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  1. Devs have mentioned that the lore for Guineceans and Elken would fit with adding female versions at some point (no time to do art before launch though).
  2. CF is always for sale, and purchasing gives you full access to testing and copy of the game for launch. You can email support@crowfall.com for assistance - it looks like the issue might be with Xsolla (third party that handles money transactions for CF).
  3. You can't dodge hitscan abilities, so the name is definitely misleading. It should be called... "Move It!"
  4. Thanks for the honest update! I just got a blue vessel 😭 but I'm excited to test all the big changes coming in 6.4 so keep things moving toward launch 😁
  5. That would be the ideal, some type of hybrid system.
  6. Go to your Account Profile from the main page, click on Rewards and search for "crow reward". You should see the list there, most won't be available until launch (might be sooner if ready, like Gaea's Tree of Life). https://crowfall.com/en-US/promotions/crowrewards
  7. It's funny how much mmo players love fishing! Ultima Online's was the best, you could fish up treasure maps too. Seems like an obvious thing to add eventually, but it's not really core to the game so post-launch. And maybe it will be on airships that fly around the island zones
  8. <Question> Last livestream it was mentioned replacing the RNG aspect of the active progression system with something better. Can we get an update on that? Will there be a passive component to supplement the active progression (like Rested XP)? <Question> Are there plans to have some form of account level long-term progression?
  9. When I was playing ESO, I paid for the sub just to get the extra storage for all the crafting mats.
  10. This is the info posted from ACE dev originally (not sure if it's still up to date):
  11. Buddy code should be there if you have purchased a backer package - Account Profile>Rewards>Codes "Available Codes for Friends" If you did not receive a Buddy code, try emailing support@crowfall.com for help.
  12. Previously the color quality of discipline runes only mattered as a matching requirement to the vessel you equipped it in. It is new to have discs as a progression system, and there seems to be some balance issues still. You can post your comments in the feedback thread: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/221-beta-playtest-feedback/
  13. IMO guild roster caps do not work, players end up making alt guilds and use alliance or NAP to work around it. What I do think would work in CF is a ruleset variable that caps concurrent guild players either for the whole Campaign or for each zone.
  14. Yea, I personally think it's too much on the gold grind for dom dust on discs. We need gold sinks but putting too much of it on individual character building ends up being a blocker to players getting into the game and having fun. I'd rather see more gold sinks for Campaign scoring activities like keep building and maintenance - if you want to win, then pay that price.
  15. Keeps in Campaigns are not intended to be 100% safe, but there is an expectation that if you invest in ranked up guards they will provide *some* additional protection. Post your feedback and the screen shot for QA team in the thread, looks like maybe some guard placement or pathing is missing in that area. https://community.crowfall.com/forum/221-beta-playtest-feedback/
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