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  1. It's hard to see exactly what the full game loop is going to be for Crowfall right now, even for someone that's been following the game closely since the Kickstarter Some of the systems are only partially implemented (waiting on phase 2 of crafting with blueprint/project/thrall production), or not at all (no scoring and win conditions, no guilds) or in a testing state only (10X speed training, anytime/anywhere Spirit Bank access). The broad concept for role specialization was that a player could dedicate their skill training to either Exploration, Crafting, or Combat - and each one of these would have enough content to be a full-time playstyle. Players could also hybrid train, and play more than one role if they wished to. The concept also included the idea of interdependence. At some point you will need to interact with other players in some capacity, as it will be nearly impossible to be 100% self sufficient. This current phase of development is focused on laying the technical framework and design foundation for the game. I expect as things move into officially alpha phase, we'll start to see more of the plan realized for what you termed the "metagame flow". Some of this is a grand experiment - what aspects will work? what features will need changes? Hard to know until we playtest it. The ACE development team has been extremely responsive to player feedback so far (much more than any other game I've followed), so all of this is an on-going process we get to participate in. Welcome to the fun
  2. When can I play?

    Yes, you can playtest as a KS early bird backer! The LIVE test server environment runs 24/7 now. Download here: https://crowfall.com/en/client/ (Click on the green button that says "LIVE PATCHER DOWNLOAD") Some short tutorial videos that can also help you get started:
  3. Stuttering problem

    This is an optimization problem, not your computer system. This is one of the issues we just have to put up with in early development testing, while things are changing rapidly. If a build has alot of FPS drops (motion sickness, bleh), I test less and wait for the next build - 5.7 hype
  4. ACE Q&A for July - Official Discussion Thread

    Hmm, did I hear Elk are coming in 5.7 ? Elken vs. Elk
  5. ACE Q&A for July - Official Discussion Thread

    Those are also valid issues that need to get worked out to make the economy function smoothly.
  6. ACE Q&A for July - Official Discussion Thread

    If NPC vendors sell low level resources, it does establish a baseline gold value of those resources. If you have extras to sell you can undercut the NPC price and still have customers. If the NPC price seems too low and negatively impacts the economy, we can give feedback on that after testing.
  7. Big news for ArtCraft !

    Great to see the ACE team growing - and see the SB "partners in crime" back together to bring more innovation to the MMO genre!
  8. I'm a big fan of SWG as well, and sandboxes in general. Crowfall does have some similar gameplay in crafting, vendor-based economy, skill training specializations, and community building. Crowfall has more focus on pvp competition than SWG, along with some survival, strategy, and siege inspiration from other games. It's still early testing, so I don't play CF like I would a released MMO. I generally login to test new builds - it is fun try everything, give feedback, and follow the progress of development.
  9. Forts - zero value

    Everyone does agree . The first implementation of Forts/Keeps was really just to test that the capture and siege mechanics were functional. I'm sure we'll start to see more focus on this as the development moves from pre-alpha (building a functional foundation) into alpha (more of a full gameplay loop). Stay tuned!
  10. Crowfall/Ace tribute

    Those greybox trees - so nostalgic!
  11. What direction is the game going?

    I did really like how flattened the gear curve was in GW2 WvW. I had many friends that spent a HUGE amount of time grinding for their Legendary Weapons that first year - but those Legendaries had similar stats to the regular top tier weapons. People invested in them because the cosmetics were impressive.
  12. Really cool to see the Rank system in the building components, definitely like how that is shaping up!
  13. Mankind Sylvan Monster

    Additional crafting stats from Discs and quality of Crafting stations/Thralls maybe?
  14. completely lost.....

    Some short tutorial vids to get you started: Also check out the overview for the most recent 5.5 and 5.6 builds:
  15. Skill Point System Pretty Underwhelming

    I played EVE for about 6 months. When I started, I was playing with a small group of friends that were veteran EVE players and they gave me a training plan for getting into a decent ship for pvp/pve as fast as possible (Drake). I definitely prefer the passive over-time style vs repetitive grinding XP levels in other games. But my overall impression of the EVE system is that it was way too easy for a newer player to make mistakes, and waste huge amounts of time (months) on un-optimal skills. Most of the training was about unlocking different types of ships, and being able to use optimal fittings for those ships. So collecting more and more spaceship skills is kinda where they lost me , it's just not my thing.