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  1. <Question> Are third party software or macros allowed to spam certain skills? For example spamming "R" so you can 1st frame retaliate.
  2. Archdruid feels like crap. You have so much wind up for less than what some classes can put out in a single left mouse button click. Please look at the orb damage and increase it. This class is so much more technical and you always nerf the damage even though it takes a lot to be really proficient with it.
  3. Please tell me why cleric can have unmitigated holy damage plus mana shield but classes like AD continue to get nerfed.
  4. Except you can kill them and add to their rez timer and while they're coming in random waves go blow up their rez shrine. Zombie rushing siege has a big punishment if the guild sieging knows how to defend their trebs.
  5. Seems like a big oversight not allowing respec when you get to the next tier of a vessel. There are many talents and stats you can't live without on a gray vessel that become way less useful as your promote the vessel.
  6. I do think you and Nyurt should join forces and conquer the masses.
  7. Get rid of dropping equipped items, make it a 20% chance to take x3 durability. If you haven't played your game crafting is not ez come, so ez go needs to be gone!
  8. Putting respec on VIP is poorly made dergs.
  9. All that to say, I still want some way to make skulls count for something. Vendors would be dope.
  10. The idea of having rng locations with rng vendors for a set period and it being announced was the thought to hurting the exploiting some. Also a set limit per day could also be introduced.
  11. The 20% loss of equipment feels like too steep of a punishment for losing. This game needs to reward pvp risk taking. So instead of punish the loser by having them now needing to go craft another item for their equipment why not reward the winner by making skulls worth something. I was hoping to make skulls could have a vendor that is out in the world so there is risk to it still. Something that trades players a certain amount of resources per skull. I don't care the number but this would allow pvp only players to directly help add more resources to their guild and also be another place f
  12. yeah sorry, but when the population most of the time is maybe 10 people in a campaign, there are way too many maps
  13. So what about 6.5 will we get another wipe as soon as ACE figures out how they want crafting and gathering to truly be implemented in the game?
  14. It needs to be all ap from promotion, the real issue is music but if you nerf that it will kill the domain. Taking the 300AP potential from pits and replacing with resistance is a good test.
  15. EU meta has really changed without V around.
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