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  1. The CF crafting system is highly inspired by SWG, and that is a crafter+merchant system. It's absolutely what I was expecting CF to have, and ACE has always said no auction house.
  2. This is similar to what my main gameplay was as a crafter in SWG, without the global auction house. It was managing harvesters, coordinating with suppliers, trading to other crafters (components), designing my shop and what to stock, and building relationships with customers. I wasn't trying to make the most money, it was all about the community for me. Not sure how I would get any of that with a mini-game!
  3. Another option would be Primary Skill at 2x or 3x, and Secondary Skill at 1X. We've tested with different speeds like this before.
  4. I see one of them on my rewards list now (not sure what the others are called): "Corrupted Horse Mount Skin [Crow Reward 2]"
  5. Artifact stations are hard to find/see - they look too similar to other "prop" items in the Warcamps.
  6. Yay, strategy game appears - really excited to see more! 😍
  7. My understanding was that ACE was going to add the NPE tutorial as one of the last things before launch, so I'll test it then and give feedback.
  8. Spending a couple hours to learn to play your class in a safezone, and get some starter gear is really needed for an open-world pvp game. You cannot drop noobs into a full competitive pvp environment and not expect them to ragequit when they get crushed. Infected should be the pvp and siege training ground for noobs that complements GR. It has the potential to be turned into something fun that bridges GR and Campaign.
  9. I personally dislike active minigames for crafting, so that's a preference thing I don't agree with. My favorite crafting mmo was Star Wars Galaxies - I really enjoyed being able to set up and experiment on what I want in a menu, put in the resources, turn on the factory and go do something else until items are made.
  10. Good timing! Some newness to check out TEST.
  11. Try running repair at the launcher (wrench icon).
  12. Worth considering if post 5.110 we still need more of a gold sink. The nice thing about this idea is it's simple and the recipe could be adjusted later for balance reasons if needed.
  13. For server status updates, it's helpful to join the official CF discord (announcement only): https://discord.gg/yeFfdKQ
  14. Good hunch on that haha! Thanks for keeping us informed, hope issue is resolved soon™.
  15. Thanks for the update, I'll be singing the Frostweaver song to keep my spirits up until the patch! "Let it go, let it go...."
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