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  1. To get on the live server you would only need $50. If you're on the fence wait until the beta patch arrives (soon TM) Since you have an account you may get access to it for free at some point during beta - but if feedback from ppl is good that would be a good time to jump in
  2. I'm hoping roads had to give way to real info because they gotta share this stuff while it's still news hoping!
  3. If you're having a slideshow (Worst than 30 fps consistently) I'd recommend upgrading your ram. If its at something like 8 gigs you are gonna suffer ;<
  4. Illusionist's power keeps you stealthed if you stand still. Same as wood elf camo. Fessor's ult blinds and temporarily puts you in stealth, which means a nethari can get that much farther away from where they ulted when they pop up again
  5. Someone pointed out in discord that the 20% stealth movementspeed would buff fessors as well
  6. Awesome some good content! thank you ACE!
  7. Welcome! It is really good to see more active guilds in CF. I hope we meet again next campaign!
  8. I interpreted the 11.7 million giving them breathing room would mean a bit of delay on Beta. I have pre-patch fatigue as well but I understand they probably want to make sure, even on the test server, that when this patch arrives it is in a state that isn't going to drive away most people who try it. Even so ACE telling us this is preferable to keeping us hungry for this patch but in the dark 😖😢🤑
  9. I thought they said there will be slots and you can choose what to build/upgrade in them. I got the impression that there would be multiple build slots in each City That in fixed locations + maybe customizable walls would be great. W/o custom walls still ok imo
  10. Should Anti-Zerg Mechanics kick in when you have over one group, or two?
  11. Remove the ability to get anything but white mats from GR. Heck don't even let Chaos Embers drop there.
  12. When did you last test this? I am not seeing that result at all
  13. Test it without Devine light and you will get to 5 stacks as long as you attack fast enough or have another party member. If you can't get past 3 or 4 look like the other dummies they will likely have a sin on them
  14. Templar Sin from Devotion is all wonky each Templar can apply a maximum of 5 sin. I understand sin can stack up to 5 times, but thats not the issue. If a templar is hitting 3 test dummies you could see one dummy with 2 sin, one with 3 sin, and the third with zero sin. This does not increase with other party members being buffed with devotion this makes the sin a Templar can apply basically useless
  15. Let's all log in for forts and sieges tonight. get them big stream battles
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