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  1. Ignoring everything else in this argument I need to highlight one major error -- this is incorrect. Myself, nor my leadership, has been approached by Parallel or any of his guild regarding scrims. If you ask anyone in this community they will generally tell you one thing -- DIS is always open to scrims. We play this game for fights and your perceived understanding of this game and its politics is quite incorrect. If you're stating that DIS and Death have a NAP, good lord... what an interesting proposition. You haven't seen a dregs campaign yet and most of this population is idle awaits it's la
  2. Looking to get in on the fun? DIS is looking for a few rDPS (Stormcaller, Archmage) and Healers (Cleric-Crusader) mains to join the ranks. Join our Discord server found on the first page or send a message to Ruq#6343
  3. Can you elaborate on how the alliance system is counter to your desire for "hardcore or competitive pvp?" Further, can you define what "hardcore pvp" is to you? Can you also define "competitive pvp?"
  4. Dissentient is currently recruiting the following for the 6.4 push to Live: Cleric - Crusader Confessor - Inquisitor Support / Healing mains
  5. Honestly, either option is fine with me. I just want this implemented.
  6. Yeah this is how I originally envisioned this in my head. I think this would make everything pretty easy to manage for both conquest and DF, without adding new systems. It's just a simple N+1 system.
  7. Makes sense and I'm fine with it. How would you handle big shield going back after helping defend something?
  8. @MysticravenWould you be willing to host a 1v1 tournament on your channel? I bet a lot of Crowfall players would love to participate and go head-to-head against you,
  9. I'm worried about the situation Blazzen outlined below, where a big shield takes all their points to boost up a lower alliance at the very end of a campaign. It games the system and gives no way to fight against it.
  10. Argument for having a solo player win a GUILD VERSUS GUILD THRONE WAR....
  11. I agree. I don't think there has been presented a strong argument against this type of slight tweak to the current system. In term of big shield leaving an alliance -- I think you lock big shield into their alliance for a campaign. If you take the step to start an alliance and invite others into your alliance, you should be executor for the entire campaign. Your points will remain and even if you remove all members, you are locked into this status for the duration of the campaign. I could see this being an issue for extremely long (months+) campaigns, so in that situation I would argue if a
  12. +1 for cool ideas introducing variation in our gameplay loops.
  13. Stamina is related to retaliate, sprinting, and blocking. It is not simply a "resource" like mana is. Health is similar, in that is it not a "resource" like mana but is directly related to your health bar. Mana, rage, pips, etc. are all only related to resources and skill use in-game and have discipline or talents associated with them. Health and Stamina are not "resources" like the aforementioned resources.
  14. This is the entire point though -- you give the executor that power. If you bend the knee, you bend the knee. If you get screwed, you either join the enemy, back-stab them next campaign, or find some other way to exercise your power. If this is a throne war game, there needs to be this kind of political allowance in game. Don't let systems take away from the player's power.
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