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  1. Good timing! Some newness to check out TEST.
  2. Try running repair at the launcher (wrench icon).
  3. Worth considering if post 5.110 we still need more of a gold sink. The nice thing about this idea is it's simple and the recipe could be adjusted later for balance reasons if needed.
  4. For server status updates, it's helpful to join the official CF discord (announcement only): https://discord.gg/yeFfdKQ
  5. Good hunch on that haha! Thanks for keeping us informed, hope issue is resolved soon™.
  6. Thanks for the update, I'll be singing the Frostweaver song to keep my spirits up until the patch! "Let it go, let it go...."
  7. 5.110 War of the Gods will be patched to TEST servers first (any day now) - that will be officially Alpha. After some weeks of playtesting, 5.110 will move to LIVE with a full wipe - that will be the start of Beta.
  8. 1. Unique markers for each group member would be a nice QOL improvement. 2. A shared map (and/or in-world) marker would also be a nice QOL improvement. Team tools for a team game!
  9. I think they have the tech now to do something like 2X for 1 train and 1X for the second train - that would be a nice solution if the 1X only turns out to be too slow to be fun.
  10. Yes it should, and it needs to be corrected for launch. In the current testing build not all the tokens are balanced correctly. I would suggest you email support@crowfall.com with the info, just to confirm they are aware of the bug.
  11. I hope they keep adding skill lines as new content gets added too (crop farming, animal husbandry were two that were mentioned early on). I like the idea that if you stick with a game for a long time, you will have more playstyle options to explore. This is one of the good reasons for having part of your character building be passive training, it does give you a way to stay engaged with the game and progress even during busy times. All we need now is a mobile app for our skill tree! 😁
  12. If they do try this at some point in the future, it would be a special Campaign only that you wouldn't have to play if you weren't interested in it. Definitely would not be fun for everyone. I'd like to try full loot eventually to see how it changes the strategy game, but I think inventory loot is fine for now and the best ruleset to launch with.
  13. There is a "Recall" power that you can slot on your Harvest out-of-combat tray.
  14. Impact of racial choice on character building is one of my fav things about CF - thanks of the update!
  15. Thanks for the free shinies!💖
  16. So I don't think it's time quite yet to hype people that aren't already interested enough to jump in, wait until we get 5.110 on TEST at least.
  17. You've got my vote on this!
  18. Email support@crowfall.com with your issue - that's the best thing to do if you have technical issues that block you from playing. A few common things to try: 1. Run in Admin mode 2. If it's been awhile since you tested, delete all CF folders and redownload the latest launcher https://crowfall.com/en-US/account/download-client 3. If not using Windows 10, run in Compatibility mode
  19. What is this "Proof of Fidelity" 👀
  20. The crafting could definitely use a more intuitive interface - at one point they showed a concept of a possible "project management" type UI that everyone loved but it hasn't made it into the game yet (probably due to engineering priorities). Hopefully we'll see something like this eventually!
  21. You won't be able to do everything in Crowfall solo - there is definitely fun content and things you can accomplish solo without committing to a hardcore guild. Example from another tester: And the video discussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRh5Ya5QewM
  22. I agree - I think this would be more fun, I especially would like a Racial power slot like the Class ultimate. Prob not likely for balance reasons (forcing choice) 😞
  23. There is UI lag (looting, opening talent tree, etc), most likely not been optimized yet due to UI is still a work-in-progress. We saw some new concepts coming next build with how trays work, for example. Hopefully that will be improved in the polishing and optimizing that comes after 5.110 when UI becomes more finalized.
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