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  1. I want to note that in Russia everything can happen.I do not remember another such story as happened with Black Desert.such a case is much more typical: the game is distributed by buy and play, but the price is slightly lower than in Europe. Players buy and play, after a while it becomes a free to play game with huge fees. Players leave, the game closes - you lose everything.In this case, you also lost everything and at the same time no one is to blame. Companies doing business in Russia quickly make money, and then throw everything into the fire. A good example for me is the Guild Wars 1. And because I can still play it, and because I also liked the organization of the game for people from different countries. There was a division on the mirrors of the game, but you could always go play with the British or Germans or French. You had a choice. As for player versus player, this was an international zone and you competed with all countries. Yes, and I also do not like the Guild War 2. For the fact that it teaches the gamers to be very Igaistic. This single player game is not multiplayer.
  2. I recently learned about the game and I really liked it. The only thing I miss is dungeons. I read the answer on the forum about dungeons from developers, as well as the entire forum thread.I apologize for writing here, but buying a game is not available to me, which means that the forum is also unavailable. I'm a pve player and love dungeons.I understand the difficulties of creating AI.I also know that any dungeon sooner or later bothers.Although I can go through the same 1kkkk times. I have a suggestion on how to get rid of boredom without good artificial intelligence. 1)let the player not search for the team but immediately get into the dungeon through the portal 2)the player gets to the collection point of team A(8 people team) he can both damage his team And heal her 3)In the same principle, team B is created 4)Passing the game, team A and B collide with each other on intermediate assignments(if it’s a mini-boss, then they face the problem of beating the boss or killing the enemy and whether the next boss will turn out to be impassable without the help of another team?) 5)only 8 people get a reward; nothing is lost when a person is killed 6)many types of dungeon(various number of levels through the portal).The winning team passes through the portal.at the next level, the team meets the winning team b from another mirror As for the local sellers of the game.You must understand that the Russian-speaking community has accumulated gigantic, negative experience. For me such an experience is the Black Desert-GameNet.I would pay more for peace of mind than to think every day that I could lose everything.
  3. There is no payment selection button. Should I buy a game here?(If you are new to Crowfall, please go to our partner's site at https://ru-new.4game.com/crowfall/ and register an account to learn more!) if there is an opportunity to buy only there, is there a separation between the servers of Europe and other countries?
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