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    BehindYou reacted to Sporticus in Suspend all Winterblades and Hax players from the next Dregs   
    It is quite the conundrum, the devs have a handful of guilds on their jock, and they are the core of the shrinking playerbase. Piss them off and the core leaves, piss off everyone else and they can't attract new players. In before Jah posts to tell us there is no problem so long as the devs keep sucking off the large guilds.
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    BehindYou reacted to PsylentScream in State of the Game livestreams   
    I bet looking into the eyes of passengers was hard for the crew of the titanic after they drove straight into an iceberg. The difference here is we all saw it coming and a bunch of us stood shouting from the decks and straight got told the ice berg was good for the ship.  
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    BehindYou reacted to MacDeath in Trust the system and flip the switch   
    It's actually worth trying but it has to be done SOON(tm) or it won't matter. The player base is melting.
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    BehindYou reacted to mystafyi in Trust the system and flip the switch   
    We have been asking for this same thing for years. years.
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    BehindYou reacted to MrErad in Trust the system and flip the switch   
    I'm sure they'll still cater to the current pop size instead of the one they want. They caved on the PDM changes  which would have broken stuff but at this point they might as well go drastic.  A balance patch on top would have been nice too instead we get a trapmaster  reduction of 5s and ult change to 750 woooooo.  

    At this point the Devs should be forced to play their own game as a small clan/medium  for 3hrs a day for at least a week to see what the game is like and as a form of punishment.  Maybe we'll get some real change if that happens.
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    BehindYou reacted to DivineAtheen in Community Top Likes and Dislikes Feedback 08/24/2021   
    Live Server - Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? 
      Guild sizes are too large, reduce them to 50.   AOE caps encourage zerging, increase this to 10.   Running 33-40% healers sucks, ruins groups and make the meta stale, make parties 10 players each.   Stacking to reduce effectiveness of AOE's suck, add friendly fire outside of party.
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    BehindYou reacted to McTan in Downtime Compensation: Yes   
    Basically, all compensation they give to Test server should simply be given to Live server participants who meet the same criteria. Let's admit this is a beta still and get on the same page. No chance this game doesn't rerelease with a full wipe in 2022. The sooner we can all be pulling in the same direction, the better.
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    BehindYou reacted to ACE-Tiggs in 7.100 Test Update Notes for 8/28/2021   
    Update 7.100
    If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.
    To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
    To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback
    Archived campaign's collect rewards button now properly opens the campaign results UI Fixed an issue where sometimes the Campaign Results screen would display endlessly Fixed an issue where sometimes a stronghold would lose the sockets attached to it. Dying near a war table will no longer prevent you from releasing your crow. Crafting
    Fixed a bug where the Crafting Window would sometimes cause players to be unable to move Risk Management granted via crafting belts now also grants 5 to Partial Re-roll Cost Modifier The UI Setting, Reopen Auto Closed Windows, will reopen to Personal Crafting instead of the last Station Eternal Kingdom
    Fixed an issue where public EKs sometimes wouldn't stay open for three hours if the setting had just changed from private to public When attempting to name an EK and the same name is already used with different capitalization changes, the name cannot be used. Powers
    Updated the description of Guiding Light Aura to indicate it buffs Bonus Damage: Holy and Bonus Damage: Fire Frostweaver
    Resource usage shows more properly in the Flytext General
    Fixed a bug where the crow release prompt wouldn't be shown while bleeding out if the player was next to an interactable stronghold table during a siege Sound
    Sound for Barrage now better matches the length of the animation 
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    BehindYou got a reaction from JamesGoblin in ACE Community Livestream August 31st 11 AM CDT (6 PM CEST)   
    <Question> 10 man parties with friendly fire outside of party when?
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    BehindYou reacted to Thimble in [Corvus Citadel] The Defense of Galious DeCri   
    The creaking of armor was loud in the silence, chains rattling against each other faintly as those they protected drew breath, leather squeaking against restraints and plate clinking against itself as defenders shifted their weight. As with every world they had fought on before, the Hunger was beginning to close in and soon this world would join the others in being consumed. Word came down from the Corax Council that the keep would likely be attacked that night, and they were committed to making the attackers pay dearly for every inch they took.
