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  1. Mentioned on the last developer livestream: https://youtu.be/IRiJUcGcGbs?t=1604 Vaccum power would be great - we'd still get the fun of seeing the doobers fly out, and would be easier than trying to round them all up.
  2. Ideas are rarely the limiting factor Best mounts in an MMO award goes to GW2 right now (added in PoF expansion).
  3. Part of the problem here is that ACE is designing a game for the launch state, and that will hopefully have longevity in the economic systems. Playtesters focus on what is happening right now in the testing environment, and it's hard to extrapolate to how it will play at launch. I think it's good to have a system where veteran crafters will be selling to new players, but as you mentioned it's not functioning as intended yet (gold sinks etc).
  4. Copy posting a couple of bugs reported on Community Discord from tester SILENUS: "I have noticed Leadership Buff has a big problem stopping as Leader even if you are and as the Footman receiving it. Especially if the Leader goes stealth having it slotted on all 3 bars including stealth... But moreover it really has a RANGE issue now. It will never hold up to 50 meters and really stops working after 25 over and over again. Moving the group closer will sometimes restart it but other times even after a minute or so you have to remove and replace Leadership passive on the bar to force it to work again... It is all very frustrating... BUT That is not the only thing I notice different with Range... Capturing post you practically have to stand on top the flag to change it or capture it... LITERALLY like 1 meter away from it... Anywhere in the Circle will not work at all..."
  5. For Crowfall the goal was trade based around communities of players - friends, guilds, factions, alliances, marketplaces. If they added a centralized, universal Auction House the economics would no longer be connected to community. Some of the systems we have are not fully working yet, or need to be developed more (like how to deal with available vendor slots, how to make marketplace EKs stay open and easy to find, etc).
  6. I agree with that - the point when there are no more data wipes IS the launch and I want a clear announcement of that date. The question of how much money do you need to spend on marketing at that point is more difficult though. I don't think ACE has the budget for a TV ad during the Superbowl
  7. No wipe - let it ride (5.100) and get 'er done (5.110)!
  8. All the KS MMO projects I backed had 2 years est for delivery of pledge rewards, I think that might have been the max you could put on it 🤔 .
  9. I take breaks to play other games, then come back to CF testing to check out new patches. Many will show up to try out the Dregs when it hits LIVE I'm sure, it's the next major update planned (no date announced for it yet).
  10. If you have a Kickstarter package, you have the option to sell it to one of the Trusted Traders: https://crowfall.com/en-US/faq/trusted-traders/70nTRagsdGSmWgsSiuYQg0
  11. The Kickstarter video? Or the core concept of resetting Campaigns with different rulesets and import restrictions for different types of players?
  12. A catch-up mechanic is planned (details on how it might work not confirmed).
  13. There is an option for "Mouse Sensitivity" that you can try adjusting to the lowest setting - might help for now.
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