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  1. Yes, the biggest difference is gear. The problem is not the passive training though, this is part of CF's design to intentionally make it hard for a player to be 100% self sufficient - it's an RPG. The real problem right now is that PvP-focused players have no efficient way to participate in the economy and acquire gear. That's crazy to me for a game being advertised as PvP-focused.
  2. They plan on adding a catch-up mechanic post-launch (something similar to EVE's skill injectors) - so they know that new players joining later will have an issue, but that doesn't mean the passive training needs to be removed. I like the role specialization the profession trees create in the short-term, and I like that it's passive over time so even players that don't have much time to spend on grinding can have some permanent progression. As in most MMOs, there is a power gap between new players and veterans. IMO, harvesting is the problem area for balancing that gap - the harvesting passive training tree specifically is twice as long as it should be.
  3. Totally depends on how hard it is to implement - they already have the tech for /who so might be something easy to limit that to guild (I have no idea). As always, I give feedback about what I think will make a better play experience, and assume ACE will make the right call on priorities.
  4. Would be helpful to get a /whoguild command until we have a real guild/social UI in-game.
  5. If the problem is with the website "Support Request", you can also send an email directly to support@crowfall.com to create a ticket.
  6. Yea, the original concept was all passive training - with the addition of active vessel leveling as a compromise we can all be equally unhappy 😉
  7. Loss to community engagement imo 😟 We have a Free City with cross-faction trade, and we can switch factions for the next Campaign - this is not an RvR game (where you are always stuck with a realm choice) so limiting communication seems shortsighted to the CF design goals.
  8. I agree, in GW2 it was a good thing for 3-faction gameplay (icon visible only to teammates). It might not be needed for Dregs with more organized guilds, but there is no downside to having tools that help faction players get into CF and have more fun.
  9. Sapphire Kickstarter does include a copy of the Collector's Edition (giftable) but I am not sure how the CE works with access to the testing. Best bet would be to email support@crowfall.com and ask.
  10. Good point - that was a strength of Shadowbane as well. Character building + theorycrafting + changing metas is great PvP content, and requires lots of horizontal choices but does not need a steep power curve on gear.
  11. Definitely sounds like something is bugged - if you also cross-posted in the Testing Feedback then QA should get the info.
  12. I see a big difference between design models for gear: 1. Linear gear progression - this is the mmo themepark design. You make incremental progress over time in acquiring more powerful gear, with the goal of eventually acquiring best-in-slot items. You never lose gear, you only replace it with better items until the next expansion resets it all back to zero. Content is mostly designed around power levels (level-based questing zones, progression dungeon raids). IMO this design is not the best for economics or open-world PvP. 2. Supply and logistics - this is mmo sandbox design like Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and EVE, and other genres of games like Survival or Strategy. it's easier to acquire gear and easier to lose gear, with a flattened power curve and risk vs reward elements. The effort is based around maintaining a level of power over time, and is good for gameplay around resources, territory, crafting, economics, and PvP. I expected Crowfall to fit the "Supply and Logistics" design because it makes the most sense for the kind of game it's intended to be.
  13. I have heard of that bug before with the CSR commands but not sure what the fix is. Send an email to support@crowfall.com - that's the fastest way to get help for technical or account issues.
  14. GW2 WvW has some good mechanics for siege weapons: 1. Blueprints for siege weapons are placed first, then require supplies to build 2. Blueprint placement identifies the "owner" player - team members can build and use the siege, "owner" can bump anyone off of siege 3. Unbuilt blueprints decay after a few mins
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