    Suddenly, a call echoed from the walls. A runner had been spotted to the east of the keep. He gave his report as soon as he was within shouting distance. The Shire Rats had managed to intercept the enemy siege engineer, killing his vessel and taking the enemy’s entire arsenal of siege equipment as well as their Tree of Life seed. Furrious and his band of guerrilla fighters had not only confirmed that an attack was coming, they had also dealt a major blow to the attackers.
    Thimble knew that it wouldn’t be enough. The report said that their enemy was Hax. Bzra was their leader, and he was quick to anger, throwing himself into a rage at the slightest insult. Losing their siege equipment and seed would be more than enough for that, and though that would work in their favor, Hax also had far more fighters than Corvus Citadel could muster. It would be a difficult fight, and losing was a very real possibility. That’s why they had already exported everything of value from this world. Losing would only cost the Citadel pride, a price they were unwilling to pay.
    Suddenly, a war horn sounded from one of the lookout towers. The enemy had placed their siege equipment. Fireballs bigger than a centaur hurled toward the keep from their position. The call came that a second, and then a third, trebuchet had been placed, all immediately firing as soon as they coalesced into a solid form. From the walls, Thimble could see that they were fairly low quality, likely crafted in haste, and he silently thanked the Shire Rats again.
    After only a few shots, the enemy siege engineers had found their mark. Ball of fire after ball of fire struck the wall adjacent to the inner keep. Whichever enemy commander gave the order to attack that section of wall must have been inexperienced; Thimble knew that it was, tactically, one of the worst positions to breach for an assault. A breach there would allow the defenders to position themselves high on the inner keep walls, benefiting from the additional healing and protection that a stable firing position gives, while the attackers would have to run through a gauntlet of death. They would lose a large chunk of their force before the defenders would be forced to engage in melee, evening the odds. The warriors of the Corvus Citadel would need that advantage, Thimble knew, because from his position on the wall he could see that the enemy numbers easily dwarfed their own by at least two to one.
    Another horn sounded. More enemies? It looked like Hax had committed their entire force, how could they have summoned more? They weren’t known for making friends; could they have found more allies somewhere? Perhaps they had summoned them from the shadow worlds, where it seemed new armies were born every week. No, Bzra’s brother Towb had been so abrasive that members of Hax had been quietly slipping away to join other forces as of late. There’s no way that any competent commander would decide to commit their forces to fight alongside them.
    Suddenly, dozens of fire tornadoes sprouted up in the back line of the Hax forces. Their vessels died left and right, spirit crows releasing to fly to their own keep nearby to pray to the Gods to manifest new vessels for them to inhabit. The entire Hax force turned to face the new army that had appeared out of nowhere. The call came in: it was Death Alliance. Thimble remembered, long ago, coming to their aid in several engagements. Corvus Citadel had even been formally allied with one or another of their member guilds at different points in their long history. He remembered that, in the very beginning, shortly after he had first been brought back as a crow by the Gods and formed the Corvus Citadel with four others who now made up the Corax Council, they had allied with the Undead Lords to fight for the god Malekai in the shadow worlds.
    The battle was intense. Spells saturated the area to the point where Thimble could feel the spark of magic in the air brushing against the face of the high elf vessel he was currently inhabiting. Corvus siege engineers used the opportunity to place their own siege equipment to fire at the trebuchets that Hax had placed, destroying two in quick succession. Just as the third one was annihilated by two balls of fire launched from within the keep, it had launched one of its own. Time seemed to slow down for Thimble as he watched the fireball soar through the air in a high arc, coming down directly on top of the weakened wall, obliterating it. The wall had been breached for the first time since Corvus Citadel had laid claim to the keep of Galious DeCri the first day they entered this world.
    Instead of rushing into the breach, and into the gauntlet of death that awaited them, the Hax forces were too busy fighting. Several of them had already run, undisciplined as they were, and Thimble was delighted to see warriors of Cataphract, one of their allies, picking off those who turned tail from the fight. He was sure that the Shire Rats were doing the same on the other side of the horde, boxing Hax in and giving them no quarter. As the battle shifted closer to the walls of the keep, Thimble could see that the forces from the Death Alliance numbered far fewer than those of Hax, and he knew that they were able to triumph not only because of the element of surprise, but also through superior discipline and skill. He had fought both against them and alongside them, and knew them well, and he was thankful that, for the moment at least, they were on the same side.
