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  1. Absolutely not. Keep the crafting system in-game. It is unique and adds avenues for specialization + differentiation between groups. I absolutely hate the idea of any NPC vendor in this game. Players can create the economy, not random NPC vendors.
  2. Welp -- looks like we've had a similar discussion here as well. My fault for not paying more attention and identifying similar arguments.
  3. Hi all, I have been mulling over the current state of the game for some time now and wanted to take a moment to throw an idea out to the community for discussion and, if worthwhile, refinement. I have been trying to think through some way to create dynamic content that decreases the ability for large groups to force project across multiple maps (primarily in reference to forts) and to introduce a reason to capture and fight over outposts. What I propose for discussion is the following: The introduction of dynamic fort timers that are based on RNG. This could be as simple
  4. We are looking to fill the following roles: > 3 support mains (Cleric-Crusader preferred)
  5. Current Observations / Bugs: When creating an alliance one member got access to the "Alliance" chat window but the other didn't. AKA, Bzra and HAX got it but myself and DIS did not. A relog fixes this issue. Chests just despawned full of resources after opening them. Second test – removed 1 item, despawned after 3 minutes. Third test - If you open a chest and do not remove the items it despawns after 3 minutes. Invites are not persisting for Alliances. If I invite a guild and close the menu the invite disappears. The invite persists for already fo
  6. 6.1 is soon. Purple Bird Bois are open for selective recruitment. You know you want to be a Purple Bird Boi. Join discord: https://discord.gg/whg55Fu
  7. Show up on your assassin and film from afar.
  8. Nime Nemesia zone, Fort of Inundium, Test Server, Infected.
  9. Hi all, I am organizing a login event on the TEST SERVER this evening NA (9:00p EST). The goal is to get as many people into infected as possible and to stress test FPS improvements in larger-scale battles. Bring whatever you want. Choose any faction. Just bring a character and keep your eyes on General Chat for additional information. Nime Nemesia zone -- Fort of Inundium Spread the word and thanks.
  10. As we shift towards official Beta, DIS is opening recruitment on a case-by-case basis. If you're interested in seeing if you're a good fit for the guild please send me a message here or on discord at Ruq#6343 or PSIcoh#0005.
  11. Happy Saturday all! I regret to inform the community we are delaying this week's Public Fight Nights due to server instability on Test. Hopefully next week we will be able to pick it back up with 5.125 on LIVE (hopefully) and begin back anew. Best, Ruq
  12. Public Fight Night will begin TODAY at 5:00p EST We will be seeing if we can run PFN this week on the Test Server (pending disconnects). The EK on the Test Server is named Public Fight Nights See everyone at 5:00p est in the DIS-cord.
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