too ;__; it's in Angelmar's post
  2. CF needs to copy mines from SB as well as siege mechanics from SB for keeps. (as in an attacker plants the plague trees and the defender sets the time for the upcoming siege). You really want to focus PvP in areas so that people can know where to go to have fun Right now resource collecting, caravan running, thrall hunting and sieges all rely on people bumping into each other. You can spend a whole siege window defending and never have PvP because no one decided to show up. If it costs them money to make your house vulnerable they will show up! Also the scoring system is totally dumb. Sorry but it is. Take the "destroy r3 buildings" card. We won that by avoiding fights.
  3. This is Vicid reporting live from LoD's Fort
  4. Lol @soulein I think melee mains are so disheartened we'll never recover. https://streamable.com/bg426p We gotta push forward! We can do it! ;(
  5. Favor of the gods should maybe win someone a buff or some secondary win. This is supposed to be a "Throne" Game, right?
  6. Not sure why you put decay on poisons, especially when their durability is so low
  7. Does that mean no Alchemy for a long time? RIP Assassin... Oh and crafting vessles.
  8. If EKs are down can you spin up an infected?
  9. Does the God your guild pledged to determine what Temple your guild uses in Dregs?
  10. That would make Knight or Templar a lot more viable right now but it would take away from the concept of hard choices. Though I think there are some easy choices to make that would preclude this particular hard choice.
  11. Vindicator got a buff to it's slash/fire caps but knights and Templars also got nerfed by not being able to Dodge if they block or parry. Idk if Swordsman got a damage buff Either way I'm dropping Vindicator for a long time based on what I'm seeing
  12. Disc powers that used to cost 1 pip on Templar won't cast when you have a single pip. When you have more than 1 pip they will cast and cost 1 pip Also I have 25% power resource cost from Weapon Finesse but it does not reduce the cost of disc powers that used to cost 1 pip
  13. Is there any way to see if the "Finish Him" Minor is working? The minor says it increases execute power damage, but I don't see a change in the tool tip after it is applied, and I don't see an execution damage stat in the Details. Also there are no test dummies as far as I can tell.
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