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  1. I would like to see Freezing Blast as part of the debuff in order to allow the volatiles to knock down. Something that is very directional and has an obvious tell.
  2. But nerfing it like the devs have talked about will just make it where melee is op and may get even stronger as the healers can keep them up as they charge etc.
  3. Nerfing all ranged when we haven't seen the decent crafted armor, better mitigation, and better support power healers; feels like a knee jerk reaction. I do agree the FG volatiles need to be adjusted or fixed if it's truly a bug.
  4. When someone has close to the best specs out and you say 20-40 frames isn't terrible. Hahahahahahah
  5. Have you noticed guilds that focus on PvP are the ones getting tired of the game. Is this a PvP game or a city building game with some PvP in it?
  6. Sounds like you didn't get a vendor and are big sad about it. ACE needs to build a Trade chat and make it so that general spam about it would suspend the player from posting in general for a set time.
  7. So instead a single player controls an area and can decide who may setup a vendor. Do they also have the ability to control location of that vendor? This just sounds like it will lead to an annoying general spam with everyone trying to market their EK.
  8. Wouldn't GR vendors still net more traffic? Also, idk why people don't like competition with land rushes.
  9. I think scale of population fixes a lot of this. Hopefully.
  10. Yeah for a PvP centric game this did feel like a 1 dimensional PvE fetch/escort/circle standing game. Outside the 1 hour of good PvP, this game just doesn't feel fun doing those cards.
  11. @ZYBAK 1 part you're definitely correct about, it isn't about the numbers, as can be seen with the performance when you guys rallied everyone against Dis 3 nights in a row lol.
  12. Poor fella you think I'm talking about alpha. Think bigger next time.
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