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  1. Rare spawns should be added to the Events tab.
  2. They still need to do alot of optimization work, so it is a known issue for everyone even on best PC setups.
  3. More population would be more fun, more balancing of everything, improve storage, add additional NPE - yes. If you feel frustrated or bored with testing, it is a good idea to take a break. Have some fun with your guild and check out some other games, come back for beta!
  4. EK marketplace communities are more fun, so hopeful to see more activity like this in the future. Good luck with the new setup!
  5. It provides a sink for extra white harvested mats, and you can't get totally locked out of city building if Caravan spawns are camped. As long as it's balanced for the rulesets and the refine is lossy (doesn't create a gain mechanism), it's good in a strategy game to have options.
  6. I really like the potential of "spawn events" generating pvp, lots of ways they could build on this concept for CF.
  7. The Campaign is being designed for 2000 players, not the <200 we have currently in the test. 10x the players might change the feeling from pve grind to pvp bloodbath 😆
  8. miraluna


    I agree, this would be really fun for EK content. I think it's a low priority compared to the pvp-focused gameplay loop of the Campaigns, but hopefully something that will be added post-launch because crop farming was one of the planned profession skills in original CF concept (also animal husbandry and combat pets 😁).
  9. That may enough info, when there are 2000 players as intended in a Campaign prime time. Something the dev team can tweak I imagine. In general, I like the concept that Caravans are high risk/high reward, and node harvesting is lower risk/lower reward.
  10. I like the Events tab. What needs to be balanced is the specific information given out, and to provide some info that "foxes" (trying to avoid the fight) can use also. Wolves shouldn't be the only ones getting an advantage from strategic Events info.
  11. Yes, needs to be a grace period (10m or whatever) where you login back where you were at when disconnected. Good stress test though! We pk'd the server
  12. How about a special Campaign ruleset = guilds only/no alliances, guilds can only bring in a roster of up to 20 players. Would everyone want to play it? No, but some smaller guilds might want to. It's the whole point of the Campaign system, they can add new rulesets that players want.
  13. I really like this concept, very strategic reason to cap an outpost.
  14. Yes, that drives me crazy having to zoom and scroll every time. What seems to make it difficult in CF is interpreting that tilted isometric view of the map into world navigation with a 3D character - something about that just confuses my brain. I like all the details in the world map showing elevation of terrain and the mouseover info on the objectives, but some kind of additional simple transparent overlay map just for traveling would help so much.
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