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  1. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    No way to completely remove it from faction rulesets - the goal should be to design systems so that low-effort "parking an alt to spy" doesn't pay off. For example, Temples and the Free City have one platform with multiple runegates, each going to a unique location. Very easy to park an alt spy and watch to see who goes in each gate. How about changing that to many scattered runegates, each one going to multiple locations of the users choice (menu pop up)? A spy wouldn't be able to see the destination, and you would need many alt accounts to cover all the locations. However, if someone wants to invest in a long con, active deep cover espionage then more power to them! Love those stories from EVE.
  2. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Bottom line answer to "why should I bother to play in alpha?" is to test, give feeback, and help make the game better. If you get frustrated with the current build for whatever reason, post your feedback in a constructive manner and then take a break until the next build to see what's been changed.
  3. Alpha Soon and No Frostweaver???

    Definitely still planned and was mentioned recently in a dev video, Frostweaver coming SOON™!
  4. I agree it would be interesting to have the seasons have more strategic differences for resources and loot tables. Definitely makes sense from a lore standpoint.
  5. I'd like to be a Centaur Cleric that uses a Polearm
  6. Trophy Cases:

    This idea was vaguely mentioned in the original EK concepts - haven't heard any more info lately, but I like your concept of giving trophies based on CW performance and a place to store them in EK.
  7. Leveling Is important and other

    Leveling is much more important now with the new talent tree progression (video overview): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJap--u3l0k
  8. Faction selection

    Send an email to support@crowfall.com - not sure if they can help with the issue but at least make them aware that it's a problem that is blocking your gameplay.
  9. Even as a crafter/merchant you will want to level up - to open all the slots for crafting disciplines and for stats that help your crafting specialization. You can level all the way to 30 without ever leaving the Temple/EK safe zones if you prefer to level solo with no risk. Sacrificing crafted items in the fire pit is a very efficient way to level. So I don't see levels as an issue really, the problem you are describing is more about non-combat players trying to harvest and craft in a pvp-focused environment. The developers have said they know that the risk is too heavily weighted right now in favor of the "hunters", so we'll see what changes and new features are added to help the risk vs reward balance.
  10. More recognition for harvesters and crafters

    Totally agree, some type of tracking for non-combat activities would be fun. We all want to know who has dug up the most high quality body parts!
  11. Good to hear some concerns addressed, and future things are still truckin' along in a positive direction.
  12. Servers down

    It's usually fast (less than 30 mins) unless there is some kind of server/patching problem. There is an official announcements discord you can join for server status updates: https://discord.gg/yeFfdKQ
  13. Simple things

    Helpful new video:
  14. Crafted a small campfire with 12 wood, when I clicked to place it disappeared. Nowhere to campfire cook in the Temple area!
  15. Generic/unknown HTTP error

    Email support@crowfall.com anytime you are having issues that prevent you from playing the game, they can help troubleshoot! It might be something basic like you are running the TEST client (no server available currently) instead of LIVE (5.8 testing), you are running directly from the zip file instead of extracting first, or you have an outdated launcher and need to do a new download and install process.