    A few minutes later, the entire Hax army had been annihilated. A few had likely managed to get out, but the rangers of the Shire Rats had made sure that number would be very small. Duffy gave the order for the defenders to sally forth and destroy the Bane Trees that had sprouted around the keep as a result of the attack. As the last one was being taken down, the armies of the Corvus Citadel and the Death Alliance collided, with not one weapon drawn. The forces weaved through each other, and the commanders nodded in respect. Then the two armies went their separate ways.
    And thus ends the tale of the Defense of Galious DeCri.
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    BehindYou reacted to TwoLucky in Chat Update   
    All of this sounds awesome, but please make sure the chat bubbles are a toggleable feature. That could get super annoying/cluttering near a lot of people. Thank you for listening!
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    BehindYou reacted to thomasblair in Update from the Trenches: Combat Stats   
    Since 7.100 is really close to launching on Live, and this set of changes needs more iteration time, we are going to move these changes into 7.200 and continue to iterate on them in that branch. This should give us more polish time for other changes in 7.100 and more time to dive into some of the edge cases you brought up with the Combat Stats (like Holy Damage).

    Thanks for the pages of feedback, it has given us a few angles to look at!
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    BehindYou reacted to McTan in Update from the Trenches: Combat Stats   
    It's worth noting that my spec group has six shield users, and none of us take Stalwart for Get Behind Me. We also have no Secutors.
    So it isn't a matter of compulsion. It's a matter of understanding. The fewer options that spec groups have, the more similar everything becomes. The opportunity for countermeta builds (MWH group) decrease. The game suffers.
    I know there are spec groups completely built around PDM. Ours isn't one. But I don't want to see those groups get recklessly punished for being thoughtful. Their choices, and everyone's, involve significant opportunity cost. The fewer vectors of opportunity, the more likely we all converge on the same, single, viable playstyle.
    This patch dismantles another clump of discipline powers and a couple class defining talents and powers without addressing the ill-defined problem which has been stated by the Dev both as people getting killed too fast and people not getting killed fast enough. This patch did not address the fact that many majors and minors are completely underpowered and not viable at all, which has nothing to do with PDM.
    aka poorly thought out, sledgehammer-esque, imbalance creation on behalf of people who "don't have a clue" (his words)
    Edit: let me add, as an aside, that focusing on combat stats and balance right now is complete nonsense. stop tinkering with the fun part of your game and make the rest of your game fun. this is the root problem: for 23 hours a day, I have essentially no reason to log in anymore. 
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    BehindYou reacted to McTan in Update from the Trenches: Combat Stats   
    Lower the amount of PDM given by certain powers: differentiate ults (some 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), protection stake to 10/15 Allow armor (read: resistance) breaks to be cleansed Provide more Armor buffs (look at phantom armor (Armor Class) vs sanctuary(Resist All)) Introduce debuffs for armor pen 1.5x and 2x the current mail and plate Armor amounts. Leave leather. 1.5x shield armor values. Expand upon active spells, like targeted, strong, short duration, short CD barriers and armor buffs instead of long durations and passives Allow the same armor break to stack, but lower it. For example, Arkon's disciple stacking 5% up to 20%, instead of straight to 20% a.k.a. look at how Wee One debuff "Shrink" works and mimic the design principle Understand that PDM and armor breaks are not the reason why smaller groups, solo players, or players who "have no idea" lose their fights. How many more free ideas that are better than "lower all PDM sources except for the worst culprit (repeat ults at 80% for 5 seconds with secondary effects) to 3 or 5% and do not allow any of them to stack anymore" would you like us to provide?
    How about make PDM come at a cost, like lower movement speed or lower PHM (a la Stoneskin) or like Armor choice, where you lose baked in Healing Bonus and Damage Bonus or at the expense of freedom of action, like block or parry, or maybe PDM inverts damage bonus?
    When you sledgehammer instead of scalpel, you run into all these unintended consequences. You completely butchered secutors, for example, who functioned off a high PDM reset mechanic to do what they were designed to do, tank! Now you also have to worry about holy damage, which was actually quite reasonably balanced (as a spec group built around it from clerics), which almost certainly means you will sledgehammer it without knowing the consequences.
    Like, if you touch holy now, you have big problems without (a) adding armor pen, (b) adding a new crafted chest with holy damage bonus, (c) adding holy armor breaks and adding a new combination for holy armor penetration on crafting, (d) providing more sources of holy damage bonus from discs.
