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  1. i would to preshare it if the inflow of the Combat Tree complete reworked or deleted, because to gain over the time in PvP isnt fair to New Players. Maybe you go in a 1vs1 fight or guild skirmish with 5vs5 or 15 vs 15 what ever, the new players wouldnt be able to do the same like oler players. voted no, because spend right now 3 weeks into this game, my effort goes deleted this is bad for my situation. but im fine to see a wipe because it would improove for new players the experirence of this game
  2. yes i agree with all of these sentences yeah i learned that you cant carry othe behavoirs next time i will report them so basicly this topic is closed for me hope ACE will take action
  3. i think dont need just say anything at all because i forgot you doing the same thing sorry i remember it to late btw i was dying with intention to record that and analyse it that i miss move well i know but actually the damage was insane just a second reflect of that in the forum i think it doesnt need more proove btw "Your disc choices are pretty suspect and don't really complement the class well with the exception of weapon finesse and elementalist." i got the same discs as you posted to me in discord just one was different because i use the disc actually becuase im not
  4. i can back up but its against the conduct for posting Names or Discord conversations and i think you will be frustrated aswell if you want know something and get only the feedback like you playing bad you waste your spells thats the reason you do less damage of course its a reason but i dunno a single thing of that and proove it again in my video is that truth but it was just sense less answers it was just a visual bug where i get confuse more feel about yes wont get luck there if the community toxic like that in the early stages of this game charge by some guilds feel like quit thi
  5. the behavior is reflected again just one time but enough that i will not discuss this anymore with some Winterblades the chance is highly to get the same answers in forum like in discord or in-game
  6. cause everyone of that guild explain me that im playing bad thats the reason of all my issues sorry if i'm wrong but that's nearly to insulting i will break this here because you dont get everything what all members of the guild do discord/ingame etc. and yes again the start off the topic is not with the right title i agree the quote above thats the soloution of the my issue thank you to all others who tried to help me for real and not try to engage the player
  7. yes and i want to know why ?I just felt it that way but i got it its just for real a visual bug in the combat logs a way difference informations about the damage i would know why im doing 336 crits for example but it isnt a crit its a normal hit in the video is it showing off the visuals thats a crit hit it's just completely different now what i wrote before because the visuals that the game shows off was confuse me
  8. okay thank you for this feedback but seems that Winterblades got a lot of Toxic players the second such feedback from Winterblades with non sense only Phylor seems to be a good player and normal person that is in winterblades because Phylor want to help me and dont bring kind of sense less quotes already discuss in discord with him - why i said this look at your own videos where your guilds doing the same and points it as good positioning and good play advertises in discord over all as good? next one to your enumerations 1. used it everytime if the 5 Sin stacks reached just on
  9. yeah i think there a many Strenghts/weaknesses but i mean the ranomizer of this game pushing any dps classes to the ground where the tanks and healers really more importent to any groups
  10. @Staff stop to explain how good you or someone else i want to disccuss my topic nothing else
  11. @phylor yeah i wont copy any builds or players because i have my own playstlye and try to pass it to my guild that we got more synergy nad i feel like that a dps class atm not that good slot in a group is because a tank, offtank or healer a way better slot on a group is
  12. okay @Staff your actually a player who i bet that you join only winner sides and get carried sound like this but no offering here please be objectiv im serously discuss a badly mechanic in my opinion and wont hear anything on im/we are/a better player or something like this because i just said i got much expirence and im a good pvp player i learn alot in 10 days of play this game but want serously to improove and help , discuss such mechanics/logics mostly improove my self
  13. @Phylor.the.Jester ofc i know how it works the first thing was i read every skill on the confessor and how i can combine it with some other skills to get a powerfull synergy. and yes the first AA isnt that much but still the third shot can be the range of 500 - 1800 atm and mostly it gonna hit 400- 1200 but aswell 10 third attacks hit with 400 for example there is no pressure because that damage is easy to heal or shielded so and then you get a hit with 1300 damage nice pressure but in 1 sec overhealed and then you hit again only with 400 - 800 because the mitigations reduced
  14. at this point if you got the man power just go 2 tanks 2 plaguelords 1 healer on basicly every group 3 groups and goodplayer you destry everything because the effort of any dp classes got denied no presure etc. a tank gonna laugh on me you can go as 3 DD a tank will be able tank this easy with an healer or the champion would be able this solo the CC on the conffesor is nice so any Damage class is nice to have but not neccasary welcome to the tank meta to archer is the only class atm that reached what a DPS Class should do maybe in a smaller scale like you guys said archer is not a
  15. btw i want to post the difference from this randomizer CF 0 - infinitie feels like and GW2 0 - 100 if you increase the might its still the base damage higher but the randomizer stay if you hit a crit is it a chance that you can execute them so you dont need a finisher in game but still balanced in fight overall in large scale WVW in gw2 its pretty the same. The Tanks at CF have many Mitigations of the base stats so you cant hit them even more then 1k damage for my situation right now because randomizer + that mitigations are gabrage sometimes you hit 1k because you go the highest roll but
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