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  1. That's definitely a big benefit of having the Wartribe gear drops in GR, so new/solo/un-guilded players can get to pvp viable quickly. There are some balance issues to work out still with early game for crafters, but making it easy for players to get into the game is good for population.
  2. I like this idea, it did bother me having that XP bar there in the main center screen (rather see more space under char).
  3. That would be a fun pvp event if a message popped up when it spawned 😎
  4. I have not heard any specifics on the rollout to LIVE. ACE has said several times that the free beta invites will go out in waves, not all at once. Probably earliest registered will get invited first, as that's the policy they have used previously. A full wipe has to happen when 5.110 moves to LIVE initially because too much has changed from 5.100.
  5. I'd like EKs be the main merchant hubs instead of Temples for God's Reach, if some tech and design stuff is worked out with how the EKs will stay open or accessible. I'd also like to see some type of reward system for Campaigns tied back to EK growth (using Divine Favor pts?). I prefer the passive skill system to a grind, and would like to see some type of catchup mechanic added for later that involves an active component. My biggest "must-have" issue for beta: performance and bug fixing/polish on existing systems. There are tons of things on my "wish" list that would make the game better, but that is a forever thing in MMOs and if we want to see launch some day I know it won't all happen now.
  6. Why not just kill Wartribe npcs for your basic gear?
  7. Question about Elken and Guinecian female options has come up before - won't happen before launch (due to art resources), but very possible post-launch addition.
  8. I've always thought it would make sense to tie import/export to the Sacrifice value of an item, but I'm not sure how well that works with the storage system on a tech level.
  9. Adding blueprints + mass production to Crowfall would be a good addition - it worked well in SWG, one of the best crafting games I have played. Frees crafters from the tedious part (lots of clicking), and gives a big payoff for a crafters investment when that unique, perfectly rolled item can be turned into a blueprint to produce multiple copies. For crafters that focus on consumables in large quantities, it would be a huge QOL feature.
  10. Lore hasn't been presented cohesively in the in-game experience yet, that's all still cooking. We have seen pieces of it during development, there is a good framework to build on:
  11. Needs a long cooldown on the faction switch (24hrs?).
  12. Everyone seems to be reporting the same thing - can't use Artifact tables anymore to combine. I think they might be revising the system so we'll see next patch or two what happens.
  13. I think bind to fort/keep would be good for creating a guild "home" if: - you can't recall to bind during the siege window (I prefer that you have to make a strategic choice of defend or attack elsewhere) - if it was one of the trade-off choices you could make in city building (not automatically available)
  14. Yes, the changing maps in CF is a great base for potential exploration gameplay (treasure hunting, secret runegates to hidden zones) - I hope they expand on it later when they have more time to add content beyond core systems.
  15. I agree with the concerns about smaller guilds finding a place in CF and having fun - it's important if we want the game to reach a "massive" population. One of the best things about the CF concept is that Campaigns can have different rulesets. I think the real solution will be having several choices of Campaigns, with different team types, different maps, and scoring/win conditions so that each guild can choose where to play based on their playstyle and be competing with similar guilds.
  16. I like the idea of loot doobers for pve kills - it's fun in ARPG type games (PoE, Diablo) to see that boss loot fountain!
  17. You mean more slots for stocked items + slightly increased fee at each crafted vendor rank? That sounds like a good idea
  18. There were some parcel and relic rewards given out during the Title III Crowdfunding for meeting stretch goals, everyone who was a backer at the time received them. I don't remember the specific reward details (and the old website links are broken to the news article) but it sounds like this is what you are seeing. Edit: If you want to confirm what you own on your account vs the [TEST] copies, send an email to support@crowfall.com
  19. Since it's testing right now (and the mass production feature has not been added), I personally don't see a problem with using an attended macro to craft for things like cooking. There is no intent to cheat/exploit, only to save yourself some physical pain. You could send an email to support@crowfall.com and explain the issue to get an official stance. There are rules against automation but for this specific situation, ACE may not feel it's necessary to enforce.
  20. You'll also be earning the Crow Appreciation rewards each month since you are already a backer: https://crowfall.com/en-US/promotions/crowrewards These will show up on your rewards list and be available at launch. Be sure to download the TEST server launcher (separate version from LIVE) if you want to try out all the new stuff that's just been added to the game in build 5.110!
  21. Yea, the blind doesn't bother me because it's just a graphical effect. Any type of camera movement that is out of my control (screen shake, motion blue, zoom in/out, hitching) can be a problem for motion sickness sensitivity.
  22. I agree with this, I like the idea that it gives some long-term account progression that doesn't involve me killing ten thousand spiders or crafting ten thousand items no one wants (and allows some balance for people that want to have family/work/life time). The speed of the training, the layout of the nodes etc are all things that could be fine tuned.
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