    Or you could simply...push pause, rewind, and use a scalpel.
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    BehindYou reacted to KimmyKarate in Update from the Trenches: Combat Stats   
    Ya...make armor pen weaker, almost completely remove personal damage modifier...I'll make a bold prediction, the meta becomes holy damage with no counter and everyone finds that to be very enjoyable.
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    BehindYou reacted to Angelmar in Update from the Trenches: Combat Stats   
    Reduce Armor Breaks to a 10% debuff, and prevent different kinds of Armor Breaks from stacking.

    Does this mean a Physical armor break will overwrite an elemental break? e.g. would a knight armor break overwrite a confessor fire break? How is this staking working.
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    BehindYou reacted to Parallel in One Big Dregs + International Siege Schedules   
    Crazy, they did what we all wanted. 
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    BehindYou reacted to ACE-Tiggs in 7.000 Live Server Update Notes for 8/17/2021   
    If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.
    To report any issues or bugs, please go here: Live Server Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
    To report feedback, please go here: Live Server Feedback
    Known Issues
    We're aware of an issue where some zones are crashing.  If this occurs, they will automatically restart within 5 minutes. Eternal Kingdom
    Fixed an issue where recently changed settings for an EK wouldn't correctly update in EK editor if it was reopened Powers
    Fixed an issue where Spirit Whip was hitting the same ranged target multiple times
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    BehindYou reacted to Zeno in Price Protection on Parcels and Buildings   
    Cool, now do the 3 character slots for $50+ (more than a new account) next! :)
  20. New Bug Reported
    BehindYou got a reaction from ACE-Tiggs in Community Top Likes and Dislikes Feedback 07/28/2021   
    Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). 
    I like the creative idea behind CF I like the small scale pvp I like how pvp feels meaningful Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? 
    Performance Zergs (create 10 man parties and add friendly fire, will decrease zergs and probably increase performance) XP grind sink for levels (completely opposite of what you guys stated you were about) Sieges on timers (give me handshake sieges make it expensive on both sides)   Que
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    BehindYou reacted to ACE-Tiggs in 7.000 Live Server Update Notes for 8/4/2021   
    If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.
    To report any issues or bugs, please go here: Live Server Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
    To report feedback, please go here: Live Server Feedback
    The Shadow 7.000
    The Shadow Campaigns
    Eternal Kingdom
    Fixed an issue with the grouping and EK commands that were preventing players with dots or dashes in their names from being found UI
    Fixed an issue where the invite command for grouping was case sensitive General
    Fixed an issue where mounting after resurrecting in the same zone does not show the mount
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    BehindYou reacted to yianni in August VIP Reward - Blackguard's Shadowstrike Sigil   
    Please give more harvesting or crafting sigils we have like 20 of those damage ones
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    BehindYou reacted to ACE-Tiggs in 6.540 Live Server Update Notes for 8/1/2021   
    If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.
    To report any issues or bugs, please go here: Live Server Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
    To report feedback, please go here: Live Server Feedback
    We'll be removing the Conquest Rewards from the current Campaigns ending today. These rewards will be manually applied to guilds over the course of the next week.  Additionally, a guild must have earned at least 100 conquest points in order to be eligible for a Conquest Reward.
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    BehindYou reacted to mandalore in Founders’ Update: A New Update, The Shadow, is revealed   
    So only one dregs next cw?  So people can't dodge unless they go to FvFvF?  Good news. 
  25. Confused
    BehindYou reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Completed - The Narey (AUS) Campaign   
    Narey (AUS) Campaign Schedule
    The Narey (AUS) Campaign Starts: Friday, July 23, 8 PM AEST (5 AM CDT)
    The Narey (AUS) Campaign Ends:  Saturday, July 31, 11 PM AEST (8 AM CDT)
    Imports & Win Conditions for those Fighting for Victory!
    Embargo Imports: 30 (Equippable items only) Embargo Exports: Unlimited Win Conditions & Conquest Points
    The faction or Guild earning the most Conquest Points by the end of the campaign is declared the winner by the Gods!  Additional rewards will be rewarded to top Guilds, and their members, for achieving the top scores in Divine Favor categories: Glory, Wealth, and Power. See the Rewards tab of the Campaign for details on winners and rewards. Fight for the Gods as you set a path to victory!
    You must be Level 25 to enter this Campaign!
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