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  1. Yes, bugs will happen in early testing - please keep the focus on forward progress!
  2. Adding a comment about Dregs play vs 3-faction: Dregs absolutely needs a siege window system because it's a different style of play, with a higher level of guild investment in "owning" a territory objective. The ideal system for Dregs would a be a siege negotiation - where dropping a bane sets a day, and the defenders pick the hour. This is not a system-scheduled window, so it would still meets the criteria of a dynamic virtual world controlled by players.
  3. In general I don't like system scheduled windows. Albion Online is the game I played recently with timers on territory objectives, and it was not fun. It does not make a game feel like a dynamic virtual world controlled by players. And it can provide a big advantage to larger, hardcore guilds who are willing to do whatever it takes to beat the artificial system. Why is this a problem, isn't the game supposed to be play2crush? It's a potential problem in the 3-faction ruleset, that's intended to be the place in the CF universe for more casual players, and less organized communities. If it's too easy for an Uncle Bob scenario to happen and 1-2 factions to get pushed off the map, or if casual players are feeling locked out of content that's not a positive. GW2 WvW and DAoC frontiers both worked well for 3-faction pvp format - neither had a timer system on forts. Everyone seems to forget we are testing, not playing a launched game. It's not easy judge the pvp activity based around the small testing population - we have 200 players instead of 2000 players on a campaign. Also different rulesets should play differently based on the risk vs reward, and may need different systems. It's good to test the windows however - maybe it will work better than I expect. It seems like a helpful tool for the designers, and if it doesn't have the intended results in 3-faction gameplay I'm sure the devs will make adjustments.
  4. Dregs will need siege scheduling in some format - no one wants to have to defend their keep 24/7. Hopefully this is a system they can build on to let Guilds control the windows for objectives they own in Dregs. There should also be more strategic reasons to hold forts, totally agree with that. I have some concerns about windows (will it always favor Uncle Bob?) but willing to test it and see how it plays.
  5. Interesting presentation, some good info about how the PoE team refined their content delivery process. Not everything applies to Crowfall (pvp mmo vs pve arpg) but there were some good takeaways: - Provide opportunites for players to re-engage with the game after a break - Economy reset/fresh starts are important for bringing players back - Create a predictable schedule for new content delivery - Be careful about when major balance patches are applied - changing metas is good if timing is right, negating someones current build is bad.
  6. Minors seem way too random. It would help to narrow down the drops to specific tribes, and have a Wartribe boss type that drops 4 minors for a group.
  7. Also check out the Guild recruiting thread https://community.crowfall.com/forum/5-guild-recruiting/ You can see what guilds are currently active if you look at the in-game scoreboard (hit M for map, and click down in lower right).
  8. I do think this issue needs a solution. CWs are getting longer, a misclick or communication confusion and you are locked out of playing with friends for 3 weeks? Or what if you apply to a guild after you start GR, and want to switch to join them in a 3 month CW? Something like a one-time switch, lose score and items so it won't be abused. In the Dregs, everyone will be able to bend the knee and join the winning side so not seeing how it would matter for factions if there are limitations.
  9. Try sending an email to support@crowfall.com - maybe they can help.
  10. If you purchased a patron pack you have access for all the remaining testing phases. You might have an older out-of-date version of the launcher/game, remove the old files and re-download the LIVE launcher from here: https://crowfall.com/en/client/ If you are still not able to download, send an email to support@crowfall.com for more help.
  11. Sounds similar to issues described in this thread: Try sending email to support@crowfall.com - they may have a solution.
  12. That 40g used to seem like nothing, now it's riches beyond compare! That needs a nerf, and adjust the prices on the noob vendor as well (or just give the noob stuff free/no sacrifice).
  13. Only place to purchase early access now is the official crowfall.com website store. I don't know if there will be other choices later, at launch or after launch.
  14. 1. What role will experimentation play in alchemy in the future (stack size, duration, quality)? 2. Any other types of crafting interdependencies planned for alchemy besides necromancy? Cooking would be a fun cross-specialization! 3. DYES for armor? This was mentioned early on as a possibility - any chance this could go into Alchemy? 4. Additional combat usage for potions? (GTAE explosions, heals, traps etc)
  15. Maybe someday CF will have a mythical half-woman + half-serpent race, and that could fit lore as based on Dave Greco's cool Zaleena concept - who wouldn't want to play this?: But we are talking guinea pigs and elk here Making them unisex in char creation seemed like a shortcut so it was suggested. I'm sure we'll get more choices post-launch, right now it's time/resources not available.
  16. I think it's fine to have the higher rank guards in Forts and Keeps but camps and outposts are intended for solo/small groups so they should be capped appropriately. Especially in GR, new players in intermediate gear getting shot from 80m by R10 is griefy.
  17. Bug with power for Cleric Arbiter: "Divine Alacrity" is not resetting the cooldowns on the powers listed on the tooltip.
  18. This seems like a major issue to me also. R10 guards with super range should not be at Camps or Outposts (intended to be solo/small group content).
  19. No way to reset your talent trees, make a new character if you want to redo your talent points or your stat distribution. No reset for the passive skill tree either - just switch your training to whatever you prefer and you will still have the bonuses that you had trained previously.
  20. The most innovative part of Crowfall to me is the Campaign system - resetting pvp worlds with fresh maps and varied rulesets.
  21. Suggested that as it would have worked for me on Guin/Elken, but I guess they want to do full armor sets etc.🤷‍♀️
  22. - For the EK items, you can import whatever you want to use for the current LIVE server environment from your "Purchases" tab in the Lobby. Imported items will go to your Spirit Bank, or overflow if it's too many. If there is an EK data wipe anytime during testing, all your items will go back to your "Purchases" tab again for re-import on the next build. - Those last 3 character slots are currently locked for everyone. No information yet as to how we can open them.
  23. The thing that was great about the 5.4 map was each keep had a high concentration of a specific resource only. Creating a strategic reason to hold one keep vs another, and possibilities of trade between guilds holding keeps in a long duration (3 month) campaign. Imagine a CW with 15 keeps, and each has only one resource - the Iron Keep, the Auroch Keep 🤣 etc. When there is a concurrent population of 2000 players this seems like a real possibility. I'm totally bored with MMOs that focus all the gameplay on individual gear progression - I'm hoping CF will do something more innovative with strategy and survival elements.
  24. The R10 guards spawned from the hippos seem overpowered for Outpost camps and towers. The guard archers are shooting from huge range (like 80m), that was ouchie in Intermediate gear 🤣
  25. Not a critical issue for this 7 day Campaign, with impending wipe for 5.8.6 - but definitely a big problem for any future "no import" CWs. @vkromas will we be able to craft the npc vendors inside of Campaigns again at some point?
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