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  1. Crowfall is a team competition - either Guild, Alliance, or Faction. Campaigns have scoring by team, and most of the gameplay systems are based on player interdependencies. You can play solo if that's your thing, it's going to be more difficult as it's not the core design concept. In the future, we might see more solo type goals and rewards added on top of the team focus. Crowfall is more fun with at least a few friends.
  2. You are able to bind to a specific respawn location (temple, keep or respawn outpost) and instantly respawn there without flying as a crow. If you don't want to respawn at your bind, you can to fly to another respawn that is closer/safer/where your group is located and there may be timer. Crowfall is a territory control game, so where and when you respawn is strategic. The ability to instantly rez anywhere and spawn-rush objectives would be a bad design for this type of game.
  3. The owner of the EK (guild leader or whoever) can grant other players permissions to place land parcels and buildings through a tokens system. The system allows you to retain ownership of whatever you place there. You could place your parcels in your own EK, but it might be more fun for a guild to all live/craft/storage/pvp in a shared EK (you won't lose anything since you keep ownership of your placeable items).
  4. I absolutely disagree with this. One of the core concepts that had me backing this game from the Kickstarter was NO auction house with a vendor-based economy and the ability for the players to build merchant kingdoms.
  5. That is on the development roadmap, buy orders on vendors
  6. Campaigns have the Free City also for players to place vendors.
  7. Send email to support@crowfall.com so they can check your account - if you have purchased any game package you should have forum access.
  8. Correct, you need to have the white vendor rune from the npc vendor equipped + an intermediate tool and harvest in the pvp zones. Skypoint has a higher chance to drop than the 'Arium zones.
  9. You can stand at the edge of the world map in Crowfall and see that the world is NOT round. I'm don't know if it qualifies at flat however, more investigation needed by experts.
  10. When EVE launched it had peak concurrent players around 5k.
  11. Send email to support@crowfall.com
  12. Inbox is temporarily disabled: If you have more questions send email to support@crowfall.com so they can look at your account specifically.
  13. There will be one for a launch reward also:
  14. The queue happens at the runegate when you try to enter a map zone (if there are already 200 players in there).
  15. If you go to the main page of the website and click on your name in the upper right > Account Profile >Rewards then type VIP into the search box to see if you have it on your account.
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