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  1. Pre alpha cost questions

    As of today, $50 pledge bundle gives you access to the LIVE test server - and the game is buy-to-play so you own it forever. If you are not interested in supporting the games development, or testing early phases, wait until launch to purchase.
  2. Bestiary: Elk - Official Discussion Thread

    Enjoyed the lore poem, fun to read! Just need some music for it, and a tavern to sing it in
  3. Can you give us some background explanation on why you are limiting guild creation during alpha and beta to only groups that pay $40? I can see why guilds would need to pay for the bonus crown program, but why discourage players from forming guilds in-game during testing phases?
  4. That is definitely the appeal of EVE mining. It can't work like that in CF because resources are too precious, and become a conflict driver in a war zone. Semi-afk at open-world hotspots doesn't end up well in CF! Frykka I would consider you to be in the most hardcore gatherer category , that group is most likely too small to create a good game loop for everyone. The micro-design of CF harvesting IS fun (I like the resource system, tool design, weak spots). The macro-design is not fun because it is too high risk for too low reward. And it's a solo progression/solo action system in a group-focused game.
  5. Failed to Patch

    Did you delete the old 5.2 folder, and download the new 5.3 launcher for LIVE?
  6. Questions from a New Player

    Since we are still in pre-alpha development phase, not all the systems are even online for testing yet (like equipping vessels) or only partially implemented. The best way to approach testing at this early point is to jump right in and try all the things. No reason to fear making a mistake at this point, since everything will be wiped clean before soft launch - you'll be able to apply all your testing knowledge gained about how the systems work, and what playstyle you enjoy most at that point.
  7. Click on each race or class to see the full details: https://malekai.org/races https://malekai.org/classes
  8. Reciple list?

    Helpful resource for testers: https://malekai.org/disciplines
  9. Yay, crafting stations to test - and the new UI flowchart will make it much easier to keep track of all the components.
  10. That would be a nice QOL improvement
  11. Congrats to all the ACE team on the progress so far!
  12. Excited to hear about more map improvements coming - especially showing political territory control! On the "Damage vs Males" issue: why is the Guinecean's only character choice male, instead of something like "Unisex" or "Either/Or" or "Indeterminate"? Fae fury should not be directed at the innocent hamsters!
  13. Dizzy Down - Proposed fix

    Dizzy+Down should be Dizzy+Slow instead. Don't need that overpowered knockdown component now with the faster-paced, more mobile combat system.
  14. No significant difference between most classes.

    Good feedback in original post. Every class should have a unique role and "flavor" to their base kit - some strengths, and some weaknesses, with an individual identity in the combat system. Then disciplines should offer many potential choices and difficult trade-offs for customizing on top of that specialized base. Things have changed alot from the old archetype-based system, so it seems worth a design pass to review all the base kits in the new context of race/class split + discs.
  15. "The night is dark and full of terrors..."