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  1. Recruitment is open on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Here's an image of some of our fort fights early on... they said you could melee the walls down, but we're not so sure.
  3. New patch on test means new fun to be had. We're enjoying learning the new dregs content and testing FW for future comps. Come join us.
  4. 5.11 can't come soon enough. Come prep for dregs with us.
  5. We really only have 1 night of GW2 a week (Friday reset) so we'll have to see what 5.11 looks like -- but I expect some pretty strong no-lifeing to happen.
  6. Today is the day. Dregs. Content ahoy.
  7. We've been getting some good small-scale scrim content this week. Come learn the ropes with us as we prep for dregs.
  8. D R E G S. We want Dregs. Join us for D R E G S.
  9. Eternal Kingdom Scrims + a new live campaign = plenty of content to go around. Come check us out.
  10. Test server shenanigans and scrims = good fun. Hit me up if you're interested.
  11. Had a great first week of fort fights in campaign. Good content all around.
  12. Thanks — we’ve already gotten geared and into the campaign. No balance here, hah. We’re looking forward to the new patch.
  13. Dissentient [DIS] is a community originally formed in Guild Wars 2 focused around the World vs. World game mode with a specific interest in competitive, small-scale fights. We have stepped into the world of Crowfall and are in the beginning stages of seeking additional members to join us as we look to focus our efforts on PvP, with a specific emphasis on Dregs and Campaign content. We are currently in the final preparation stages for the push of the 5.11 patch to the live server and the introduction of Dregs and are looking for additional players to join our efforts. What we offer: Competitive environment focused around cohesion in builds, party compositions, and tactics. Strong community which has been playing together for years. Casual-Hardcore mindset which prioritizes competitive gameplay without requiring a 40 hour game week. What we're looking for: Players willing to improve, focus on competitive engagements, and take constructive criticism. Flexibility when it comes to builds, classes, and crafting. People who don't mind a bit of s*** talk. Here is a short video of some of our content from Guild Wars 2. We’re currently working on updating it with some recent Crowfall gameplay. Stay tuned for more content and keep an eye out for us on the battlefield. If you have any questions or would like to join you can message Ruq on Discord at Ruq#8658 or join our Discord server to begin the recruitment process. ----- Recruitment is open on a case-by-case basis.
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