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  1. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    Crowfall does feel boring to me right now, it feels like 80% of the gameplay is harvesting. I hope that's only due to of the current stage of development because it's definitely not the exciting and competitive Throne War game I imagined.
  2. Have they implemented the streak prevention they talked about in the news update? https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/streaking-the-pros-and-cons-of-rng/ If that is not in yet (seemed unclear to me when it was going to happen) every roll has an identical chance to get the fail, so streaks will happen and you could really only tell if it was a pattern by doing a large sample size.
  3. Multi-account summerized

    Multiple accounts are allowed as long as you are not violating any of the Rules of Conduct: https://crowfall.com/en/artcraft/rules-of-conduct/
  4. Client login/update issues

    No server status monitor is available yet. You can send email to support@crowfall.com so they know what's going on, sometimes they can just restart it remotely. If it's more serious, they'll need engineers to work on it.
  5. Client login/update issues

    Tried just now and getting the same issue, I can login to the launcher then it errors at checking for updates.
  6. Reason to play with passive Skillsystem?!

    This is a big concern of mine as well - I've seen too many sandbox style, open-world pvp games end up like this. I do feel that the current "on-ramp" experience for new players can be frustrating, although I don't agree that it's all about passive vs active training. My feeling is it's more about a steep power and learning curve that gives so many advantages to veteran players, and makes noobies feel useless. I know the Developers will continue to iterate and improve on this aspect of the game over time (with things like adding intermediate gear, sacrifice system, and economic loop), they are too smart and experienced to risk the game's success on it.
  7. Can I change my E key somehow?

    In 5.4 you cannot change E, there is a fix coming for that in 5.5 (currently on TEST so will be moved to LIVE soon).
  8. Starter gear

    Sometimes they do provide starter gear racks/vendors, depends on the test format. But yea, after you've done it a few times it gets old.
  9. The name "scimitar" seems wrong. There are some historical images of Druids carrying sickles for the ritual of gathering mistletoe: Confessors don't actually hit people with their books - it's a focus of power. That's what the sickle would represent for a druid:

    It could be something like not enough memory or an outdated video driver. If you email support@crowfall.com they can help you find the issue.
  11. Purchasing Now

    All the "early access" starter packages (including the $50 one) give access to the 24/7 LIVE server environment. LIVE currently has build 5.4 for testing. Build 5.5 with vendors, new death mechanics, and Adventure Zones, is on the invite-only (Alpha 3 or higher) TEST server environment. As soon as the major bugs are fixed (hopefully next week!), it will be moved to the LIVE server for everyone with a starter package to access.
  12. It would be more fun if the Basic Crafting tree had lots diagonal lines connecting the nodes, so you could have more choice of what to train and still get an efficient path to unlocking your specialty.
  13. There are some social complications to having an automated market interface in Crowfall, that don't apply in EVE's shared universe setting. Crowfall will have more loosely interconnected micro-economies because of the Campaign World design with import/export restrictions. Within a CW the economy will be competitive and part of winning the war, so some players may only want to trade with their guild/faction. Also EKs can have access restrictions, so one community group may only want to allow access to "friends".
  14. Died, crow is stuck at temple and cannot move - relogging fixes it.