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  1. The guild leader can change the Pantheon God selection for the guild on the website. Choose a god for the faction you want: https://crusaderw.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Crowfall_FealtyTree_Pantheopn_ShrineBuffs_Overview-scaled.jpg Sun = Arkon, Cybele, Maeve, Valkyn Earth = Kronos, Gaea, D'Orion, Zaleena Moon = Kane, Malekai, Yaga, Illara
  2. Map pins would be a nice quality of life addition. I'd like to be able to at least mark one spot and have it show on the compass for easier navigation.
  3. You can buy standard mounts from an in-game vendor with in-game gold at a cheap price. The swift mounts can also be purchased with in-game gold or crafted using collected resources. You don't need to have the cosmetic skins from the cash shop.
  4. They need to fix quality of life issue with EKs like uptime and searching/sorting first. EKs are a great concept and have so much future potential, killing it by adding an Auction House seems shortsighted to me.
  5. Shadow Campaign is on the roadmap for short term - a 3-faction Campaign definitely seems needed for newer players. https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/crowfall-flies-high-in-march
  6. This part I do agree with, those items could be allowed. The no gold import for Dregs was specifically requested by testers though, because players were using it to circumvent the competition for claiming territory at the start. The idea being you can bring in enough gear to get started, then you have to earn everything else in the Campaign. Dregs is intended to be the more hardcore ruleset and joining a guild is the best way to play it. If you are looking for a guild, couple of resources: Recruiting forum - https://community.crowfall.com/forum/5-guild-recruiting/ Communit
  7. This ruleset for Guild vs Guild Dregs is similar to a "Fresh Start" ruleset, you do get to bring in gear to help get started instead of nothing, but fighting over resources is part of the competition. In the future, there might be other Campaigns with different rulesets allowing more imports. Infected for example lets you use anything in your account bank vault.
  8. Those are the Domain Discipline Runes, the one you see above is for Storm domain. Once you purchase it, you can equp it onto your character sheet.
  9. Once the resource costs are balanced properly, I think the 15 copy range is good. I want it to be enough mass production to help ease guild supply and logistics, and make maintaining a stocked vendor feasible for merchant/crafters.
  10. In the Temple area above the bank in Infected look for these vendors: They sell the Major, Minor, and Exploration Discipline Runes. When you look at the vendor, the ones you can use for your race/class/domain combo will be highlighted:
  11. Some of these things are on the roadmap so we will get them eventually (more cosmetic skins, dyes): https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/crowfall-flies-high-in-march The "hide helm" option would be nice, it's standard in many mmos and have not heard if it's coming for CF.
  12. Counterpoint to this: I like the possibility of having "Apprentice" Crafters on a guild team. So "Master" Crafter makes a good item, then hands it off to the "Apprentice" with purple disc to make the copies. It would be a fun way to get more guild people involved in the process with a mid-tier investment. Edit: If I was a crafter merchant, my strategy would be to sell copies only, and keep the original myself rather than sell it if that is the concern.
  13. My main issue so far is that factory station is only available in Temples (I'd rather be using it in EK or Keep). Great addition to the game, both for crafter QOL and improving supply and logistics gameplay!
  14. Add Factory crafting station to Keep main hall in Dregs.
  15. Some changes coming to Infected Skypoint map in 6.52 (currently on TEST server) so I will be interested to hear feedback from newer players when the patch moves to LIVE. It's really important for retention to get this part of the early game right, but it's harder for veteran testers to give feedback from that perspective.
  16. Agree - we have asked for VIP to be something worth the money without being p2w, and respec is a huge convenience. Storage is the other thing I would pay for, but if you aren't into harvesting/crafting you might not care about that as much.
  17. Definitely agree, Infected could be improved. Some changes already coming with 6.52 on TEST, including runegate directly to Skypoint and a new map design for Skypoint so I'm looking forward to testing those out!
  18. All the Respawn outposts in Infected D'Hathos are Earth, and the capture circles + guards are missing.
  19. I played SWG, it was one of my favorite MMOs and the best crafting/harvesting/merchant game for me. There is a big difference however - SWG was a PvX sandbox and CF is a team-based, PvP-focused competition. The dropped gear items in CF allow any PvPer to farm up some viable gear in a short amount of time, so PvPers are being catered to in CF (rather than crafters) at least in early game. For end game, guilds are sinking lots of resources and gold required to build up max crafter characters to make the best gear. CF uses npc vendors (placeable in Eternal Kingdoms and Free City in Campaigns
  20. Interesting idea, building a "merchant" character!
  21. I'm not a huge fan of the linear type storyline questing in themeparks - I'd rather play something like UO that is just mob camp farming. I do think CF could greatly expand on the Victory Card system (personal and guild cards) and it would fit better with the strategy game concept.
  22. You really won't be able to get much higher than 18 with the quests anyway, there is some system of normalization on the quest XP based on level.
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