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  1. That's your basic 1v1 guideline I assume, because I don't see a healer in that equation! It's definitely more complex than that in CF because there are additional intended layers like group vs group composition, and situational builds (open-world roaming, keep defense, resource control). This is a good thing IMO because the innovators will set a meta, then everyone else copies, then the cycle repeats. It creates some interesting character building RPG aspects that I enjoy, and that I don't get in a BR or Shooter where everyone plays the same character.
  2. 5.9 was in a pretty good spot for chicken ticker usage. It does feel like something bugged/changed with food depletion on TEST 5.100, I didn't figure out exactly what was going on though. "70 mins to 30%" is a good clue for what should be happening.
  3. If your main interest for Crowfall is the EK housing gameplay, that's probably a good plan - the dev team has alot of cool plans for it but they have to get some of the core systems done first.
  4. Many EK features are still a work-in-progress: decor is planned but not currently in testing and may not happen until post-launch, there will be some way to increase player count in EKs but this has not been defined yet, farming is planned but not in testing yet and may not happen until post-launch. For pre-alpha phase, backers do get get some free [TESTING COPY] versions of EK items that you can use temporarily to try out the current state of EK building. If you purchase the basic $50 package, it give you testing access and you can decide later to upgrade your package for the additional items, or buy EK items separately from the shop (if you don't want to craft them in-game).
  5. https://crowfall.com/en-US/trials
  6. For an easy way to see what guilds are active in the current testing, check out the in-game scoreboard on the Campaign world map.
  7. EKs have been on back burner while other stuff is being cooked - this is all good feedback for when EKs get some dev focus again!
  8. I think wipes should happen when there is a good testing reason for it - either significant changes that technically require it, or to collect testing data that couldn't be done without a wipe.
  9. SOON™! There is a 5.100 patch on TEST but it's not open for us yet 👀 Devs doing dev stuff there probably.
  10. When you click the "Download Live Patcher" button on the download page https://crowfall.com/en-US/account/download-client it should download a program to install the CF LIVE Launcher. If that is not working for you, send an email to support@crowfall.com so they can help troubleshoot your issue. Everyone that purchases the $50 pack has access to playtest on the Early Access Live Environment.
  11. Probably needs the persistent storage update (5.100?) to work properly.
  12. This is what the Blueprint system is intended to do - if you get a good roll instead of making one item, you make a Blueprint that allows you to make 10 identical items. Not sure where Blueprints are in the future roadmap though.
  13. Hah, yea this wasn't "news" for anyone that's been actively testing. This update was definitely directed more at non-backers interested in CF, or the backers that only rarely login to check out what's new (this is quite a large group actually). ACE has always said that the NPE was critically important, but that it's one of the last things done before release because systems change too much in early development. Makes sense to do the things that they can do now, like setting up a God's Reach world, and other things like a Tutorial would need to be done later when systems are more complete.
  14. If you are emailing support@crowfall.com you should at least get the automated ticket response quickly - if you don't get that there is some issue with the email. For gifted packages, the recipient does need to email support@crowfall.com to have the access set correctly (this is usually a very fast process, like <1 hour).
  15. I would suggest emailing support@crowfall.com just to see if they have a workaround for the error without having to redownload everything.
  16. The death and recovery process was streamlined to make Resurrection a more strategic factor in the Throne War. Death attrition is an important factor in Sieges, and now the location of rez shrines is an added benefit to holding territory. Death has more impact and consequence, as it was always intended to be part of the risk vs reward equation for CF. I generally take the view that my inventory will be lost if I die and I plan accordingly (bank often), unless I am with friends that can loot for me or I am in an easy-to-access area.
  17. Last I heard, the plan was to focus on M/KB for now, then add controller support later as an option. I know a couple of testers were able to get steam controller to work.
  18. That would be a fun system - I like pve events like that, where you have a specific goal and that leads to a certain reward (rather than high RNG).
  19. Having a hunger system in place means another system they can adjust to make unique Campaign rulesets later on. For example, there could be a Campaign where hunger rates are hugely increased in Winter to make a more "survival" type world.
  20. You need to get to the Faction Temple area (if you are still in the noobie R1 spider area, keep going along the path until you see a Runegate for Temple). Once at the Temple, you will see an area with all the crafting stations, hit F at each station and you will see the recipes available and the resources required. First step is to make an Intermediate set of gear at the General crafting station. You can find low rank resources around the Temple area (safezone) to gather. For Advanced gear, you can work towards crafting it yourself at the advanced stations, or farm up gold to buy items from player-run vendors in the Temple, Free City, or Eternal Kindgoms.
  21. They could do that - make an R9-R10 map zone that you can't access until you capture an Objective that opens the runegate. That's the kind of stuff I expect to see happen with Campaign variations later on.
  22. Sounds good - I think food should be something you can't totally ignore in CF, but shouldn't be as harsh as pure survival game mechanics. I'd rather be thinking about getting the yummy buffs on cooked food 🥪 than worrying about the negative impact too much.
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