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  1. People obviously play pvp games like MOBAs and BRs just for the fun (cosmetics) and the win (rankings) - the difference is the time investment (grind is the enemy here) so that's a really important balancing act for CF.
  2. Account Name

    Currently it's how the system works: forum name = account name = character name. Not sure if it will always be this way, but I do like the idea that players have accountability for in-game actions within the community. The lowercase issue comes from registering in the Kickstarter era before the forum upgrade. If you would like to change your name, email support@crowfall.com. They will change it once for you!
  3. Who can get me caught up on everything!

    https://malekai.org/classes is a good resource for that info (also racial and discipline info).
  4. stuck with no vessel

    Send email to support@crowfall.com - if you are stuck and can't play they should be able to help.
  5. Who can get me caught up on everything!

    The Milestone videos give a quick overview of what's been added to the game testing in the last 3 major builds: 5.8 is about to arrive so look for more details coming in the next couple weeks.

    [TESTING COPIES] EK Bundle items are for the Eternal Kingdoms personal housing worlds. The bundle includes some land, and building pieces that you can use during testing phases. The Starter Pack- Patron is your game preorder (not extra), so if you gift that to someone else it transfers to them and you no longer own it. For friends that are not able to purchase the game atm, they should at least register on the website so they'll be on the invite list for the free closed beta phase later. Also keep an eye out for contests, giveaways, and sales - unfortunately you just missed ACE's October "Monster Month" contest that gave away 3 game packages. Official twitter is best way to find out about these events : https://twitter.com/crowfallgame
  7. Refund within 24 hour period being delayed

    Gaming with a friend is a good stress relief, hopefully we'll see you in 5.8 for some testing fun!
  8. Cleric LMB heal?

    If Rear Kick is really back, time for Tinnis to play a centaur cleric!
  9. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    The Divine Sacrifice leveling is part of your character building - it allows you to choose how to distribute some of your stats. There is RPG value in being able to customize your build with an active process. It doesn't really equate to the kind of power progression levels that WoW has (where a level 1 could not even damage a level 30). Unfortunately CF uses the same terminology as other games like "levels" and "skill training" but applies them in a different way and it confuses people.
  10. Cleric LMB heal?

    Yes disc option, or even have two types of crafted hammers - one does a heal, one does damage.
  11. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Honestly, I don't want this game to be an individual XP power progession game like WoW. We've had 10+ years now of people being conditioned to want that by themepark style MMOs - but it's extremely important for a competitive open-world pvp game to maintain a flattened power curve. I'd rather see achievement-oriented play be focused on things like leaderboards that don't cripple pvp balance, and don't force players to make a huge time investment in repetitive activities before they can be pvp-capable. The real value of the Divine Sacrifice system is what they can build on top of it - things like temporary buffs given by a specific god, or other potential short-term benefits like opening a runegate or triggering a pve event.
  12. I like the idea of having a variety of different kinds of CW win rewards like titles, leaderboard rank, display trophy, relic for use in next CW, unique EK decorations, weapon/armor skins or blueprints, etc. Extra character slot would be a good prize everyone would find useful also. Maybe even offer a choice of things, and some reward progression. GW2 has an interesting reward system for World vs World that unlocks different gear skin sets: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:WvW_Reward_Tracks_interface.jpg I think way the import/export works should be a separate system from the CW win rewards.
  13. Getting logged out of Forums

    Auto logout been happening alot to me this weekend - like every 15 mins, so if I leave the tab open afk when I come back I have to pass the "I am not a robot" test again
  14. That character creation flow makes much more sense from a traditional mmorpg standpoint. Being able to travel with a character from Campaign --> EK -->Campaign is cool. Biggest question is what happens with a character's equipped gear, inventory, and storage now?
  15. Any update for 5.8?

    For active, veteran testers there's probably not much left to test in 5.7. If you are a new player, it is a good time to try out different classes/races/disciplines and get basically familiar with current systems (like combat, harvesting, crafting, objective capturing, vendors, banking, sacrifice leveling) just so you'll be ready to jump into testing 5.8 when it's available.