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  1. 12 man parties and add friendly fire outside party
  2. I think the belltower should be the most costly piece of the keep as it directly relates to conquest points. Let rank 1 be cheap, 2 rough, and 3 a slog.
  3. Why does losing a keep not heavily affect your conquest score? I figured this was a scoring bug they would work out, but at this point it seems like a feature. If you lose a keep that should heavily affect your current conquest score. If not come launch it would be easier for people to just fast drop a new seed after their keep goes down and not even defend it.
  4. The ward system makes sieges look like a big joke. Small keep and Castle devolve down to the defenders sitting on top ward with 50 for 60minutes. How is this exciting content? Please fix the ward system or create other routes that all classes can use. Big Keep is an example of a multi route location that keeps the fight moving and requires defenders to have a brain.
  5. I think you guys would do really well if you toned the toxicity down slightly. Game needs more guilds and I hope yours grows. Good luck, and don't take this game so seriously.
  6. No general is bad....how else am I supposed to ridicule my opponents so much they quit, then I complain that I have no content.
  7. At the end of the day it would still just be holding 1 that mattered.
  8. The current setup for siege is leaving a lot lacking, you have 15 minutes to rush a keep before defenders have an opportunity to completely nullify the attack, while dealing with walls and miniboss guards. Then if you do have enough attackers to guard the banes, the ward system is pretty unforgiving for upper wards within small keep and castle. My suggestion is to have wards play differently, if you have all your wards up your tree can't be damaged but each one eliminated allows the tree to take a certain amount of damage. So 4/4 100% damage reduction, 3/4 75%, 2/4 50%, and 1/4 25%. Also each ward that is taken down increases the siege timer window by 15 minutes. I would love to see a redesign of the small keep and castle to allow for more routes to top ward that all classes/races could access, but I'm not sure ACE has that type of time to devote to it. So, making the final ward be still useful but not completely necessary for a successful siege would make the siege flow better. Right now all defenders do is stack into top ward and just have to last for 60 minutes, which isn't compelling pvp gameplay and a huge turn off for those looking for big siege fights.
  9. <Question> Are third party software or macros allowed to spam certain skills? For example spamming "R" so you can 1st frame retaliate.
  10. Except you can kill them and add to their rez timer and while they're coming in random waves go blow up their rez shrine. Zombie rushing siege has a big punishment if the guild sieging knows how to defend their trebs.
  11. Seems like a big oversight not allowing respec when you get to the next tier of a vessel. There are many talents and stats you can't live without on a gray vessel that become way less useful as your promote the vessel.
  12. I do think you and Nyurt should join forces and conquer the masses.
  13. All that to say, I still want some way to make skulls count for something. Vendors would be dope.
  14. The idea of having rng locations with rng vendors for a set period and it being announced was the thought to hurting the exploiting some. Also a set limit per day could also be introduced.
  15. The 20% loss of equipment feels like too steep of a punishment for losing. This game needs to reward pvp risk taking. So instead of punish the loser by having them now needing to go craft another item for their equipment why not reward the winner by making skulls worth something. I was hoping to make skulls could have a vendor that is out in the world so there is risk to it still. Something that trades players a certain amount of resources per skull. I don't care the number but this would allow pvp only players to directly help add more resources to their guild and also be another place for fights and ganks to happen. Maybe have 3 or 4 skull vendors(each resource leather, wood, stone, and ore)in a campaign that randomly spawn for 1 hour with an announcement and can trade skulls for a specific resource. The exchange could be like 1 skull 10 white x, 8 green x, 5 blue x, 3 purple x, and 1 gold x.
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