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  1. Is there any trials or demos that can test ?

    When you registered on the website, you automatically got assigned to a beta test group. At some future point, you will get invited to a free closed beta phase (no date announced for the free test yet, might be 2019). To playtest now, you would need to buy the starter package for $50 that gives access to the LIVE test server for all test phases, and includes a copy of the game for launch.
  2. Eternal Kingdom questions and clarifications

    Send an email to support@crowfall.com to get your username fixed, it's a bug that has affected a few people. Some answers to other questions: 1. Land parcels and buildings can be crafted in-game using resources from the Campaign Worlds. The recipes are currently in the "Stonemasonry" skill training lines in the Crafting profession. 2. No way to add creatures or advanced resources to your EK at this time. Crowfall world design is about risk vs. reward - EKs owners can turn off pvp, making a risk-free environment so only the lowest level resources are available there. The Campaigns also have faction starter safezones that have only the lowest level resources and some boars to kill. 3. Currently vessels are tied to the world they are created on. Eventually there will be a system for moving between worlds (if the world ruleset allows it). 4. Yes, exactly right on the import/export. It's part of the risk vs reward mechanics for Crowfall. If you want the best resources you will need to go into the riskier Campaigns, or trade with others that do. If your wife is interested in crafting/building in the safety of an EK, she could certainly do that if you are able to supply the resources for her. Helpful new player guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15YAkoqDPFxcMnAs25K6hp-l6lyHrLIsg9QvDZYYrL1A/edit
  3. What is the purpose of an EK?

    This is a main reason, housing is fun for alot of people especially when you can build something together with friends. Since the Campaign Worlds are not permanent, it's cool to have a persistent space that your guild/alliance/faction can use as a "home base" between campaigns. Many MMOs have housing that has no purpose other than social, decorating or crafting (like ESO). EKs are a good place for practice dueling, or hosted pvp tournaments. Some Campaigns will allow more import than others, so EK markets will be more important for those rulesets with "high import". If you aren't interested at all in EKs, you could play on "no import" Campaigns. The systems for import/export are still a work in progress, so we'll need to give feedback as it evolves in testing.
  4. Stoneborn Feedback

    Can you link what you are referencing? AFAIK the original concepts from 2015 are very similar to what is in-game:
  5. PVP Spam

    I like kill spam, DAOC had it as well as SB. I always used it as a way to find (or avoid ) the conflict. Another way to handle it would be some type of "hot spot" marker on the map like GW2 WvW used a crossed-sword icon to show fighting activity. Edit: the GW2 crossed-swords only triggered when a certain number of players were in combat, so it didn't show small 1v1, 2v2 type fights
  6. Bestiary: Urgu - Official Discussion Thread

    Fort Defender: "I must prepare for battle!" *cooks 100 boar ribs on the fire* Fort Defender: "My chicken ticker will not stay full!" *eats 100 boar ribs during the fight* After the 100th boar rib eaten, Cybele takes notice. Suddenly the Fort Defender is struck with "Cybele's Comeuppance" and turns into a were-pigman until the next day.
  7. BUG: CTD with male fae

    Send an email to support@crowfall.com - they might be able to delete the character for you.
  8. Bestiary: Urgu - Official Discussion Thread

    Cybele, the vengeful goddess of vegans
  9. EK: Parcel Level PvP Attribute

    I'd love to have this feature in EKs because it would give so much more flexibility for having different activity areas in a Kingdom like a dueling arena vs a merchant bazaar. I believe there is a tech problem though in dealing with action combat across parcel lines (if you shoot a bow from the pvp parcel into the non-pvp parcel what happens?).
  10. Adventurer Starter Pack - No Parcel for Manor

    I don't think this is intentional. The token system is still fairly new in testing and the token numbers don't seem to be properly balanced yet. Definitely post any issues like this in the feedback thread for 5.7: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/139-pre-alpha-57-playtest-feedback-and-bug-reports/
  11. can i even play yet?

    You can play now with the $50 package (and you have the Testers group under your name so that is working). Go here to download https://crowfall.com/en/client/ and click on the green "LIVE PATCHER DOWNLOAD" to get the launcher. If you setup 2-factor authentification for acct security you will need to enter that code when you login to the launcher. If you are still having trouble downloading or logging in, send email to support@crowfall.com so they can help.
  12. A simpler passive training system

    Agree with this, the time-locked recipes felt frustrating in actual playtesting. It would be more fun to have recipes connected to some active system like the Scrolls or Discs, and the training nodes be specialized bonuses for each recipe category.
  13. Is there a future for Leather Workers?

    That's an interesting idea - it was mentioned that there might be resource bags for harvesters, would be cool for those to be crafted.
  14. Harvesting/crafting togenerate exp at some point?

    Currently most people craft basic arrows and sacrifice to get to vessel level 10 because it's faster than killing mobs for active XP. After level 10, basic items and killing mobs doesn't give XP anymore so at that point you have to either sacrifice gold coins, higher quality resources, or higher quality crafted items. Balance is ongoing of course (pre-alpha) so that may change in the future.
  15. Harvesting/crafting togenerate exp at some point?

    Yes, the sacrifice leveling is an economic sink - it's equivalent to getting active XP for crafting 1000 arrows and then destroying them because they are worthless (everyone else is making 1000 arrows). However, the Divine Sacrifice system also has potential for other uses in longer-term game design. Like maybe you sacrifice those 1000 arrows and get a temporary favor buff from a god that increases your crafting experimentation success. So much more they can do with sacrifice than a simple grind=XP system for vessel leveling. For the skill training tree, that's a passive system only currently. IDK if they will add any active component to that.